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“Girl, you’re so blessed. Your family is so loving.”
I get that very often, & I am indeed very grateful for my family.
One of the greatest gifts I ever got from God; I call them – MY FAMILY.”
I am thankful for everything they gave me, the love, soul & time.
& very thankful that whenever my heart goes weary, I can go home & get recharge.

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I just got back from Hongkong the foodie paradise, & miraculously after all the good food (full roasted goose, ichiran ramen, wantanmee, etc), not only I did not gain weight. I actually lost one kg after my trip.

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Things to Do | Hong Kong

Hongkong’s food is mind-boggling. I do not have time to try out all the famous Hongkong’s delicacies, but below are some of my favorite!
– Ichiran Ramen
Address: Lockhart House Block B, 440-446 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Contact No.: 2152 4040 / 2116 4802 (Hong Kong)

One of my fav. stop in Hongkong.