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Namsam, Myeongdong // Seoul

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– Namsam
– Myeondong
On our second day at Seoul, we’ve pretty much accepted the fact that we will never be beautiful enough to stay here. It’s not hard to see that the Koreans have very strong desire to look beautiful. They have got flawless skin, perfect features; & their make up is simply amazing (now, you see why Korean’s make up is universal beloved.

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I guess it’s time to do some updates on my skin condition after much request.
Here you go…
SCARS, are common, with an average of 3 scars per individual.
I believe every scar is unique and has a story behind it, and untreated scars can affect one’s confidence drastically. & Of course, I have mine too.
& among all, my acne scars are the one that affected me most.

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Hongdae, Seoul

Seoul, I came with no expectation since I’ve never been to Korea.
But even so, it has been nothing short of amazing.
I wish I could spend more time here.
I will be separating my travelogue into 4 different posts.

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Relive your best childhood memories

You know, I have always wanted to write & relive all the great memories I had with my parents. It’s amazing to take the mental trips down memory lane, it makes me realize what has changed, & what remained in my life. Honestly, it got me yearning to return to those happy times when I realize how when we grow older, we tend to grow apart & spend less time with our parents.