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MY FM 超级万人迷


很喜歡MY FM 本周熱爆勁碟里,謝安琪的SLOWNESS缓慢

尋覓快樂 但得到 全是雜物或皂泡 —

《SLOWNESS缓慢歌曲跟我之前很愛的olivia bossa nova 很相似。緩緩的,慢慢的。
特別喜歡《活著》,很多時候,很想做某件事,很想得到的某件東西,不可能就是不可能。 它讓我開始想,說,活著,真的就只是如此嗎?

MYFM 每一周的 《本周熱爆勁碟》都不曾讓我失望。


The best things is that MY FM is giving out cash as much as RM 100,000 NOW!
Just simply by following clues, then go to the selected location. All you need to do is to ask those around the “are you the MY FM SUPERSTAR/ MY FM 超级万人迷 ?”
Yes, it’s just as easy as that!
MY FM SUPERSTAR SEARCH/ MY FM 超级万人迷大搜查is now going on in the whole Malaysia.


There’s so many people won cash from this fugitive search already, I then thought I shall try my luck as well. Good enough, I started to stay tune with MY FM 24/7. I do not have a radio with me, but that’s not a problem as I am now listening through MY FM online radio.

17.03.2009. I couldn’t afford to a missed a single clue. MY FM will be giving out clues of the location and characteristics of the MY FM Fugitive/ MY FM 超级万人迷 every Monday to Friday (7am-9am,12pm-2pm,4pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm ).

However, you have to listen to MY FM from 7am to 10am for more clues.


Clue No.1: (History), Melacca??

Not only that. I have been following MY FM at twitter and facebook to look out for the picture clues.



Clue No. 2 : (a) Chicken, Chicken Rice?
(b) 椰糖 brown sugar, Cendol?

Also, subscribed SMS Alert to get clues of the characteristics and location of the MY FM SUPERSTAR/ MY FM 超级万人迷.

Clue No.3: , (biji in BM), 粒粒雞飯??

After much analysis, it shows that the MY FM SUPERSTAR/ MY FM 超级万人迷 will most probably be at马六甲古城鸡场 (Melacca Jonker Street).
So yea, that’s basically how you figure out who is the MY FM SUPERSTAR and where is him/her.

Wait… Melacca?! FML. I am now at Kampar. It’s like it’s so impossible for me to rush to Melacca now. T.T AHHHHHH. Nvm nvm, I shall wait for the next session (8pm-10pm) and try again.

Lucky people in Malacca, ALL THE BEST! As for me…..
… Hopefully it’s going to be at Kampar next session. *pray hard*

Bonus: If you are the lucky human who successfully found the MY FM SUPERSTAR/ MY FM 超级万人迷, and if you are wearing the BRAND’S Generasi Hebat Tie, CONGRATS, because the amount of CASH you are about to win will increase by 3 timesssss!


Dear all, start listening to MY FM now, you wouldn’t want to miss such a great opportunity!!!!
for more info, click here.


  • apparently someone ask me if i m MY FM 超级万人迷 the other day at dataran merdeka..
    so funny hahaha

    anyway..spotted u n adele at 1U during st. patrick’s day..wanna go say hi geh..but was on phone with someone then turn around u guys missing liao

  • hello, I think someone is faking you in here..right?
    I found it accidentally when I surf the page…wth =.=”

  • eklern – srsly?! wootss… ‘superstar” eh… yea, i saw your tweet. but, i already left. :)

    anonymous – i saw! but, there’s nothing i can do. :(

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