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My Eye Secret ❤

I have been hearing heaps of good review about HORIEN EYE SECRET contact lenses. Apparently,
Horien Eye Secret is one of the top contact lens’ brand in Taiwan. Finally, get to try out
this legendary lens!

Here I am back with genuine review about these new found love.

38% 3 Months disposable Color Lens is a new series of lenses by HORIEN EYE SECRET.
– Water Content: 38% ( keep the lens moisture & slowing down the water loss, perfect for long hour

I am a real suckers for color contact lenses. In fact, I rarely go out without my contact lenses; & I only
wear color lens. I usually wear it for the whole day from 8 in the morning until late night; hence,
comfort is always one of my main priority when choosing a pair of lens.

I am very much attracted to Horien’s Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) color technology which assured
me that the color additives will not leach out (yeap. Super kiasi, you wouldn’t want your iris dyed) &
the smooth surface gave me the absolute comfort while wearing.

Comfort & safety wise, no complains!

This series came with 6 unique colors. I got all the 6 colors, because they are having these Buy 1 lens
get 1 360ml Fresh solution for free promo

– 3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : Rome Grey, New York Green
– 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Vancouver Pink, Berlin Gold, Kiev Blue, Madrid Grey

The pink & gold seems to be extremely exaggerating, but believe me, it’s naturally beautiful. Read on
& you will understand why.

Aesthetic wise, I wasn’t too amazed at first knowing that the diameter is only 14.2mm as I have been
wearing a 16mm lens (haha, yea, super huge) for quite some time. I am afraid that these 14.2mm
lens will make my eyes looks small & tired.

But, ‘em proved me wrong!
Look at the before & after!

I am very I M P R E S S E D, instantly my eyes got bigger & it’s twinkling!

All the lenses have thick outer rim that make me eyes looks bigger & bolder.
The 8.7mm BC also did an amazing job is giving me a clear & sharp vision. #thumbsup

Let me introduce you to these lenses color by color!

#1 Rome Grey (3 tones)
Grey has always been my fav. lens color. But sometimes, I do get comments on how these grey lens
look a little fake. Therefore, I am always careful when choosing my grey lens.

This “Rome Grey” didn’t let me down though, the brown inner ring of this lens blend perfectly well
with my natural eye color, giving it a gorgeous & natural swift in color. Honestly, this is one of the
most natural looking grey color lens I had!

It literally makes your eyes sparkle in three different colors.
You can wear this color with any kind of make up & outfit, it fits everything

#2 Madrid Grey (2 tones)
If you want to create a pleasant dolly look with glimmering eyes. This is a perfect choice, madrid grey
is another grey color lens in this series. Different from Rome Grey, it gives you a more vibrant grey &
defined iris
that immediately gives you eye color a boost!

Hehe, I honestly think the color is super beautiful.
& bigger iris definitely makes you look younger!

#3 New York Green (3 tone)

My first green color lens, I was secretly wishing that I would not turn out looking like a green eyed
monster. *closed eyes* But fuhhh, this 3 tones green lens did an amazing job using the three unique
colors to subtly blend with my natural eyes color.

The green gave my eyes a natural popped, at the same time looking superbly realistic.
It looks as if it’s my own eyes, I am very pleased!


#4 Kiev Blue (two tone)

Never a fan of blue lens because I always look very fake in it. But this is probably an exception, as it’s
in a stunning dark blue which is not too extreme for my liking. It gives you a dark electric look.

From far, it looks like real dark blue, close to black.
It enlarged your eyes effortlessly.


#5 Vancouver Pink (2 tones)

This pink color lens can looks brownish + pinkish purple at times (on my brown eyes), which I really
like it! Though it’s pink, it’s very versatile. You do not need to couple it up with heavy make up to
look good, all you need is just a light make up to achieve a beautiful set of eyes.

Vancouver pink lens gives that eye catching cotton candy sweet feeling to my brown eyes, without
being overwhelming, as the pink color is only visibly obvious in certain lighting. Love it!

#6 Berlin Gold

This is definitely my favorite! It’s not the extreme gold, but rather the brownish gold that
complimented the eyes so well! The gold dust makes my eyes glow in the golden spark, & it’s
surprisingly flattering.

I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first because I thought, “er, who would wear a gold color
I am so glad I gave it a try!

The shining gold pattern of the lens is mesmerizing.
I got myself constantly staring at my own eyes in the mirror, haha.

This is why they say color lens are the most powerful make up tools, it beautify your eyes in a way
that no make-up can. It makes your eyes seems like there’s star twinkling in it. (how to live w/o it?)

I completed my look of the day with a touch of gold with this berlin gold lens that complimented my
outfit & make up so well.

Good things are meant for sharing.

Besides these beautiful 3 months disposal color lenses, Eye-secret also provides full range of contact
lens related products ranges from soft contact lens, color lens, to lens care product such as solutions
and lubricating & refreshing eye drop.

Do check out their sites for the latest promo:

Store locator: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/store-locator/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia

(p.s. – I got a bottle of fresh solution for FREE from each pair of lenses purchased.)

Lastly, as much as we wants to look good! Always remember that safety & comfort comes first, and
it’s important to use lenses like HORIEN EYE SECRET with certified recognition only.

That’s all for now, cheers! ❤

C (2)

5mins Korean Make Up ft. Tony Moly ❤

Hi Lovelies.

Apology for going MIA for almost 2 weeks. Have been extremely busy.

I am back with a 5 mins dewy #Korean Make Up tutorial, believe me, it will be extremely useful for you girls who’s constantly rushing from one spot to another. Looking good isn’t too hard after all. :D

This will be the STAR product for this make up tutorial:-

TonyMoly Snow Fantasy Golden Love Face Book
A (1)

It comes with:-

-Quick Base 7g (Primer)
-BCDATION ALL Master 20g (Tinted foundation)
-Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini 1.6g (2x Gel Liner)
-All Flash Lip Pigment 8g (Lip Pigment)
A (2)

A (3)

Let’s get started.


– Straight Eyebrow. (I got it done at IMIXX)
– Skin (Skin got better as I am currently receiving laser treatments at MyClinic)
A (4)

1) Quick Base

Multi-base that holds moisture and increase makeup fitting. This is a little different from the normal make up base that I usually use, it gives you that bouncy moisture. Not only it moisture your skin, it serves as a primer that gives your skin a natural glow.
A (5)

A dewy & glowy complexion is crucial for korean make up, hence a good make up base is rather important.
A (6)


All in one base. BB (Natural makeup) + CC (Moisturizing) + Foundation (Hiding Blemish). Fuhhhh, it sounds extremely powerful, no? It has whitening, anti-wrinkle & anti-ultraviolet effect. Heard heaps of good review about this product, and finally get to try it! They say this is the secret behind the dewy Korean complexion. Let’s see.
A (7)

Right Face (After), Left Face (Before); Enough said, haha.
A (8)

#MADLOVE, because:-

– It covers well (I have recently stopped using concealer)
– Dewy & natural finish, though it’s a full coverage product
– Blends perfectly
– Your skin will not feel burdened

I really like this product. However, I think this will fit well for those with dry-normal skin (like me), & it might be a lil greasy for those with oily skin.
A (9)

3) TonyMoly Black Gel Super Fit

My Korean colleague told me TonyMoly eyeliner is #MustTry!
B (1)

I use it as an inner-liner to fill up the empty spaces between the lash. It’s easy to apply and it lasted me for the whole day! Thumbs up for the staying power!
B (2)

4) Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini – 03 Deep Cookie
B (3)

Create an #Ulzzang eye makeup, also known as the puppy eye!

Extend the deep cookie liner downwards following the slope of the eyes, draw back towards the lower lashes to create a rounder & cuter looking eyes. :)
B (4)

5) Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini – 04 Ginger Gold
B (5)

A quick line at the bottom eye corner, the glittery gold liner aims to create an illusion of a teary, cute look. This can be done in like 30s, it’s waterproof & it fits to skin very quickly to create shiny eyes.
B (6)

6) All Flash Lip Pigment – 02 Good Kiss
Shiny clear color fits to lips without stickiness to creates vivid lip makeup.
B (8)

All you need to do is apply sufficient amount to your lips, smack it to blend into a lighter tone! That’s it.
B (7)

To complete the look, I added:-

– Mascara (the more natural the better)
– Light flush of peachy pink blusher on the apple of my cheek
– Highlighter on my nose bridge & chin
– Matt Finishing Powder

& Tadah, simple, clean & fresh #Korean make up done in 5mins!
C (1)

C (3)

C (4)

C (5)


Semi Sheered Black Top – Online Boutique
Studded High Waisted Shorts – Miss Selfridge
YES/NO Clutched – tziaaa.ootd


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TonyMolyMY
Instagram – https://instagram.com/tonymolymalaysia

Hope this helps!

Cheers! ❤


Korean Perm @ C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon

“My mood depends on how good my hair looks.”
I got to agree that good hair is the key to look & feel good instantly.

I have been keeping this long straight hair for years &; didn’t know what to do.

Though it really makes me feel happy when I get true nice compliments on my curled hair, most of the days I am still in my boring straight hair. Reason being, it’s god damm hard to maintain my curled hair. First, my hair is really thick, it takes extremely long to curl it. Second, my hair texture is naturally straight, it’s like a mission impossible to keep the curl throughout the day.

Cut the craps, I need a hair makeover!

I went to C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon, at Bangsar Telawi.
I told the team I would love to have wavy hair.

But, definitely not like this. (now, please tell me what’s in my mind 6 years back.)
& yes, this is how hairstyle & eyebrow can affect one’s look.


After discussing with my hairstylist, Steve, I felt really comfortable to put complete faith & trust in him for my hair makeover. I am not exaggerating, hair plays such an important role in how you would look, you wouldn’t want to screw it up.

K O R E A N Soft Perm, in process.

Done, & when he’s blowing dry my hair, I knew I am right to put faith in Steve. He is simply amazing! The end result is exactly what I wanted, if not even better than what I have in mind!

Tadah! This is the end result!
I am totally in love with it.

Please be noted that do not expect to see this result if you do not plan to maintain it. You got to take a quick 10-15mins to style it. Well, it might seems like a chore. But, these gorgeous to die for wavy hair will motivate you to do it. Believe me. Happiness is, free flowing wavy hair.

Truly, there’s no ugly woman in the world, only lazy woman.

Big thanks to Steve!

I went home with the whole set C.Michael Stem Cell Scalp & Hair Care Product.

You will not regret to invest in good shampoo, conditioner, treatments & serum.
It’s a good head start for beautiful hair.

They keep my hair soft & bouncy. Not to mention, the serum smells really good & gives me tangle free hair! I am indeed very amazed on how affordable it can be. You can now pamper your hair without burning your wallet!

If you are interested, do visit them:

C.Michael Lifestyle Saloon
Address: Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +60 3-2201 3673
Hours: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Also, check them out:

Quote my name TZIAAA for 15% off!

Cheers to beautiful hair! Heh!


True White Ex Perfect Protector

Hi Lovelies.

I’ve been crazy busy! I am juggling multiple roles all at the same time.
No, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I actually like being busy.

This week, I had fun attending events, getting pampered by my amazing sponsors, pitching to potential clients & agencies, and many many more. I love being really productive.

However, one thing is missing; S L E E P.

It is indeed a busy, sleep-deprived week. It’s so bad that my skin got worst, I literally skipped all my skin care routine, including the very much needed – SUNBLOCK. All i want is that extra few precious minutes of “extra” sleep.

Not until I discovered the “ZA True White Ex Perfect Protector” that is made just right for all the busy ladies like us. It is a multi protector and water resistant sunscreen that cuts off 99% of UV while giving you the ultimate skin protection.

The importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it helps to remain healthy and always glowing skin.

However, we have always neglected the sun screen due to our hectic schedule. We got to look all good in 5mins time, and we would always choose to dab on our usual make up base or anything else that make our skin look less tired & brighter after staying up the whole night.

& that’s when ZA True White Ex Perfect Protector with SPF50+ came into rescue, not only it offers a powerful protection against UV rays and pollution. The best part would be, it also serves as a make up base, that gave us a all day smudge-proof make up; at the same time giving our skin the much needed moisture.

With this, I am allowed to snooze my alarm for another 10mins. Just a few dabs I am ready to go outdoor, looking all fabulous (I love how it protects my skin without the stickiness, awesome!). Haha.
image2 (1)

If you are interested to get more sleep (like me), you need to try out this TRUE WHITE EX PERFECT PROTECTOR. Not only it saves time, it’s going to save your skin too! Get it now!

Price: RM34.90
Availability: At most leading pharmacies and supermarkets. or; Get it HERE.
Main Functions: UV Cutting, Blocking, Moisturizing, Makeup Base Effect, Pollution defense, Oil Control and Whitening.

For more information, feel free to visit:
za website : http://www.za-cosmetics.com/



Continue from The #MUSTDO’s in GOLDGOAST (PT. 1)

#8 Enjoy the Chef’s selection at Cucina Vivo, Jupiters Hotel & Casino

Address: Gold Coat Hwy & Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach QLD 4218, Australia
Opening Hours: Daily from 5.30pm; Lunch on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm

Cucina Vivo, is an Amalfi Coast inspired Italian restaurant, at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast; which is also crowded as the best new restaurant on the Gold Coast. I absolutely love the contemporary white marble & gold themed design, coupled with oversized pendent light, very classy.
4 (1)

We were welcomed & greeted by the manager who has fabulous Italian accents. I really like him, he’s so friendly & attentive! The A+ services makes me love the place even before the food is served!

The whole restaurant is surrounding a open kitchen with a two metered long wood fired oven in the middle, with Jupiters’ own pizzaiolo cooking delicious pizzas. You can also opt for a sit at the balcony, enjoy the dazzling view of the newly renovated pool. (It was winter, so we chose to sit at the inside. :D)
4 (2)

The ladies, looking all gorgeous that night. We had a very “entertaining” conversation going on over the dinner (it all started with Vanessa asking about our fav. celebrity), we were chatting away as if we’d known each other for years. Cucina Vivo would be a perfect place to have fun lil conversation with a glass of wine.
4 (4A)

Okay, F O O D now. We’ve heard Cucina Vivo’s service is good, but the food is better!
(p.s. – the chef, Entwine, has cooked for Obama.)

We were desperate to try it out! & lucky us didn’t have to crack our brain and think what to order, because we will be enjoying the Chef’s selection (basically the best of Cucina Vivo!)

THE BEST – Gamberoni Spadellati
Brandy flamed king prawns, garlic, chopped cherry tomatoes with Italian parsley.

The freshness of the king prawn is indescribable, it’s so DARN good! & the richly flavored sauce got me licking my fingers until all the sauce was gone after peeling the prawns! Oh yes, it is really that good!

Polpette al Sugo
Oven braised wagyu beef meatballs.

I am not a beef eater! But I assume this to be extremely good because it was finished up in a few mins.
4 (5)

From top right to bottom left:

Petto di Pollo
Perfectly cooked chicken breast, complimented so well with the braised forest mushroom, charred figs.

Salmon Basso Cottura
Beautifully poached piece of salmon, coupled with tomato ragout, & asparagus insalata. Such simple salmon recipe, yet it’s unbelievably flavorful, and delicious! Well, is it just me or everything that cook with tomato ragout will always be good. :D

Tortelloni Ripieni
Sweet crab meat wrapped in Tortellini (ring-shaped pasta), ricotta and lemon zest on green pea puree. It didn’t looks too good to me, but I changed my mind after my first bite.

Filetto di Manzo
180g of 100 day grain fed char-grilled tenderloin, with heirloom carrots & farro. Again, I do not fancy beef. But the girls think this is really good too. It got all the love.
4 (7) 

Cioccolato Rosso Ferrari
This is their signature dessert, their best sweet. Ferrari red chocolate sphere, filled with pistachio crostata, & stracciatella ice cream; with grappa infused chocolate sauce overflowing on the top.

You got to cracked the sphere to have a taste of the hidden gem in it. They say it’s a little too sweet, but I think it’s perfectly fine for me! I love it, & would happily go back for this!

Please visit Cucina Vivo in behalf of me if you are visiting Goldcoast. :)

#9 Morning Coffee at Bumbles Cafe, Budds Beach

Though the breakfast is QT is amazingly good, but Vanessa thought we should try something else this time. We took a 10mins walk to Bumbles Cafe, located at river drive, Budds Beach.

Alfresco dining, overlooking the river.
4 (10)

“Bumbles cafe is many things to many people.”
Looking at the interior, you would have guessed that BUMBLES has got alot to tell.

There’s 4 beautifully reno rooms, with different themes which is equally vibrant & interesting. The interior made me felt like home; how it is surrounded by fresh flowers, comfy pillows, & story telling polaroids.
4 (11)

The library room, picture perfect pretty.
Honestly, I got really caught up with the decor.
4 (12)

4 (13)

My cup of L A T T E.
Not amazing, but decent.
4 (15)

It was my favorite monday.
All the troubles are drown in coffee.
4 (16)


I ordered the bircher with fresh fruit, yogurt and glorious bumbles honey on the top right.
Definitely one of the best muesli I had. The freshness of the fruits & yogurt won it all.
4 (17)

#10 Escape to Dreamworld. & feel like a kid again!

Address: Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209, Australia
Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Open 7 days a week)
Phone: +61 7 5588 1111

“Dreamworld is a large theme park situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is Australia’s largest theme park with over 40 rides and attractions including five roller coasters.”
5 (1)

How to get there? Click here.
How much is the entrance ticket? Click here.

The #MustDoRides in Dreamland:

The Big 9 Thrill Rides (Buzzsaw, The Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster, Pandamonium, Tail Spin, The Claw, Cyclone, The Giant Drop, Tower of Terror II, Wipe Out). You wouldn’t want to miss these if you are looking for that chill, & that high! These rides will bring your adrenaline rush to a brand new level!
5 (11)

If you are a faint-hearted like me, you can opt for a more relaxed journey in Dreamland. After all, Dreamworld has from the tallest and fastest thrill rides to live interactive shows & wild animal attractions, there’s something for everyone at Dreamworlds.

Other TO-DO(s) in Dreamworld:-

– Drown yourself in the fairyland, The Fairytale Treasures.
5 (2)

Like, getting yourself a princess make-over? Haha.
5 (3)

– Okay, or maybe, try out the family-friendly rides! These are definitely safer.
Thunder River Rapid.
5 (4)

- Eat Pizzas & Chips at Dough Bro. Pizzeria

I have totally underestimated how big these 18inches pizza can be. At the same time, I am very much amazed that theme park’s food can be this good, the quality ingredients (pineapple, canadian bacons, green peppers, cheese, etc) is absolutely savory!
5 (6)

- Cuddle a KOALA

This felt so unreal. I am carrying a K O A L A!
It’s like a baby holding onto me, and it smells so good!

(p.s. – These koalas are only allowed to work 8hrs/week, because they usually spend 18 to 22 hours sleeping.)
5 (8)

- & Take some interesting photos
5 (9)

10) Watch sunrise over Queensland on the Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast
Phone: 1300 766 887

Woke up on 4am, & leave for Canungra & our hot air balloon ride!
The bright flame, the break of dawn.
5 (13)

That breathtaking picturesque landscape at sunrise.
5 (13b)

Up, up & away!

I am on a once in a life time romantic adventure, floating peacefully above the scenic rim of hinterland, & experience the awe-inspiring panoramic view at sunrise on the world’s oldest and most romantic form of flight.

Despite waking up really early in the morning, it was all worth it.
Everything feels so surreal and dream-like! I couldn’t believe that it’s actually happening!
5 (14)

I am flying with Australia’s biggest and most experienced ballooning company with a great team of pilots, expert, knowledgeable & great guys who are guiding our balloon. & This cute guy here is our pilot, thank you for the safe and pleasant journey from beginning to end.
5 (16)

Well, it was a crash landing! But it was FUN! Hahaha, seriously all of us were screaming and laughing when the basket flip over (safely). I have to say the pilot is truly well trained in order to maximize our enjoyment! Not a perfect landing, but definitely a superb experience!
5 (17)

E n c h a n t e d.
I love every bit on this experience!
5 (18)

5 (19)

Oh yes, we all love the crew!
They are extremely enthusiastic & entertaining!
5 (20)

Afterward we were all treated to champagne & a freshly prepared breakfast, at O’Reillys Canungra Grand Homestead & Vineyard. – “The vineyard is owned and operated by the O’Reilly family, famous for providing legendary hospitality in the area for over 80 years.

Address: 852 Lamington National Park Rd, Canungra QLD 4275, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5543 4011
Hours: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
6 (1)

The breakfast buffet serve plenty of hot food, and freshly squeezed juice.
Freeflow of Bubbly Champagne // Bacons // Fruits w/ Fresh Yogurts // Cereals w/ Fresh Milk
6 (2)

Rounding off this heavenly trip with a gastronomic champagne breakfast! It is such an indulgence!
The croissant is as good as the one from YEAST! ( I am craving for it now! T.T)
6 (3)

Such beautiful setting for a long breakfast. Enjoy the hot food, taste the champagne, simply relax & take comfort of the crisp cool weather. What could be better!
6 (4)

Jumping for joy! Happy girls!
6 (5)

I certainly do not mind waking up to this every morning!
6 (6)

Lingered around after breakfast, and wish we could stay longer at this beautiful property.
Felt so close to nature, spotting turtles & goat! #SoSuaku, haha.
6 (8)

Feeling so small in this big big world!
I got to keep going, & keep exploring this beautiful creation of God.
6 (10)

Hot Air Balloon Ride + Champagne Breakfast Price: From $250 onwards

Free Wifi on coach transfers from all Gold Coast accommodation
Spectacular Hot Air Balloon ride
Return Air Conditioned Coach Transfers
Full Hot Breakfast and Champagne
O’Reilly’s Grand Homestead and Vineyard visit
Commemorative Certificate
6 (12)

Well, I am really glad to be able to tick hot air balloon ride off my bucket list. & this basically mark the end of my #Goldcoast vacation.

Next up, B R I S B A N E.

Stay Tune! ♥



Hello, lovelies. I am back, and will be blogging about the best of Goldcoast!!!
Ahhhh, I still couldn’t believe that I am even writing this post!

Big thanks to Tourism of Queenslandd for such generous and warm hospitality; and thank you #migme for this amazing opportunity! Of course, thank you citigal (weizhi) for opening this door for me! #muchlove

Alright, I hope that you enjoy my this series of blog posts of mine!
Do drop me a hola if you have any feedback & comments!


Address: 7 Staghorn Ave, Gold Coast QLD 4217, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5584 1200

Upon arrival, we were welcome by the gorgeous concierge ladies with bright smiles and refreshing iced lemonade! That instantly makes me feel better after my overnight flight! The hotel is so quirky, I am very much amazed by the beautiful artistic and bold decoration of the hotel lobby! New, modern, & all the good vibes!
1 (1)

My room, with stunning Surfers Paradise view.

The room is very fresh, clean, and functional. There’s a private balcony, flat screen HD TV, bathroom (w/ bath tube), fantastic amenities, iPod dock, mini bar and funky decor. The hotel is thoughtful enough to provide complimentary internet, which is fast & reliable!

The bed, is definitely my favorite of all!

It’s HUGE, a little bouncy and squishy with clean sheets. Oh, and the fluffy pillows too!
So comfortable that I don’t even feel like going out!

If you are going to Gold Coast, you should stay with them! :D. Okay, it might seem that I raved too much about this hotel. But, believe me it is perfect for what it is, and I believe you will love it as much as I do!
1 (2)

1) Get adventurous – Conquer the SKYPOINT Climb

Q1 Resort & Spa
Address: 9 Hamilton AvE, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

Day climb: $69 for adults. $49 for children up to 15yrs.
Twilight Climb: $89 for adults. $69 for children.

This is one of the Gold Coast’s most famous exhilarating attraction and climb, that is going to worth every single cent you paid!
1 (3)

Took the super fast elevator ride that took us up to 77th floor’s Skypoint viewing deck in about 42.7 seconds. Up here you are rewarded with the breath-taking uninterrupted 360 degree panoramic view of the Gold Coast, from the highest point of the tallest residential tower in the Southern Hemisphere.
1 (4)

1 (5)

I took these photos through the glass: S P E C T A C U L A R
1 (7)

1 (8)

Lunch before the climb, at Seventy7 Cafe & Bar.

Oh, I love these buffalo wings with the thick sweet sauce! It’s truly finger licking good, even better when we are enjoying these with such beautiful views.
1 (10)

Done with lunch, ready to look for a thrill!

Moment of pride: I face my fear, & brave myself for this monstrous climb!

To be honest, I was really hesitating if I should proceed with the climb as I fear of heights.

But they told me, “you wouldn’t want to say you have been to GoldCoast without this climb, it’s a one in a life time experience.” & The instructor further assured us our specially designed full body harness could actually hold the weight of a few buses. Then, we were given proper instructions and briefed on the safety precautions. It indeed sounded really safe!

Okay, I will give it a try! I wish I do not faint half way through.” I quietly whispered to myself.

I regretted once I stepped out of the building (it’s 77th floor!), but I am grateful for our climb leader who is so experienced & friendly. He said, “I have a 90yo man came for this climb last week, and he’s coming back again.” He assured us again on how safe the climb is, and that we do not need to be worried as there are enough safety measures in place.

A few more steps later, I surprisingly became less tensed and instead felt very secured as I got used to it. It’s pretty unbelievable! I was soaked in the gorgeous views, while we were introduced to the city’s landmark along the journey. I don’t even want to leave!

I guess I finally understand what does it mean by feeling “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”, it’s amazing. Standing 260ft above sea level, enjoying the panoramic view of Surfers Paradise as far as eyes can see is indeed a once in a life time experience. I am so glad that I made it up there.

1 (11)

2) Saturday Night Street Food at The Miami Marketta

Address: 23, Hillcrest Parade, Miami

“Every Saturday from 4pm-10pm, The Rabbit & Cocoon Arts Precinct play host to 25 street food stalls – serving up everything from Spanish, Italian, French & Thai cuisine – as well as boutique local wine & beer, a dessert hall & live music!”

The colorful hipster-ish setting caught my attention immediately! Every spot is insta-worthy. But I didn’t have time for photos, because I was too excited to explore the FOOD STALLS! Everything here looks really good, not an easy task to choose what to eat.
1 (12)

All the great tasting food stalls!

Some of my favorite:

#1 The Hungry Hungarian
– cheese & lemon sauce classic lángos! This is absolutely the bomb! Crispy, chewy & flavorful! It’s like a more chewy version of donuts with cheese & lemon sauce topping! So simple yet so good, I am missing it already! T.T

(I was too busy gobbling, & totally forgotten to take a photo of it. Anyhoo, you’re welcome to google it – “classic lángos”)

#2 Steamed Dumpling
Dumplings to fix the Asian’s crave. Thin skin with juicy meat inside, not bad at all!
1 (13)

#3 The Good Food Catering Co
Meat wrap, with a lot of cheese & sauces. Venice says this is superb.
The portion might look small, but it’s surprisingly filling! #mustorder
1 (16)

#4 Yummo! Grilled Bratwurst
You will have no regrets feasting on this German Sausage!
1 (18)

Food, is our best friend. Good food makes us happy.

Overall, Miami Marketta is a great happy place with a lot of excellent options with affordable price for everyone to enjoy! I would want to come back again!
1 (14)

3) Glorious Breakfast at Bazaar, QT Hotel

The night before, we were told by DEE from the Tourism of Queensland that the breakfast buffet at Bazaar, QT Hotel is unbeatable; We will not want to missed it!

QT Gold Coast’s Bazaar ‘Interactive Marketplace’ was recently voted ‘Best Hotel Breakfast in 2014′ in the Gourmet Traveller Awards.
2 (1)

In the morning, we were greeted by the friendly stuff, and instantly amazed with “WOW” the moment we stepped in, I have never seen any breakfast that look as good before! Complete hands down to the best breakfast buffet I have ever been. This place is like a magical bazaar that you can get almost everything you wish to have!

Look at the pastries & the generous varieties of healthy cereals.
And, those glass bottles of freshly squeezed juice, smoothies and fresh milk!
2 (2)

& damm, those overnight muesli with yogurt in jars!

I love my breakfast light & clean, and BAZAAR has a delicious selection of full englis, asian choices and much more. The fruit & salad bar is also to die for. spot my favorite kiwi & passion fruit!
2 (3)

It definitely didn’t just end there, if you like hot food, there will be a chef working at the live food stations to satisfy you crave for the bacons, eggs (poached, scrambled, benedicy just as you like them), smoky grilled bacon, etc.
2 (4)

All happiness depends on a good breakfast!
Random fact: Eating breakfast will help you to burn 5 to 20 percent more calories throughout the day. Do it girls!
2 (5)

4) Stretch yourself on the Beach

Took a stroll from QT Hotel to the Esplanade, we are going to do Yoga on the beach, as a nod to International Yoga Day 2015.

Gold Coast is a amazing place to do yoga by the beach. It’s winter time (about 19°C), but the sun is keeping us warm & comfortable. Honestly, as a Malaysian, I have never love sun this much.
2 (9)

Private outdoor yoga class with Michelle Merrified, from Essence Living on the grassland.

It’s there any better way to start your day with rejuvenating beach front yoga? I doubt so.
Void the daily noise, and meditating to the sound of the waves. Stretching and breathing never felt so good, life is almost perfect this moment!
2 (10)

My beautiful Yoga instructor who even does head & foot massage for us at the end of the class.
I would definitely miss this wonderful session with her!

Good thing is, we can practice anytime anywhere now with Michelle Merrified on YouTube. Check it out! :D
2 (11)

Oh, I finally learn how to plank correctly!
Check out this video to watch our planking challenge.

5) Shop at the Goldcoast Best Boutique Market, The Village Market (TVM)

Address: Burleigh Heads State School, Lower Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads.

Hit the arts & craft markets, The Village Markets, which is the original & best boutique creative market on the Gold Coast, showcasing up to 100 fashion, arts & creative stalls as well as love local music, & delicious gourmet food!

“Founded in October 2008, the aim of TVM is to create a platform for talented emerging designers, creatives and vintage collectors to showcase their wares, as well as providing a much needed regular cultural event for the region.”
2 (12)

TVM now firmly marked as a #MUSTGO market. For the local’s, this is their secret market, where they get their treasure hunt fixed! Aside of the dainty jewelry, and hipster fashion pieces that this market has to offer, we are very much in love with the atmosphere & community. The whole place is filled with funky fashionista!
2 (13)

The local would just laze around the freshly cut grass, enjoying the morning sun while listening to the live band, & sipping on their coffee – & that pretty much described a Perfect Sunday.
2 (14)

6) Eat at Commune Cafe – Everyone says they have the best breakfast menu

We took a short 10 minutues stroll to the Commune Cafe for lunch!
Gold coast is a wonderful place to, walk. I really enjoy the chilled air, and the blue sky.
2 (15)

The hidden gem – Commune Cafe

Address: 1844, Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads, QLD
Phone: +60 7 5520 3377

This cafe is run by locals who have a passion for environment (they even have environmentally friendly tips written all over the restaurant) & local artist. Serving an all-day breakfast menu incorporating fresh organic ingredients! Health game strong!

Spot the cute DIY water station.
3 (1)

Everyone here is extremely friendly, we were greeted with big warm smile!
I am immediately attracted to colorful & good vibe!
3 (3)

Commune is a vintage themed cafe, each table is different & the whole place is decorated with colorful vintage art poster. This splash of color made the whole place pop. Very insta-worthy! Haha!
3 (5)

We chose a sit on the outdoor. As much as we love the whirr of the coffee machine inside, we still prefer to enjoy the cold breeze & morning sun in Goldcoast.
3 (6)

L A T T E. rich, creamy & smooth.
I have absolutely no complain on this, very decent!
3 (7)

I had my usual Eggs Bene with Salmon on crusty bread.

It’s beautiful, and didn’t run low in term of quality of taste.
However, the portion isn’t big, just good for me though. I am very satisfied.
3 (8)

7) Take a Stroll at Burleigh Heads Gold Coast

I couldn’t get enough of this fluffy white clouds, blue sea and sky with one seam, and the golden sands!
3 (11)

Surfers Paradise is a tourist spot, where Burleigh Heads is more of a local spot. It is as beautiful as the Surfers Paradise, but quieter conditions, parklands with walking paths, and shaded picnic areas. It is also an ideal spot for swimming or surfing as it is fully patrolled all year around.
3 (12)

This photo says it all. This place spells S E R E N I T Y.

3 (13)

To be continue…

Disclaimer: I traveled to Gold Coast as a guest of The Queensland Tourism Board with complimentary air tickets and hotel accommodation. No monetary benefits are involved.


H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop

Hello, lovelies.

I am very excited to share with you on what I’ve learned from the H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop recently a few Saturdays ago! I have heard a lot of positive reviews about H2O+ but never had a chance to know more about their products. Really thankful for this opportunity, big thanks to Nuffnang for this awesome arrangement.

Highlight of the day, was the Oasis Sea Foam collection, it is powered by pure water infused with H2O+ Hydrating Marine Blend. This is an oil-free collection that helps to replenish skin and protects it from moisture loss through a fast- action foam.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by the friendly staff from H2O+, where they later on use a skin moisture device to measure moisture and hydration level of our skin.

0-29 – Severely Dehydrated
30-40 – Dehydrated
40 & above – Ideal Moisture Level.

I got a 30; oh yes, dehydrated.

We were then ushered into the event hall.
Me at my “mini-beauty-counter”.

Here’s the daily H2O+ skin care routine.
Make up remover –> Face Oasis Sea Foam cleanser –> Face Oasis Sea Foam Toner -> Serum-> Face Oasis Sea Foam Moisturizer –> Sunblock

We are so lucky to have international speaker, Ms. Denise Gorant, H2O+ International Trainer to educate us on why moisturizing matters. As much as you wouldn’t go a day without drinking water, you shouldn’t go a day without hydrating your skin.

My definition of good skin: smooth, translucent, and fresh-looking.

Most importantly, moisturizing helps skin stay young. Nothing keeps wrinkles at bay better than keeping your skin moisturized.

She further on share with us on how H2O+ Oasis Sea Foam hydrates, nourish, and protects our skin at the H2O+ Beauty & Skincare Workshop.

The Face Oasis Sea Foam Collection has a high-speed foaming hydration effects that helps to improve skin’s water retention. The increased moisture also helps to plumps fine lines caused by dehydration.

How does it work: The airy form formulas act as a physical delivery system to help hydrating and age-preventing ingredients absorb more effectively into the skin for maximum results.

Here’s the 3 simple steps to healthy & hydrated skin:

Step 1. Face Oasis Sea Foam Cleanser

It effectively dissolves surface impurities while leaving skin soft and hydrated.

I tried it on my hand. The foam is so soft and lathers away, really love how it makes your skin feel squeaky clean without stripping skin of its natural moisture.

Step 2. Face Oasis Sea Foam Toner

It is an alcohol-free softening foam toner that helps skin maintain a healthy pH while conditioning and soothing skin.

Foam formula rapidly melts on contact to prepare skin for maximum moisture absorption.

Hydrating marine blend rapidly replenishes depleted skin with a surge of moisture.

This toner can be used two ways. Use a cotton pad and wipe across face, or dispensed directly onto fingertips and gently tapped into the skin. How convenient!

Step 3. Face Oasis Sea Foam Moisturizer

Well. Moisturizer. I’ve always had acne-prone skin, hence, I am very particular about my moisturizer. I need something that gives me enough moisture to make my skin feel quenched but without the oil to prevent unnecessary breakouts.

After cleansing and toning skin, dispense foam into palm and apply to face. I applied it on my hand instead, and massage into skin. Remember, though it looks very foamy, Do Not rinse!

The light-as-air foam based toner intensely hydrates through fast-action.

It’s so refreshing, & is not greasy at all! I am in love!

This moisturizer is great, bottom line.
This is so gonna be my next moisturizer!

Tadahhhh, introducing the Oasis 24™ Hydrating Booster.

You can wear this under your daily make up routine, while keeping your skin moisturized all day! My #annoyingbff, Adele, loves this!

I would really love to give this a try as it’s proven to be very effective in overcoming the dryness and flakiness, & help makeup goes on smoothly. If you know me personally, you will know I need this more than anyone else! This would be an amazing life saver!

Last but not least, the Total Source UV Defense Fluid SPF 50 PA+++

A lot of us didn’t like sunblock (though knowing how important it is) because we hated how greasy and sticky it is. But, this is diff, it supplies maximum protection from damaging UVA/UVB rays (especially in country like M’sia) while still feeling water-light on the skin.

H2O+ is always known as the “sea expert”.

To prove that the H2O+ Oasis Sea Foam Collection really does hydrates, nourish, and protects our skin, I did the skin moisture test again. & from 30, it increased to 40. Fwahh, I am amazed by the instant boost of moisture! Now you know you should give it a try! :D

The workshops are fully hands-on, with focus on educating us on the importance of keeping your skin moisturized, without having to commit unnecessary time to facial.

After the beauty workshop, I was given the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 session with Denise Gorant.

I asked her about my main concern; would this range of extremely hydrating product cause break out on my face? & I learned that our skin will react on a new skin care which might causes breakouts, they will need an adjustment period while flushing out the impurities in your skin (sometimes, it might be pimples popping out). But it’s fine, give it two weeks’ time, & it will be all good.

H2O+ products are all water based, & oil free. Hence, there’s no worries that it will be greasy, uncomfortable and causing more pimples.

That’s really good to know! I need that assurance to try these products out!
*fan girl mode*  

Overall, I enjoy this beauty workshop a lot!

Learned a lot, and had lots of fun trying out all the H2O+ products!

Received a series of product samples from the work shop.

Tried out most of it, and these are my favourite, will definitely consider to invest into these!

Here are all the samples and door gift that I was given during the event.

Introducing the H2O+ Hero Product – Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment.

I have to say this product is H2O+ best seller for a reason. First of all, it is suitable to all skin type – which means that I don’t have to worry too much on the suitability of the product to my skin. While this oil-free gel moisture provide deep hydration to my skin, it also helps in smoothen out the fine line. Best part is, you can use it as your face mask and it works like a charm! I can really tell the difference because my makeup stay for the longest time ever after I tried this product!

Night Oasis™ Overnight Eye Complex.

I often stay up till late nights, & this eye cream hydrates my eyes without the oiliness, and effectively reduces the puffiness & fine lines around my eyes. I have to admit, I am very much amazed. Good job!

Lips Oasis™ Lip Mender.

I have rather dry lips. A lot of time, my lips got so chapped that the lipstick doesn’t look good after application. This product saved my day!

That’s all for today!