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Lovely Saturday ♥

Saturday is the “No Plastic Day“.
& I have got myself a recycle bag from Xixili to stuff in all my buys. :)


So yea, I went Shopping together with baby, Adele chow & Tok Song at Pyramid today.

Had a awesome day shopping with love one and best friends.
Got myself new Lingerie from Xixili, not very happy it, i prefer La Senza so much more, but, I have got no choice. T.T Also, got a pretty high waist pants from Forever21 & a very chio girls’ boxer from Top Shop.

Adele continue with her Cotton On fever.
While the guys, somehow, became the handyman. @@

Walked around & passed by a dessert shop name Tutti Frutti.
Adele was telling me that she’s very sure that I will definitely it.


I got so tempted and so, there we go. ^^
Adele was guiding us on how to DIY our own Frozen Yogurt Cup.

Select your cup size.


Then, dispense the yogurt of your choice.
There’s about 10 favors for you to choose.


I prefer the Original favor the most.
oh, strawberry favor is too!


Next, choose your favorite toppings!
there’s chocolate and cookies toppings.


fruits and jelly toppings.


The best thing is you can DIY too!!


a close up view of the heavenly yogurt! dainty!!!


also, you can add Hershey’s Syrup on to it.
yes, you can squeeze as much as you like. hee!


lastly, weight it and pay!

&, yes, it real savory, but, the price is rather high too. @@

rm5.60 for 10 grammes.
& rm12.20 for my 23 grammes.

since it’s a Saturday, i got my rm2 discount.
so, I only need to pay RM10.20.



Tok day dreaming posing.


I have no idea what’s up with this expression of Adelechow. @@??


We then off for grocery shopping!


chicken? nop, we didn’t get any of it.
I was there just to get a packet of sweet corn.


Adelechow camwhoring happily.


told you, she loves my camera.
“Peanuts, it’s CNY!”


We left after that.
Oh, did I tell you baby allowed me to drive home from Sunway though the traffic wasn’t that good.

I am looking terribly stress!
Those “passengers” in the car kept giving me pressure! Damm!


The sweetest culprit.


Reached home
, safely.

& I thought of making something for the family.
sweet corn, will do.


goldenish yellow sweet corn, DONE.
look luscious, but tastes horrible. @@

Yea, I failed, over cooked the corn. FML.


Next task, Pineapple Longan Koniyaku Jelly.


Mom loves the can longan pineapple.
But, opening a can is never an easy job for me.

it took me years to open half on it. fml.


I hate the can opener heaps.
it’s such a vampire! ugh!


layer by layer i poured the mixture, and layer by layer I added those fruits in.
Thanks God that the outcome did not disappoint me. 

The family loves it, and I am glad. :)


I had a great Saturday.
& hope tomorrow will be better.


  • baby~finally!…I miss u =(…Imma hope can hang out with u every single day…love you heap hope yr wound will recover fast fast =) cheerrriooss…Xoxoxo

  • wow, what a great day u have…

    how come the corn tasted horrible?

  • biii – *i will be calling you in a minute time* hee! lovessssss!!!

    tracy – i had an awesome day! ^^ hmmm, cause i over cooked it and it’s a lil too salty, plus, the butter used isn’t suitable. :(

  • err, i alwitz make sweet corn @ home 1…
    if i put too many salt, i will make it “balance” by putting a little bit more butter..
    orh? the butter not nice?

  • nice day :)
    and yea, i hate those passengers shout here and there and give me stress when i drive too ! i understand your feeling :(
    your hand must be pain !

  • the jelly looks so cute. wah. you can cook huh.. i mean.. i cant ha :p

  • wth you used that walking picture too at last
    eh and that chicken pic!!!! hahaha :D
    love you! <3

  • tracy – ahhh. i need tips. my whole thing basically went wrong.

    freda – haha, they are funny at the same time too. i mean, i laugh when i see their expression. :) yea, it hurts a lil. :(

    jiashin – i am learning! ^^ it’s fun, trust me!

  • adele – haha i know you love me! muahahaha!

  • wah that ice cream quite expensive..

    Now I feel like eating sweet corn T__T diet sure

  • sarah – yea. quite exp. lol, my diet already failed long time ago!

  • i love “no plastic day”!

    oh, i found that ur blog worth RM204,622.94 in

  • haha, i share mine :

    I used to cook corns with salt water….
    Your corns will taste salty when it cook….
    After that, put butter with it…(Any brand of butter is work on it…no need buy the most expensive 1…)
    If u feel ur corn is not salty enough, put a little bit of salt will do.

  • Hi Tziaaa,

    Way to go girl..hope more youngsters emulate your recycle habit..good for you

  • Hi Tziaaa,

    Next time they “pressure” u when driving..turn off the key and ask them to drive instead..hahaha.. it works all the time

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