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the pink bomb! ♥

I know i promised to update a post bout whiskey.
but, whiskey’s post wouldn’t expired so fast, wedding dinner post would.

so, yea, i will now blog about my cousin brother’s wedding dinner.


venue: Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur


the reception table.
spot mummy, she was so busy.


The settings was awesome, pink is the theme color.
The ballroom was prettily decorated with pink heart shaped helium balloon.

photo is a must when there’s such a sweet setting, and when all of us, dolled up.
i tied all my fringe up because it’s way to thick, and i haven’t have time to trim it, yet.

not that bad, uh?


we were sited at table no.10.
yes, it was samsom & kat’s wedding dinner on 7th february 2010.


I couldn’t keep myself away from the camera. I love dolling up, but i am so effing lazy, FML.
so when I dolled up, i will definitely maximize the opportunity to camwhore!

oh, that’s brother at the back.


i got to spam more of his photos already, since there’s so many that didn’t realize I actually have a brother. @@
nah, my brother acting yeng cute.


not forgetting, my adorable lil sister.
I guess it’s my family gene that all of us love the camera so much. xD


the gentlemen. daddy, and uncle.


Cousin sister with my nieces that flew to M’sia all the way from Beijing.
sweet enough, they were the flower girl of the night.


The newly wed couple during their wedding march.


Then, it’s time where food is served!


Everyone started eating but not these two, they are still waiting for the late guests at the reception table.
mummy and aunty! do they look a like? :)


one of the dishes was the Sharp Fin with shredded sea cucumber and crab meat soup.
there goes another excuse for me to camwhore. ahem. ^^


The lovely couple with the second outfit.
Red is the new love! :)


next, was the chinese toasting tradition.


“jiao bei jiu”.


yum sengggggggggggggggggggggg

then there’s speeches from the 3 best men, which all flew all the way from USA to M’sia.
So far, the best best men speeches i have heard, humorous and touches my heart at the same time.


half time, camwhore time.
trying hard to imitate the gold fish, big eyes, and pout! ngek!


the groom and the bride together with their family came to over table and had another toast!


Remember I have a dainty cousin sister, she was there too.
we then decided to maximize the usage of the pretty backdrop.


Like what I had said, all of us dolled up, and i love seeing that.
& so, i insisted a family portrait shoot.



& here is the air craft engineer, the groom, my cousin brother.
congratulations, and may he and his beloved wife, kat be blessed with a lovely and sweet marriage eternally.

last but not least, i don’t mind having more cute nieces/nephews! hee!!


that’s all about it.


  • As usual , nice pictures esp the family potrait!

  • aww. thank you!! :)

  • tziaaa u slim down? =)
    looks thinner compare previous photos…
    btw, u looks nice in the new look =)

  • ugh, not really la. just 1 kg, and you realize?! lol! aww. thank you!!! ^^

  • hi tzia, yr bro looks like jj ling jun jie (sry if my spelling is wrong) ;)

  • uhhhh??!! @@ got meh !!! hahaha!

  • omg ur bro so shuai de. :)

  • Nice photos you got there. Your sis really looks alike with you. =). Didn’t know u got a bro too.

  • yingying – he will be damm happy if he see this! lol! ;)

    JLean – thanks a lot! haha, but many say she looks more like my bro. hee!

  • you look good in your outfit :) happy chinese new year and valentine’s day to you :)

  • freda – thanks!! i wore that once last year. :) same goes to you!! :)

  • you and your siblings looks so alike ^^ all photogenic btw ;)
    happy Cny ~

  • stellasukka – haha, thanks, girl! happy cny!!!

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