I hate the time before at night before going to sleep,
because, that’s when all the thoughts I’m trying to avoid starts to linger.

My PC fair job hunting experience :

mind you, it’s freaking interesting miserable.

my hunting partner : Mr. Ivan Cheong.

Cousin introduce me to work as Canon sales girl. Interview session required.
It’s at Peremba Square, Saujana Resort, U1, SHAH ALAM.

Yeewei fetched us to KTM station,
we then took ktm to shah alam.

Then, took taxi to the nearest cafe since it’s still early.

Ate in a cafe, which we then realize both of us are the only chinese in the whole area.

We naively thought peremba square is just nearby, but we are wrong terribly.
took taxi to the nearest bus station, the taxi driver ask us to take rapid U80, he said we can reach our destination straight.

Got into bus, the bus driver said we should take rapid U81 to reach there, and so he dropped us off half way.

Got into U81, that driver said we are suppose to take Rapid U80, but there’s no more bus stop nearby, and so he dropped us at the freaking highway.

ivan (before)
& after. lmao.

We were like, gone la gone la,
we are lost,
middle of the highway somemore.
+ me in my 3inches heels.

damm paiseh,
those ppl that drive through keep looking at us.
” wtf? why is this 2 idiots walking on the highway?”

walk for awhile, & we saw our hope.

1st, saujana 500m.
we thought it’s damm near and didn’t call for a taxi.

but we walked for 5 mins only see..

<– saujana & we knew there’s still way long to go.

walk for 20mins in my freaking heels, and finally saw sign board with “Peremba Square”
We looked at each other and laugh… ngenge…

mana tau,

there’s sign board keep directing us to walk straight straight & straight.
it’s like never ending, gosh!

we walked for bout 45 mins, and finally saw…

peremba square.

Damm tiring la.

and then, the training and interview starts.

training was boring, *no lenglui to see*. oish, les-soon-to-be. lol.

& then speech by a agent that keep telling us how rich he is “indirectly” and kept insulting us “indirectly”.

i find it annoying. seriously.

he asked whether we like rich people and we didn’t respond.
he then said.

I guarantee all of you are poor people, and you people will still be damm poor in the future, cause you people don’t like rich people.

I feel like telling him, I’d love to be rich, but i despice rich people like you!

& i know I will die kao kao if I work cause I cannot do sales.
I sux in it.

the blahblahblah speaker.

texted Edwin and request for a job at PDA Arena,
I emphasized that I am not doing sales.

He said my job will be just distributing flyers. so yea.

I texted my cousin, and told her I am not working for Canon anymore.

Kahjoe and shinyee came pick us up & went to Pyramid, thaithai for dinner.
I dislike the foods there.

not nice and costly.

ms.shinyee, pompuan-ku.

my not-so-nice pohpiah.

& shinyee’s not-human-food.

night, due to certain reason. agreed to work in canon.

but in the morning when I reach klcc, I changed my mind AGAIN.
yea, I know I am not supposed to do so.

hey, I can’t do sales….
& people in canon doesn’t look as friendly as those in PDA Arena.

+ I will have no stress working at PDA Arena. thanks to Edwin ;)

gonna update bout PC Fair soon ;)

chiaoz, toodles.

thanks to the forum, my blog unique visitors from 1000+ shoot up to 3000+

p.s. – I kindly request those forumer to remove my photo from there.
it’s fugly………… =( sobs!!!!!


  • “thanks to the forum, my blog unique visitors from 1000+ shoot up to 3000+”

    haha gone famous juz in one night

  • whats the “forum”?
    Anyway.. dun say Shah Alam.. lolx.. those areas realli dunno what to say..
    By the way.. i went Klang once.. with a friend since she wanted to go for her friend’s birtday.. and asked me to drive her to there..
    So i drove her.. and she need fetch few old friends.. Happens they all got same name LOL…
    I mean.. i knew a group of friend.. from the time i work at KLCC..
    There was 3 girls there.. Cheng Mei, Bo Nee and Shirley ma..
    That day..(3 years ago)
    At night we go Klang.. raining…
    And.. All i can see is river full of water.. float out to road… /.\
    Then.. its realli dangerous i know.. cant even see which is river which is road lolx..
    Got dirt.. so road became brownish..
    Then she ask me fetch one of her friend, named Shirley..
    Ok la.. since Shirley kinda common ma..
    Then when we reach the birthday girl house..
    That gurl called Bo Nee~ LMAO~ and they all good friends lolx..

    … Ok la.. i know its not funny.. But say real.. Shah Alam.. not easy to recognize those roads.. But walking on d highway.. for u.. @.@”

    Sales thing hard to do 1.. I know why that so called “Rich guy” trying insult u all..
    All success guys/women also same 1..
    They want u to drop ur “maruah” or something liddat.. becoz sales need muka tebal..
    Which.. its not easy to be..
    For ppl who dont like let ppl ignore, let ppl tease, or whatever =D

    So.. work normal.. if not realli need that money so urgently..
    1 thing u gotta be.. “Enjoy”~

    Long speech again~ lol..
    Forgive me.. its been 1 week i guess =3

  • Oh yea.. 1 more thing.. Ur SIS doesnt look like 14/15 XD
    Maybe coz her outer appearance realli completely mature look =D
    Or perhaps the outfit she wore that time? XDXD
    If u get too thin not look good enuf wor =X
    So juz shape shape up only lar.. dont say diet kao kao =)

  • waaa thanks to the forum -___- must be lowyat forum then.. all buayas there xD

  • Walking on the highway!

    Green for the earth. *cough* high 5!


  • you’re not fugly, you’re very sweet :) but anyway yeah everyone should respect your wishes not to post anymore pics of you. although i do think you have a high chance of getting that spanking new pink nintendo ds lite by winning the pc fair booth babe contest :D

  • LOL! 3000+ visitors a day… not bad ma… but all the buaya(NOT INCLUDING ME) posted your photos there, and me(being the non-buaya) asked them to remove the photos respectively, i am currently chatting with them too =D

  • nicholas – i was shocked!

    yaoyao – super long la ur comment, i dunno how to reply weih. lol.

    bryanlyt, kenji, k-tuck – lol, my pic there damm ugly la. i almost faint when i see. lol!!

  • dont worry, i already asked them to stop it, along with the help of gkl83

  • k-tuck <– Acting

  • now..u r fehmes..

  • lol…That’s damn long comment,hahaha…
    OMG…Both you and your friends were soooo pity… Been dumped at the middle of the highway,that’s kinda embaressed…
    And seriously,your friend’s food,ain’t edible,cause it looks are definately teruk…=.=

  • instant star..haha

  • send me ur msn!got my email rite??kenneth

  • yea… saw the link in lowyat.net, but i don’t remember i see your pic there.

    btw, impressed by your walking on high heels for more than one hour!

  • hey girl, you’re not fugly, you are nice.. i saw you at there..=p
    hmmm.. mind to link me up?
    hope to know you more..

  • hi there, i juz found ur blog from forum there
    ur pic. very pretty and attract me to see ur blog hehe~

  • k-tuck – thanks you thanks you.

    anon – huh?

    yatz- =.=”

    banana – what to do,, stupid bus driver. ish ish!!

    nicholas – =)

    kenneth – ok.

    windfreeze – i was impressed by myself too. lol.

    ruki – link u up asap k. =)

    ck – oh really? thanks =)

  • according from my friend, shah alam is “bandar suci” to muslim.

    thats y u cannot find any chinese shop at there.

    when fasting month, after 7pm u can sleep at the middle of the road…
    no car at all, the road is empty…
    cos they all went for buka puasa…

  • Nah.. u ady replied me lor~ :X
    Cannot reply long 1 reply short d lor =D
    Nvm next time i make long dont put in paragraph..
    I put in 1 comment per comment~ reply 1 by 1 easier hor? =X

  • There is a small road from the signboard that written "Saujana & Ara" that can lead u to Peremba Square.
    Walk less than 5 min will reach de..
    Hmmm.. u r turning a big way…

    Nvm nvm, lot of trees around, so good walk.

  • hihi … found you and your post regarding ‘bus to Peremba Square’

    sounds like it would drive ppl nuts~!
    in fact i had dig d whole Google for this shit and it gave me lotsa unsatisfactory outcome. Blame d Transport ministry!!! as i had just condemned it in my Blog 2day! our transportation system n info was so 3rd world. …a damn big disgrace – Malaysia B*****

    i had added you into my blog list,. cheers ^0^

  • hey..i wan to ask….how to go to peremba square..i type on google and pop into ur blog….
    noticed that u r utarian also..hope u can help me..thx a lot…^^

  • Great blog you have here.. It’s hard to find good quality writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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