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January 29th, 2015 by tziaaa

Wednesday, sunny day! & my mood is incredibly good!
If you want to be happy, then be. Do more of what makes you happy! 。^‿^。

What do you do to get off a good start?
For me, I start my day by dressing up in a way that makes me feel confident! It’s not necessarily that it has to be expensive for you to look good in it! Believe me.

“I LOVE YOU” cropped top from BKK (250baht), paired it up with a pair of jeggings from dorothy perkins! ❤

Lunch time, Pavillion KL.

We decided to try the newly opened KyoChon, the South Korea’s fried chicken chain.
They are also crowded as the largest and the No.1 Chicken Restaurant in Korea.

(saw a lot of people raving about it in FB, so we thought, why not give it a try?)

This is definitely not the usual BBQ korean restaurant!
They serve FRIED CHICKEN. yes, it’s premium fried chicken.

Rest assured, it’s not a fast food restaurant!
“We promised to use only the freshest & healthiest chicken.”

We went during lunch time.
The whole place was packed.

We were told that we need for wait for about 30mins to get our seats. The usual me who is terribly impatience would have start complaining. But, not this time. Probably because my mood was good, & the staff is really friendly. I have to say Kyochon staff handles the crowd really well. ୧( “̮ )୨✧

Chloe, the first person I met in Lamido. She joined the company a month before me.
Ironically enough, it’s her last day this Friday, & me too leaving in a month time.

Definitely great working together with you, chinchin! heh! ❤

Have a peek at the weekday lunch savers (the only reason for me to love weekdays)!
It ranges from RM17.90 – RM21.90. Usual price for lunch set in Pavillion.

Simple, & classic interior.

Yuza tea.
Iced cold gassy concentrated fruit tea.

Lunch set 2. (RM18.90)

2 Honey drumsticks.(finger-licking good!)
+ Steamed rice + Personal Salad
+ Soup + Yuza Tea

The portion is actually bigger than you thought.
It looks small, but very filling!

Kyochon’s signature fried chicken comes in 3 flavours:
Original, Red and Honey.

I have been very skeptical towards francais fried chicken, but this has completely change my perception towards it! This is heavenly! It’s crispy & flavorful, yet not oily/greasy.


My pick, set 1 (RM17.90)
The red (the redder one), & the original.

Both equally addictive, I fell in love with every bite that went into my mouth.
Please do not take red if you cant take spicy, it’s really spicy!

Upgrade your steamed rice to garlic rice at RM2.

Let’s feast! •́ ڡ •̀

Good food with quality ingredients, I would definitely come back again.

So, that was lunch.
& I had Korean’s again for dinner! ʅ(‾◡◝)ʃ

#GANGNAM88, Solaris Mont Kiara.

My colleague, Seewee (an avid korean food lover) has been complimenting this Korean bistro so much. She keep insisting that we should try it out. So that night it self, I set a random dinner date with 3 of my favorite people, Jordan ❤, Adele & MK.

I love the interior & ambiance.
The warm lighting & very homey decorations made it such a cozy to dine in!(︶.̮︶✽)

Jordan’s favorite Korean Black Raspberry Wine, Bokbunja.
It’s buy 1 free 1 one now for all their korean premium liquor, so it’s really worth it.

It’s my first time trying this, & I fall in love on my first sip.
It very flavorful, & moderately sweet.

This made it to the list of my favorite wine.❤

Food served!
So colorful. Just by looking at it makes me a happy girl!

Kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)!
I am not a fans of Kimchi, but the 3 of them love it. So i’m guessing it’s good.

Best bet of the night, Dwaeji-galbi!(っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Gangnam 88 special savory pork ribs sauce recipe is from South Korea Jeju Island Restaurant, a traditional receipe for more than 30 years. oh-my-gawd-so-good, I can finish the whole thing all by myself! #mustorder

A candle burner is supplied together with this dish to keep it warm, as it’s best served hot! ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Steamed egg, the #annoyingbff loves this.
It’s steamed egg with a layer of cheese on top.

Gyeranmali, I first had it in a small bar name SOJU, in Subang, years ago.
It was my favorite supper + beer’s food!

Tried Gangnam88′s, I still like it a lot!(♥ω♥*)
Egg rolls with fresh veges & a generous amount of cheese. Amazing!

I have to sacrifice me clean eating/diet plan. Hahaha. ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ

We are all working in different industries now, often busy with works.
How often we get to spend quality time like this together. I am more than grateful.

Gangnam88 played some of our favorite songs that night.
Good music, delicious food, liquors, & great accompany. So blessed!(ღ′◡‵)

& we tried to fake a candid. Obviously, we failed.

MK, why you look at the camera?! #fail
& Jordan be like, “girls….” ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Shim Oppa! Now you know why they say korean guy is cute. Hehe.
Shim oppa is so friendly, & he is the one who recommendeded all the great dishes to us!

Haha, & MK is really red like a Guan Yi Gong after a few shots of wine. O(≧▽≦)O

Shim Oppa kept brought another bottle of Seoljungmae (Plum wine).
Jordan loves it. He himself finished half a bottle of it.

Shim Oppa then introduced us another drink, it looks like ice blended fruit juice.
He said “it’s watermelon juice” … suspicious └( ՞ ~ ՞ )┘

But we tasted there’s alcohol in it. The staff told us, it’s watermelon + korean rice wine.
& it’s served in this gold small bowl.

Okay, GUN BAE!!!

We were there for hours, enjoyed our self a lot.
Thank you, #gangnam88 & Oppa Shim for the great service.

Till then. ❤


oh, & I “randomly” bought flight tickets to Hongkong.

This is extremely spontaneous! Nothing is planned (I chose the date randomly). I didn’t even inform my travel partner – the boyfriend, that I’ve booked for our next trip! (i booked when he is still sleeping, oh well).

But I did mentioned about it the night before, he said “just go ahead.”

& now, I AM WORRIED. (◞‸◟;)

because, I am travelling to HONGKONG on AUGUST!
(totally forgotten to do the weather check… T.T)

How now, please advise!
It will be really sweet if you can drop me some suggestions on:
Where to stay & what to do in HK?

Bangkok (FINAL)

January 26th, 2015 by tziaaa

Hi, lovelies! (‘∀’●)♡

Sorry for the delayed update, I got too attached with #Dayre.
So, if you don’t see me here, find me at #Dayre!

Anyway, I am back with my update on the last part of my #Bangkok trip!
#LOTN for my last dinner in Bangkok.

I am having that kind of #lovehate relationship with this dude!

White #ootn! I got my lace cropped top for 200baht from Pratunam Market.
love it! It’s a thin but non-sheer material. Super comfy!❤

Dinner spot: The Deck, Arun Residence!

It’s not easy at all to get there! We called a few taxis, but they either charged us a sky high price, or they actually refuse to send us there(because they don’t know where is it. meh)

After a few tries, we finally got a taxi (thank God)!
250baht for the trip from our Hotel to Arun Residence, which is really reasonable! Lucky us!

The boys suggested this place because they say they want to dine bu the riverside with beautiful view.
Hence, this place, on the deck by the river!

Wat Arun, The Temple of The Dawn, one of Bangkok’s most celebrated temples.
Indeed beautiful.♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)

We sat on the outside of the deck, view was good, but there’s a slight unpleasant toilet smell coming from river under the deck. ¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯

The deck, serve both Western and Thai food.
Decent food, the presentation too was pretty interesting.(っ˘ڡ˘ς)

I had really high expectations because I have seen plenty of good comments online.
But, honestly, it was below my expectation.

Not that it’s bad, but I personally think there’s nothing much to shout about. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

However, I would say it’s worth trying out.
The food wasn’t outstanding, but the ambiance and environment certainly did.

If you are like me, enjoy doing nothing, but to have a good drink & chat.
This is place to go.

Plus, you can go in with just shorts & flips flops, basically with your most comfy attire.

The only ok-looking #selfie took at The Deck, because the spot we were sitting at was quite dark. It will be awesome if only it was brighter.

Hello, love! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Next up, we headed over to A S I A T I Q U E.
We manage to get a taxi from GRABTAXI, the journey costs us only 130baht.

Alternate ways to Asiatique, read more here.

The 60 metres high Asiatique sky ferris wheel. Priced at 300 bahts/ride for adults.
It’s located next to the river bank offering a better view of Bangkok.

However, we were out of time, & thought it’s a lil pricey.
Being very touristy, we had a #mustnotmissedselfie with the ferris wheel instead.

Look at the brace-face (hehe..), he looks really good smiling like that though.
I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life looking at this smile.❤

me:” dear, look here dear…”
him:” hmm. ok…”

turned over for a second, & then continue looking at his phone. *grumpy*


Asiatique is separated in 4 main districts:

- Factory Districts – Get you fashion statement fix here!
- Waterfront District – Where you dine.
- Down Square District – Outdoor bars & live bands.
- Chareonkrung District - Fancy souvenirs, vintage finds.

This is my second time visiting Asiatique, it’s like a more “atas” night market.

Though the goods sold at Asiatique is slightly more expensive, but it’s most of the time unique & you hardly get it else where. I got almost all of my souvenirs here! I had always enjoyed my night strolling the alleys; The place is happening & busy, but definitely not suffocating.


Juliet Love Garden.
“A replica of Verona’s Juliet, the iconic bronze statue famous for bestowing luck-in-love upon those who rub her right breast.”

This trip is perfect with your company.
I thank God for you. (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

These love locks need to be hung up the together, & then the key will be thrown into the fountain, it’s believed that this will allow the promise of love to last forever.

Every spot in Asiatique is instagram worthy.
Perfect for #ootd shot.


Decided to grab some beer before leaving.

Beer Garden it is!
(I forgotten the name of this place, it’s right beside Why97)

In Thailand, you drink CHANG!

Best travel tips:
Surround yourself with people you are completely comfortable and love being with!

I really like this place a lot.
Chilled breeze, live bands, & ice cold beers – perfect combination. ( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

C O L O R S.

Back to hotel after a few rounds of drinks.
Overall, a good night.

#LASTDAY in Bangkok.

Red polka dots cropped top (ribbon design at the back) from Pratunam Market, 70Baht!
Definitely a steal.

I love polka dots. I love cropped top.❤
Paired the cropped top with a high waist skirt, it always make me looks thinner than I am.

Eastin Markassan Hotel’s breakfast is really good.
We actually made effort to wake up early for it.

A good breakfast is defos the best way to kick start the day.

But, hmmm.。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Things didn’t went well. I had a terrible period cramp, & I caused a scene.
Thank you love for accompanying me, & making me feel so comfortable.

It surely felt like shit that I didnt make it to my fav. After You’s dessert.
But, with you, it wasn’t so bad after all.

(◦˘ З(◦’ںˉ◦)♡

I had too much painkiller, trying to kill the pain.
as a result, O V E R D O S E D.

I walked & acted like a druggie.¯\(°_o)/¯
Thank you, boys, for getting me hot chocolate; & take such good care of me.

Thank GOD, for a safe journey, safe flight!

That’s all for now.
It’s about 3am now, & I still need to work tomorrow. God bless!

Much loves!❤


January 23rd, 2015 by tziaaa

So, I have been updating my DAYRE more than anything else.
Yes, definitely surpasses my updates on FB & Instagram.

DAYRE , is addictive.
& why am I so active in DAYRE now?

#1 I MISS BLOGGING about everything

I am currently cleaning up my blog’s categories and was literally reading through all my old post. & wow. I used to blog about E V E R Y T H I N G, so genuinely. I had fun reading back all my previous post. I am so glad that I actual blogged!

My blog is like a time machine to relive all the old memories again. How awesome.

However, I admit, I cut down blogging bit by bit, judging whether this and that is blog worthy. ):

Thank God for #Dayre.
I found my passion of story telling again! Hence, the massive updates (on everything). Hehe.


I shared about my daily #ootd (in detail).





It’s impossible to spam all these on my insta/blog. But, DAYRE, yes!


I am a perfectionist. & now that i am working full time, I took at least 2-3 day sitting in front of the laptop to prepare 1 well thought off blog post. And often because of that, I got dragged down by my old posts.

I got so much too tell, BUT so little time! T.T

DAYRE , helps me to tell stories on my iPhone! It’s micro-blogging!

I have said before, I think I have “short term memory lost”. I wouldn’t be able to remember what exactly happened.
With DAYRE . I can blog, instantly.

Eg. Mushy lines boyfriend said to me. ❤️


& there’s a lot of super chio stickers to help you express yourself better!!!!


#3 you will have STRONGER FRIENDSHIP

#Dayre reconnects me with my friends. I remember when I first started blogging during highschool, I have most of my friends doing it together with me. I enjoy reading about their life, I actually have a better understanding towards my friends through blog. Amazing, isn’t it?

But slowly, they dropped off due to work/studies. It’s hard to keep in touch with people today since we all have so much going on. Till, #Dayre appeared. To my surprised, a lot of my friends were already on #Dayre, & they are actually updating. WOW! we are actually keeping in touch now by reading the live life updates, and by leaving encouraging comments for each other.

Thank you, DAYRE

Then, #followme @ TZIAAA.


(p.s. – I am not going to neglect my blog, definitely not.
instead, TZIAAA.COM’s blog post will be more content base. What do you think?)

Food Hunt in Bangkok (day 3-1)

January 17th, 2015 by tziaaa




First stop, Platinum Mall.
Shopping is never enough for me us.

Then, we walked over to Central World.
More #vain road side touristy shots. Heh! (#^.^#)


Black little jumpsuit from Platinum Mall, 200BAHT.
It’s truly was a steal, definitely one of my favorite piece! ♡

Though it’s really fitting, it’s super comfortable too.
It will definitely looks better by wearing a chain belt around the waist.

It was a very safe trip for me.
Look at all my macho bodyguards, haha.

We bought these Thai Coconut along the way.
3 for 100Baht. Refreshing.

2nd stop, Central World.

Hello, Snoopy!
We came here just to meet ‘em Snoppies! ヽ(^。^)丿

Happily lost among the Snoppies.

Then, love found me. (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )


#whereissnoppy, meh. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Bangkok city. ♥

Next up, L U N C H time!
We walked over to SomTam Nua in Siam Square.

It is across the street from Siam Paragon, find Siam Square Soi 5.

Be prepared to queue.
We ordered, before we were seated.

Have been craving for these ever since the last trip in Bangkok!
oh, how much I miss these! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Their signature fried chicken (98baht). So good, #MustOrder!
It’s crispy at the outside, but not losing the juiciness inside!

They named their shop after the dish, S O M T A M.
Papaya salad (69baht). The winning dish, the reason I came back!

Addictive, I cant stop nibbling! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

What else we ordered?

Spicy Soup with Pork Bone (105baht) // Stirred Fried Noodle with Pork Floss (25 baht) // Grilled Pork, awesome to eat together with the dipping sauce // Hot & Spicy Tilapia Fish (105 baht), the lime juice + chili flakes dressing is heavenly!

OveralL, I am pleased with the food at Somtam Nua.
Very decent, & reasonably priced. q(^-^q)

coca-cola in glass bottle.

After a satisfying lunch, we then hunt for D E S S E R T.
There’s always room for dessert.

Mango Tango.
It’s just 5mins walking distance away from Somtam Nua. It is a small chio dessert kiosk located along siam square. I told myself I have to try this since everyone is raving about how good it is.

Mango Tango + Extra sticky rice (145 baht).
It is indeed a heavenly combination, the mangoes are really fresh and sweet.

Mango Aloha (65 baht).
Milk Sago, with mango juice, & more fresh juicy mangoes.

My favorite – Mango Parfait (85 baht). ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
I love every single bites of this. #MustOrder

Definitely worth a try if you are in Bangkok.
Mango Tango serves a wide array of mango desserts, with a very decent price.

Life is sweet, indeed. ♥

Lastly, my #shoppinghaul.

I love shopping in Bangkok, not only it’s cheap, the quality is good! You will never find clothing with this quality this pricing in KL. Oh, & I love their design too! ✿♥‿♥✿

.. to be continue ♥

DiGi Jualan Terhebat

January 12th, 2015 by tziaaa

It’s New Year! Still not quite a good reason to get yourself a new phone?

Well, now with DiGi Jualan Terhebat, you can legitimately talk yourself into getting the favorite phone you have been wishing to get!

Because, DiGi is offering the widest range of FREE smartphones.
Yes, It’s FREE!

With DiGi, you will get a completely FREE smartphones ranging from the latest Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE to Samsung GALAXY Grand Prime, & also the best deals on high performance phones such Xiaomi Mi 3 and Honor 6, when you sign up with a DG SmartPlan.

Let’s have a look at Xiaomi Mi 3 (I have been eye-ing on this for quite some time, heh!)
It’s completely FREE with DiGi Smart Plan 108 or DiGi Smart Plan 148!!!

DG SmartPlan 108 – RM108/month, 5GB, 300 mins & 300 SMS
DG SmartPlan 148 – RM148/month, 6GB, 600 mins & 600 SMS

Enjoy FREE extra 2,400 mins and 2,400 SMS.

Of course, you can choose to start with DG SmartPlan 78, with a monthly commitment as low as RM78/month, comes with 3GB, 100 mins & 100 SMS.

For this, DiGi is giving a great deal too!
Instead of paying RM769 for this, you now only need to pay RM389 to bring this beauty home.

Starting with DG SmartPlan comes with added value, such as Unlimited WhatsApp, Free Norton Security, FREE Deezer (music streaming app) and Unlimited Weekend Calls (between DiGi to DiGi lines).

Awesome? Tempted? But not a DiGi customer yet?
Switch to DiGi now, & you will also get to enjoy extra rebates up to RM200.

For more information, click HERE.

New Year Eve in Bangkok ❤

January 11th, 2015 by tziaaa


#BANGKOK DAY 2 // New Year Eve ’14

Started off the day with a good breakfast.
Breakfast buffet in Eastin Hotel is really good! (ˆ ڡ ˆ)

Fully charged!
All ready to shop till I drop! Haha. ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

#LOTD. 最近戀上淡妝,5分鐘就搞定的妝,還不錯吧!


Cropped Top, Topshop – RM19.90
High Waisted Denim Shorts – RM69.90

Comfy ready-to-shop outfit!

The boys!
Believe me, they were super helpful!

They helped me to carry my stuff and, took all my candid shots. ❤

Vain touristy shots along the Pratunam streets.
Bear with me. Haha. ʅ(‾◡◝)ʃ

Where to shop in Bangkok?
First stop, Pratunam Market.

It’s 8 minutes walk from my hotel.
It’s sunny in Bangkok, but it’s breezy. I never enjoyed my walk under the sun so much.

These pretty tops I am holding is only 80baht each!
You can get all sorts of pretty cropped top for less than 100baht here. \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥


Walked to Platinum Mall from Pratunam Market.

Platinum Mall’s clothing is slightly more expensive than Pratunam, but quality wise is better, and there’s more choices. Clothing here ranges from 100baht to 250baht averagely.

在這,不儘管買還真的會對不起自己!└( ՞ ~ ՞ )┘

You will definitely need a luggage like these when you shop in Bangkok!
I got this for 350baht.

The boys enjoyed too!

Go to 4th floor, Platinum Mall for Men clothing.
You can get quality shorts for about 300baht here! ♡

We spent 6 hours shopping, couldn’t go on any longer as our stomach starts growling.
It’s time for F O O D!

Next stop, Boat Noodles @ Victory Monument.
Boat Noodles or better known as Kuay Tiao Ler by the locals, is one of the #MustTry in Bangkok. (note: Boat Noodles at Victory Monument is very well known, and is refer as the Best in Bangkok.)

The 5 of us took a Tuktuk which costs us 150baht from Platinum Mall.

It’s 5mins away from Victory Monument, but forget about looking at maps or following the directions online. Believe me, ask any locals that can speak English to direct you is way easier. For my case, the Tuktuk driver directed us.

There’s quite a few boat noodles stalls there, we tried this boat noodles which has 3 outlets in the same area.
How to recognize: All waiters/waitress wear purple color uniform.

We decided to try this stall because all the 3 outlets were packed, and most of them dining in are locals. So we thought, it must be good!

How it works?

You pick a variety of noodles (egg, glass, rice vermicelli, white rice noodle, fine white rice noodle), then choose the meat & broth. It has 5 preparations.

It’s 10baht/bowl.
Rather cheap compared to the boat noodles back in KL which cost us RM1.90 per bowl.

Oh, & this steamed pandan+coconut custard!

It’s so good that I had 5 cups of these before the boat noodles is served. The aroma and flavor is unmistakably good! I love it! ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

Coke served with crushed ice in metal cups.

We were pretty ambitious.
We ordered 40 bowls. ᕙ། – ڡ – །ᕗ

The variations of boat noodles we ordered.

I’ve got all the names of the noodles mixed up. Well, I don’t really know what was I eating. Because, the workers here speak very limited English. We basically just point at the menu and told them we want 40 bowls, mixture of all the variations. lol.

Conclusion, I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic; But, definitely flavorful, & addictive.
We finished up all the 40 bowls in less than 15minutes. *win

pork balls.

Enjoying my Kuay Tiao Ler! ❤


Head back to hotel after a satisfying meal.
& T-A-D-A-H! Showing off the spoils from the trip to Pratunum & Platinum!

It was a fruitful buy, I love every single piece of these! (♡´౪`♡)

It was New Year Eve, we got our-self changed & dolled up for the countdown celebration.
My #OOTN (outfit of the night) was one of the many pieces I bought from Platinum Mall.

This blue padded bralet (with back zipper) & skort only cost me 200baht.
The quality is good, & it fits me perfectly! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ

I bought this blue ribbon hairband from Pratunam market for 100baht.❤


I am wishing for a #better2015 for me, & you.
It’s my wish to grow spiritually, emotionally, financially & mentally with you. (‘:

The boys took way longer to get ready. Oh well.

Everyone looking good! ❤
Coincidentally we were all wearing blue/blue-ish grey that night.

Countdown spot: CENTRAL WORLD
It’s crowned as one of the TOP 5 spots to celebrate NYE in Bangkok.

The street countdown party.
We reached there on 8pm, & it’s already super crowded.(;╹⌓╹)

There’s plenty of snack stalls along the way.
Also, a lot of stalls selling flashing headbands and balloons.

coconut ice cream // sweet corn in cup (๑╹ڡ╹)

We walked over to the mall for dinner.

There’s a few beer gardens (Heineken, Singha, etc.) in front of the mall. Wanted to dine & drink there, but the queue was ridiculously long.

We ended up in this restaurant name EAT (Eat All Thai) instead.
Found out later that EAT IS considered as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok for Thai home-style food.

Some of the dished we ordered that night. ❤
The price of the food here is pretty reasonable, & every dish is filled with goodness. Yums!

Crab is one of EAT’s specialty.

EAT’s special omelette fully stuffed with crabmeat & prawn is definitely my favorite that night. I love every bite of it! So delicious that every bite of it makes me a happy girl! (≧ڡ≦*)

My awesome travel mates. ❤ ❤ ❤
Thank you for making me a happy girl throughout the trip!

Bua Loy with Salted Egg Yolk.
I find it just okay as I don’t really fancy warm dessert.

After dinner, it was about 1030. We headed out for the Central World street countdown party. And, we were terrified with the huge crowds! It was so packed, I was literally suffocating. We know, we need to leave the place. 。。(ノ´д)ノ

There’s no space to stand at all, we were being pushed all around for 45 minutes, trying to find an exit to leave the place. We had a TERRIBLE experience attempting to countdown at central world squashing in the crowd.

Finally, we got out after about an hour!
& here goes the happy-successfully-escaped face.

There’s also a big amount of crowd outside the mall.
Well at least, there’s walking space out here.

Despite everything, you are the one I wish to spend every new year together. (๑′ᴗ‵๑)❤

We took a tuktuk back to hotel before the countdown to avoid the heavy-jam & huge crowds. Bought our-self some flashing head gears before we left, & we countdown to near year in our hotel. Good thing is, we still get to enjoyed the fireworks as the clock strikes twelve from our hotel room.

Probably not the best way to countdown to new year, but the accompany makes everything beautiful.❤

Happy #2015, lovelies.
… to be continue.


Bangkok – Chocolate Ville, Sirocco, Myst ❤

January 4th, 2015 by tziaaa

“Taking a break isn’t indulgent; it’s a necessity for living longer.”

I have been very stressed up with my work, as I wasn’t sure if I am really doing the thing I want. I know I need a break. A break away from work that is sucking all my energy. I need a change in perspective.(。•́︿•̀。)

Packed my bag, & it’s time to travel again.

So, I will be blogging about my 4D3N Bangkok Trip.

Hello, Bangkok.
I am back after a year. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Our home for the next 4 days – Eastin Hotel Makkasan.

It’s a 4 star hotel. We stayed in the superior connecting rooms (with breakfast), for RM435 per night. It’s about RM215 per room, per night. &, yes, FREE WiFi available.

Average loacation, not as good as my previous stay in Bangkok, no BTS nearby. There’s Taxi & tuktuk outside the hotel, but it is not easy to get a metered taxi. You have to really negotiate the price of the taxi. However, it’s only less than 10 mins walk to Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall, & the other major malls in Bangkok city. Also, there’s lots of street food around the hotel area, & a 7-11 just a stone throw away.

Clean & comfortable.

Met up with Jordan who’s already in Bangkok.
Quick change, & did some #wefie before we get started with our trip!

♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪

First stop : CHOCOLATE VILLE, a newly built European-themed village in Bangkok.
(Everyone is raving about this place online.) ✌(‘ω’✌)

I did a reservation at their FB Page. We took a metered taxi there, it cost us 250baht. The journey is 45mins away from our hotel due to heavy traffic. (If you’re coming here, take a map to show to the taxi driver because they might not be familar with this place, we directed the taxi driver through WAZE.)

Open daily from 4pm – 12am.

「LOVE」in Chocolate Ville. ❤

I have made the reservation at 5pm. We were running late due the some delay cause by the heavy traffic, & we were reminded that the reservation will be automatically cancel if we are late. So, we need to rush to our table before exploring the beautiful place.

The menu. Well, the name is very misleading.
There’s nothing really chocolaty in this Chocolate Ville. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

We ordered:

Mixed German Sausage (195 baht) // Ham & Mushroom Pizza (235 baht) // Spare Rib (425baht) // German Ham Hock (420Baht) (all price quoted are nett of Thai Baht)

Food was just average. It’s quite disappointing to be honest. The pizza is so bad, it’s cold & almost tasteless. Well at least, the price is still reasonable. But trust me, after this post you will understand why is this a restaurant that you probably would not want to come back for the food, but for the environment, you would!



Even though it’s a week day, the place is packed. We didn’t get the riverside seat. But still, everywhere here is beautiful, so it doesn’t really matter. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

We ordered a bottle of wine (950 Baht).
Wine was good, I am glad.

Oh, we got a seat over-seeing the light house.

Dining here, you will start wondering if you are really in Bangkok.
Enjoying a glass of wine in this fairy-tale like mini town is just amazing.(◡‿◡✿)

It is best to visit this place in the evening around 5pm before the sunset, you can first enjoy your dinner while waiting for the sunset & for the lights to be up. The whole place is truly fascinating when all the lights are up.

Now, this is what you call B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.
Look at the reflections of the lights on the water, so unreal; it’s just overwhelming!

♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ)


There’s this Maine harbor’s look-alike lighthouse located in the center of the whole ville. You are allow to climb up to have a 360 degree panoramic scenic view of the whole place.

It’s still christmas-winter season in Chocolate ville.
Snow falling from the lighthouse that night.

我呢,在還沒機會去英國以前,就在這過過癮吶。呵呵~ ᘛᐡᐤᐡᘚ

We explored the place after our dinner. Every spot here is so beautiful, I actually think this place is meant for photoshooting instead of dining. ┐( ˘_˘)┌

It’s a whole new spot with different setting in every few steps.

You just couldn’t stop snapping photo. IF your camera battery died when you reach here, you will be feeling suicidal the entire day. no joke.

Vintage little red wooden gas station.
Definitely instagram worthy, now I understand why is this place on everyone’s lips.




♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

A pure candid before a picture perfect.
Love both the shots! ❤⃛


♡〜٩( ╹▿╹ )۶〜♡

I felt like Alice in the Wonderland. *laughs

I know I know, I seem to join in the crowd, raving about this place.
But, it’s indeed beautiful! A must-visit if you are in Bangkok.


Left the place around 7.30pm & got back to hotel on 8pm.
The is the city view from my room, not bad!

Didn’t really ate much in Chocolate Ville earlier (too busy taking photos); went to 7-11, grabbed a can of Chang beer & Thai instant noodle. It’s a perfect combo! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Then, we quickly get change & head out again.

Second stop: Sirocco & Sky Bar, LeBua at State Tower, 63rd floor.
(title as the world’s highest al fresco restaurant, & was featured in the movie Hangover 2)

#annoyingbff recommended this place, & mentioned that it’s a #MustGo.

We took a taxi there, cost us 150baht. & our plan is to go there to have a drink and a gander at the marvelous 360 panoramic view of the entire Bangkok city.

The signature dome.

The price of a cocktail here is around 500baht/glass. However, the place is too crowded, it’s difficult to get any view. So, we left without getting any drinks.ヾ(❛ε❛“)ʃ

這裡很漂亮,可是美有什麼特別感覺,總覺得吉隆坡MARINI 57的夜景好像更美。

(/∇\*)。o○♡ #love

Third stop: Myst, Thonglor (rooftop bar)

Recommended by Jordan’s cousin who’s based in Thailand.
Metered taxi from Lebua Tower to Thonglor costs us 120baht.

This placed is filled by mostly Thais. It’s unexpectedly good. Good music, good ambiance & reasonable prices! Definitely a hidden gem in Bangkok! ( ᐛ )و❤

We got ourselves a outdoor seats.
Oh, i love the atmosphere!

We didnt just ordered beer. We ordered a small Long Island jar (1200baht).
The way they serve the drink is pretty interesting!

We drink through these long colorful straws!

The long island is good, the taste is really strong, definitely get you hammered real quick. Look at his face, he totally underestimated it. haha!!(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

MYST is very well known for their impressive presentation of drinks! I couldn’t agree more on this. This is the RAINBOW BOOM James ordered for Liang (for his belated birthday). It’s basically creme smoke boom + rainbow shot! It’s a waste that I didn’t get to record it. (⌣_⌣”)

However, here’s a video I found online – rainbow boom!❤

We enjoyed ourself a lot, & ended the night good!
Took a metered taxi back to hotel, it’s only 100baht. Good deal.

Feeling a little hungry, grabbed a bolognese spaghetti at the 7-11 down the road for only 37baht. Not bad at all. (๑╹ڡ╹)

With that, we called it a night.
To be continue!

Good night! ♥”

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