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honey pancake ♥


I remembered someone asking what can a couple do other than shopping, watching movie, and eating. I always thought there’s much much more than those mentioned. but, when i come to a serious brainstorm about it. surprisingly, i couldn’t find any meaningful things to do together, especially on those lazy days.

It’s like, you will be just too lazy to move your ass out from the house.
So yea, there’s this day that i felt exactly so. All i feel like doing is to SLEEP. =.=

Boyfriend then took out a box of pancake flour thingy, he knows i would never say no to FOOD.
He decided make me honey pancake! ^^


I was excited, cause finally there’s something that doesn’t require much energy
& something that i am more than willing to do.

BUT, I have no idea of how to make a pancake though.
all i could do is look at him, doing all the job. ugh. fml.


Just when the boyfriend finish adding in everything needed (the flour thingy in the packet + an egg)  into the bowl and started mixing it, I actually took boyfriend’s mixing bowl over and started mixing happily. *bigwidesmile


Next, he place the frying pan over medium fire and allow it to warm through for awhile.
A lil butter is added after the pan is heated up.

After that, mixture is about to pour into the frying pan.
Poured, and wait for about 30s to 1 min, let it brown underneath.


When the top is almost set, flip the pancake over.
wait for another 30s to 1min, the pancake should look like this.

& tadah, you are done!


okay, the boyfriend did the one above.
It looks so easy, and i thought i shall try making one too.


mine look quite burnt, but, it tastes good, still. *smileeeeee
hey, i am not comforting myself, it really tastes okay.


practice makes perfect, they said.
therefore, i tried again, and the outcome was quite satisfying. heeeee!


The whole process took us less than 20 mins.
It’s really that easy, even a noob like me succeeded in making it.

you people shall try making one too!

honey pancake.


p.s. – it tastes better than how it looks like, srsly. *smile


  • bwahaha eat already got tummy ache or not! HAHAHAA

  • adele – tummy ache hai mai? lol.

  • Good idea :P

  • xiaopei – try it. :)

  • I love pancake!!! Sweet^^

  • zues – hee! go bake go bake! eh. i hate the ball thingy in your blog!!!! fil!!!

  • Haha^^ Bake for me la^^ I want it with maple syrup^^ Btw you played the ball thingy? I get that from someone’s blog and I actually keep on pressing it until it finally complete and restart! You finish it?

  • wow. good try yea. =D

  • honey pancake is super nice !
    i love it :D
    and,you look pretty , as always =)

  • yummy pancake!

  • zues – nahhh. i gave up when there’s more and more coming out. lol.

    tracy – hee! you try also lu!

    freda – thanks! & you are sweet as always. :)

    caihomg – haha. very easy make geh! go try!!

  • wah, u dressed up even for cooking? :P

  • Nicholas – haha, was out before that.

  • next time make more attracting shapes than just ‘unshaped’ round :p

  • dead eye – sure, perhaps i should try making heart shape. :)

  • hey,can i ask you something?,i saw one post about the outdoor much did it cost?(:

  • huh. which post?

  • erm,maybe i saw your pictures in facebook.outdoor one(:

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