everlasting sentimental

watched leechongwei vs lindan’s badminton match just now.
leechongwei got defeated, 16-21, 16-21.

still, good play. i would say. =)

& now, let me continue with my yesterday night Utar foundation graduation night.
I reached there around 4pm, some of the committees were already there.

Saw emily and dragged her into the washroom.

camwhore session as usual. =)

standing beside a princess, i feel so under dressed.


weyherng came a lil later, & asked me to help her with her contact lens. yea, her 1st time wearing it.
I tried so hard to “poke” the lens into her eye, but failed.
no choice, seek help from the expert, Evon. with the help from expert, the lens is finally “poke” into her eyes.

rubber, emily, yours truly, together with weyherng.

Supposed to start at 6pm, but malaysian timing, yea, it end up started only on 7pm.

Opening act, band performance by a bunch of talented dude.

followed by speech presentation by the chairperson and also dear miss melissa.

Then, dance performance, which is my favorite among all.

flying man, awesome.

Then, magic show.

an impressive one. =)

singing accompanied with the play of electronic guitar.

not forgetting the dance floor.

If only I could dance. ugh.

spotlight on vingent and his date,

him teaching her how to dance.

right after the dance floor, it’s another singing performance.

I then walk around and chill a lil, but ended up camwhoring.
trust me, i did not intended to camwhore.

but there’s a bunch of people posing beautifully in front of me, and cameras are flashing non stop which urge me to do the same too.

ahem, to the right, to the right. =)

ok, now my turn.


our very pro graphic designer, kahkiat.

vingent together with the very late maggie.

girl, i am glad to see you.

I am loving the sexy backs. teehee.

How can I miss camwhoring with the oh-so-awesome dancers?

Of course, not missing out the crowning of the prom king and queen.

yes, this is the prom king and qieen of utar foundation graduation night.

Lissa Yang, & Chen Vingent.

& here’s a photo of the nominees of the prom queen.

yea, I am one of them too. but, yea. =)

congrats, Lissa.

Event officially ended on 11pm.

It’s so much better than what I expected.
Thanks, thanks to those who attended and all the performers.
The night will not be successful without you people. You people are just too great!

Max. oops!


& a photo with this lady.

forgive  me, cause I couldn’t remember your name.

lissa and me.

photo courtesy of Evon.

& the cleaning up session.

ok, slap me, I just can’t stop camwhoring.

Even, when I am heel-less. yea.

Mr. joshua.

the sexy man.

I look terrible here, but ugh, ignore it,

cause someone else is looking good here. =)

also, tonnes of head-shot was taken that night.

from left to right.

upper row – karmen, joshua, siewwan, alvin, ashley

lower row – evon, jienting, munyee, jeffrey, ian.

last but not least, a group photo of us. =)

I have something to say on this awesome night.


i know, damm potong. but hell, that’s the only thing on my mind. & emily, please pass your final.

Mom came to pick me up around 12 along with my dad and siblings.
headed to ss2 food court for supper.

lou yao kee’s fried pan mee is simply awesome.

p.s. – i will be going to kampar next week. *big sigh*

p.p.s. – i guess i am no longer a special one of hers. * big big sigh*



  • I heard a BIG Sigh and the stunning camwhore pict. XD

  • You from Utar PJ campus?…Lolx…
    I miss Miss Melisa damn much lar….She is the best lecturer i would say in Utar….She taught us Economy very well….

  • why go kampar?! wher’s the place?

  • Think lots of people gonna miss ya when you’re in Kampar.

  • but is it as visible as mine? hmm.. mine damn visible n ugly lor… red sumore.

  • aww..bcome kampar-ians ad..lolx
    anywayz, u look gorgeous in those photos.
    n btw, “chao lala, chao or jian, ban min, yee min, hokkien mee…” rmb the louyaokee’s quote..damn irritating everytime i went there..

  • You look nice with the dress

  • wooo
    ur face…

  • Yeah… foundation end…. mine will also end soon XD

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    Appreciate if you do~

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  • I miss my days as a student. :(

    Anyway, since that you’ve graduated, you can go party non-stop. :D

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  • so that is how utar PD girls toilet look like :p
    wei potong la, u leaving to kampar. there ntg but hutan wei, no midvalley, no sunway, no pavillion, no events to camwhore :(

  • oh, malaysia lost again…you look really really pretty in the dress. suits you a lot…

  • Wow… you look f***ing gorgeous~ esp in the 1st pic
    and u camwhored a lot =_=”
    but not like we don’t like it..haha =_=””

    When r u leaving to Kampar?

  • tianchad – added you, and joined ruumz. teehee. =)

    xiang – yea weih, she is the best lecturer/tuitor i ever had.

    fibie – study la syg. ;) perak.

    zeck – uh, I will be back very often.

    nigel – mine is not as visible as yours, but it’s all over my leg, ugh!

    destiny – hahahaa… yea yea, you must be the regular cust there. hoho.

    pekchekkia – aww. thanks!

    joe – ugh? why o?

    huan – haha.when?

    kevin – ahh, no chance, my degree course starting soon/

    deadeye – walao, you no need to remind me!! hmmp!!

    cindykhor – ah, yea. =( haha. thanks A lot!!

    mgsxf – haha. thanks worr. leaving this weekend. =(

  • Wahaha…. my foundation end when you go Kampar…. =.=

  • I feel tar college events are damn boring le…I guess the same would be with utar…aiz!!

    tzia!! you need the subscribe to comment option!! i cannot follow ur replys >.<

  • i thought u told me that you are just simply dress? hahaz… Gal, you are beautiful!

  • I think u mus a natural talented good poser!!…u should go to a model agencies too have a look if there got a job 4U…hahaha..^^u had a nice body..mostly the GOD gift…hehe^^

  • Good blog post. I certainly love this website. Keep writing!

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