narcissism ♥

hello all.
the urge of dressing up was real bad this morning, & so i did.

i have got this jumpsuit fetish lately.

you’ll be seeing my face in every single photos in this post. *big wide smile*
escape before it’s too late!!!


my perv. syg, Melhwa.



my favorite jumpsuit  from boogee-boogey.
Ruffle Toga Playsuit at only rm45.

check out more of their pretty things at boogee-boogey before it’s all gone. ;)


Baby hershey.

she had gained some weight.
everyone call her a fatty now. FHL.

she sleep. she eats. she plays. then. she sleeps again.

i failed to have a proper photo with her.
i have no idea why she dislikes the camera so much. FML.


oh, you noticed any changes with my hair?

***scroll up.

you did?
yea, i straightened my hair.
yes, mummy! i straightened my hair!!!


but, i am missing my curled hair now. T.T


  • LOL. okay what.
    i think you look nice in curly hair but you still look nicer with straight hair. :)

    by the way, my face is fat lorrr! yours is not lorr… ^^

  • isabellmiao – ahh. i miss my curled hair, you know? :( anyway, me? angle nee. haha.

  • you look great in both hair ! :)
    love your eyes, very round :D

  • freda – really? thankssss ♥ ♥ ♥

  • You look great in straight hair~ Personally I prefer straight than curls cos its sooo much easier to maintain isn’t it?

    But sometimes I’ll miss curled hair too so I still curl my hair are so fickle minded!

  • sarah – yea yea. i am so fickle minded. have been complaining so much bout how hard is it to maintain the curled hair. and now, i miss it so much! terrible!

  • WOOT!i saw you today at block b with this nice wear=DD

    i tot i saw wrong people..=))

  • yeah.. you look nice in straight hair…..but for me…you look hotter in curly…hehehe

  • sally – you saw me?! haha, why? me doesn’t look like me? :)

    amat – straight hair easy manage, curl hair easy style. :(

  • take extra good care of your rebonded hair lor..if not it will be dry and frizzy coz rebonding chemical process spoils hair alot. but i still love to do rebonding. =D

  • monnie – haha. i rebonded quite a few times. ugh, my hair is already damaged.

  • haha hershey is like my brownie. cant take a proper photo with them!!!

  • jun jun- riko – she dislikes the flash alot!

  • looks cute with the suit =)
    as i said in FB, u looks nice in curl & straight =D
    btw, last pic, nice pose , love it ^^

  • Tracy – haha! thanks! ♥ & that pose was random!!!

  • do you mind to tell me which brand of colour lens u r using now?

  • where did you straightening ur hair?it looks so nice and straight

  • annie – :) i did it in a saloon in kampar. :)

  • it is cost you how much?

  • annie – only rm120

  • Wooaahh,it’s really damn cheap.What is the name of the saloon and did it include treatment?

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