woozy christmas-eve

Girl, I’ve noticed that being with you I smile a little more often,

I anger a little less quickly.

The sun shines a little bit brighter & life is so much sweeter.


First of all,


we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas,
& a happy new year.

oh yea, I went out!!! with my red red dress. teehee.

alright. I didn’t end up counting down for Christmas at home alone.
went for count down with baby michelle, joel and the rest of them at Republic, Pyramid.
* thanks kahjoe for fetching me there ;) *

Had some drink, got little tipsy and much camwhored.
I enjoyed, cause I spent my Christmas with my best friends. *loves*

Thanks, chelle. I knew you wanna go MOS.

thanks for staying at Republic with me. ILY.
& special Thanks to Joel too, for sharing Michelle with me tonight.
You are indeed a good friend.

my ten years and still counting on girlfriend, Michelle lee.

headed to republic. * shinyee left to MOS before I reach *

had tequila shots, Star long island that is said to be the best Longisland in Subang, & beers.

Star long island


” she’s his so called girlfriend la… “

I only saw her back and was wondering who she is.
and all of a sudden, she turn to me… and called my name.

I recall so hard, only realize she’s my primary classmate. lol.
she’s now so pretty, and so, it’s not surprising that I couldn’t recognise her.
damm, she was once a tomboy, and now turn into a pretty young lady.

primary classmate-ku, Tham Shu Xian.

the HIM, capturing HER photo. haha.

the reds and the blue.

red, blue and green.
we have the best color combination. lol.

wenyah. jiayi. tzia. michelle.

my best babe ever. michlee.

you are my addiction, girl.
“Soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist so touchable.”

i kissed a girl
I hope her boyfriend don’t mind it.

credits to joel. ;)

my 2nd girlfriend, joel ang yew jin.

It had been awhile,
and I am supposed to ffk you today.

but, hell, I had been the light bulb of both of them for the whole night.
though I know the couple try their best not to make me feel so.

i appreciate what you people did. and i love both of you…

michlee and joel
honeyed. aww.
tze tsyuan. I hope i spelled your name correctly.

long lost friend, tze haur is back from aussie. hee.

& some unknown friends.

Republic yo.
not so packed, and most importantly, I enjoyed.
oh yea, I got tipsy.
sober. lol.
but, I ain’t drunk. *smile*

Thanks people, for sending me comments/messages when I thought I gonna be alone. =0
I truly appreciate those lots.

p/s – merry christmas AGAIN.

nights, toodles…

Morning…. 25.12.2008

went Christmas shopping with the family.
got 2 dresses, tops, shorts and a pair of jeans.
– nothing sexy this time, trying out something different – =)
shopping is so my hobby. thanks mom. *loves*

Spotted a pair of RED Adidas.
I’ll get it, soon!! teehee.


  • oh great… sexy red ~

    merry xmas !

    i still countdown lonely at home

  • Since ya got new thread here… i think ignore the lonely 1 lar XD
    So~ happy and Merry Christmas! =3
    Well, for me im not that outgoing~ so every year i stay at home~ with parents families and etc also ok for me =D
    Mostly ppl take us like “Homeboy, or Mama’s boy” liddat~
    But no guilt to be one i guess right?
    Somemore, different family different matters :(

    Went out few times back 3-4 years ago.. not realli nice though.. Walking sg wang alone~ go TS~ then met some friends.. but not realli stick with them~
    Then poof~ countdown over~ see fireworks~ XD
    I dont realli know whats the feeling of “Lonely” that you often talk about~ maybe this is the “Loneliness” i always at?

    It depends how u spend it anyway~
    So, conclusion leh~ good for u having a nice christmas eve celebration there XDXDXD

    And soon~ theres Happy New Year’s =D
    So busy busy lol~
    And hor… the hat u wear.. i think we wore it 2 years ago from college~ XD
    Is that u keep til now or.. those seller got no more new designs liao :X
    And i see one of the tree blink red!!!! =D

    And today michelle look so whitey @.@” Ady white for natural le~

  • wow.. “lonely” can have so long story…
    what u can do… and what i always do is.. sleeping ~

  • haha…opss…you don’t have chance to try lonely Christmas :D

    btw… Merry Christmas and happy new year :D

  • fuck off yao yao! who do you think you are? you are just some unknown


  • Merry Christmas <3

  • See, i told you, you will never be lonely, every time you said you are going to be alone, there is always friends out there for you, and you have tonnes lots of friend.

    Lonely is not suitable for you.


  • daniel – i m glad that i have my friends with me in the end.

    yaoyao – stay with family ain’t a bad thing la. I am going to stay with my family for new year eve no outings. =) dun talk bad bout michlee, bf sudah roaring… lol.

    siukeong – yea, ended up with bunch of friends.

    joel – chillin.

    Nicholas – Merry Christmas xD

    1st LOVE – you too, merry christmas. =)

    anon – yea, i may have tonnes of friend. but when you need someone, and noone from tonnes of them is actually there for you. that’s much worst that lonely. 你不配说我不配拥有寂寞,因为,你不是我,也不了解我。

  • Merry Christmas

  • omg you are so hot in every pic..so i just give you one comment for every pics below..when you’re smiling like the angel smile.when your sexy tongue came out..can bring everyone happiness..i hope we can chat really soon tziaa..merry christmas.

    wen jun
    (who message you in facebook)

  • he talked about michelle? when? i just randomly cos his msg is bloody long. hee.

  • is was me

  • yanchi-waliao only date shin yee. totally forget about me. when you gonna date me?

  • lol apa ni. BABE! i had fun with you. hope we can do this more often. mwah.

  • hai, wao u hv a great pic. keep it up =]

  • oh ya, she hav a nice pic with the christmas hats

  • u r so lucky :)

  • i lol after read some comment xD

  • hey girl.. been late to ur post d..
    alot of ppl d leave u comment..
    seen like u had a fun x’mas eve huh..
    u celebrate at sunway, at start i thought i been there..
    if there mayb i saw u again, but i didnt ler..xD
    lolxx..u are lucky le..
    have ur best fren celebrate with u.. had fun together.. xD
    so hope u will be happier la..
    dun always get emo lo.. 0.o

  • Hey saw u at republic!!!
    didt see me meh?? i was with johan!!haha
    u look so drunk nia that night btw
    merry christmas!!!

  • HOHOHO,how much i wish i could replace your friend,Michelle’s position at the 11th photo on your post…
    Well,Merry Xmas once again~~ ^^

  • haaha.. raymond raymond.. no comment on me but on gals a.. naughty a u… u go republic a? y no go mos? if nt can see u ma ray n tzia.. xp

  • ptsk… u like to go mos ?

  • kido – lol. thanks.

    wenjun – thanks for ur compliment =)

    joel – walao. i misunderstood d.

    yanchi – babe, i dun have ur number la =(

    michlee – i miss u already =(

    jaeyen – thanks *smile*

    daniel tong – lol yea.

    first love- why>

    ruki – there's always the next time. no worries. *smile*

    ray – i think i remember. not drunk la, lil tipsy nee.

    banana – haha, noone can replace her weih. =)

    ptsk – mos expensive weih. all of us broke.

  • daniel=mos non smoke so i like o..u??

    haha.. mos ladies nite ladies cheap o… beside cover charge for me oni 10 ma

  • hi ptsk.. smoke or non-smoke i’m still ok with it.. hehee…
    just i like mos has big dance pool and the place is bigger… at least got some fresh air.. if not will die.. haha..
    another is.. every sat got Patrick Oliver.. like his playing.. :)

  • izit.. i nvr been to mos on a sat.. think find 1 day gotto check it out… i always go on ladies nite a.. bring fren go cheaper ma gals no nid pay.. haha

  • hi ptsk… can u bring me go as well… hehe… u pay for me also la…

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