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Finally, it’s different ♥

Reached the end of the semester, many classes were canceled. & that day, was another day where classes were canceled, and i have got nothing better to do at home.  Flipped through Popteen and thought maybe I can do something with my boring straight hair.

But, almost all the model in the mag has short fringe with curled hair. FML max.

I really have to do something with my hair, i thought!


Had an adrenaline rush.

yes, i did it all by myself. again :/

& spent one whole hour just to curl my straightened hair.
Trust me, it’s never easy to curl straightened hair.


Then, tied plaits and bun like how those models did.
cheated so much, that i actually spent only 5 mins to complete it.

curls make life simpler. as in, you can do many many things with it in an extremely short time.


i love curled hair.  curls are awesome
don’t know why all of you (
including the boyfriend) prefer me in straight hair. @@


gold + tziaaa =


So san fu only my hair look a lil diff, die die also must camwhore!
Baby Hershey became my first camwhore victim. hee!

my fav. among all.


baby hershey, so pretty! *licklick


she now licks more than she bites.


sama sama punya expression. teehee!


Next is,  the boyfriend.
he seems like he doesn’t want to layan me.


Actually, he secretly loves the camera.

prove no. 1


prove no.2



Got very hungry after heaps of camwhoring.
Suggested Sushi King, cause there’s rm2 Sushi Bonanza going on.

Boyfriend has to drive all the way to Ipoh because the queue was said to be way shorter than the one at Tesco, Kampar. True enough, but still…



After 40 mins passed, it’s finally our turn.
Sit down, and it’s nommmmmsssssssssss time.


Part of what we’ve ate. hee!


slurrrpppps. had a satisfied meal.


btw, i will be working for Kaspersky at PC Fair this weekend.
Kaspersky anti virus, anyone?



  • I’m not hardworking as you, will go to flip mag & try to “change” my hairstyle. ahaha!

    the pic you & ur bf, prove 1.. is so nice & sweet =D

    wow, finally Tziaaa is back to PC Fair! =)
    I guess you’ve been skipped 2 or 3 times of the fair ,ain’t?
    Wish you all the best ^^

  • Lol the curls became straight again, can see that
    same thing goes to me, it gets straight very fast

  • you look super super cute !!
    and you look super japanese on the pictures with hershey ! ♥

  • love love dear dear…..actually, any hairstyle will do…I’m just loving you a lot….muackssss

  • tutorial like teach us how to make ur hairstyle~

  • Tracy – out of boredom marr. Hee! Thank you thank you! Yea! You actually noticed! @@

    Merrinette – exactly! Lol!

    Freda – awwwww. Thanks! You super sweet!

    Bii – baby baby, love love you la!

  • Cui – haha. Mine super cheat, not like cheeserland geh so pro leh. :(

  • haha, coz I didnt see your photo at forum for past pc fair =p
    hope can see your real person IF i’m going to the fair.

    You’re not going to sleep huh?
    I thought you gotta work later????

    Anyway, good nite & have sweet dream yea ♥

  • curls rocks la! faster go curl ur hair again. =P

  • you look great with both straight and curl =)

  • but u look much more gorgy with curl!

  • Curl or straight? As long as you’re happy =D

  • what colour is your hair dye? how much does it cost you?

  • tracy – did you go to the fair? :))

    stella – i am afraid that my hair will be badly damaged.

    ezez5 – aww, thanks!!!

    caihong – really??!! :))

    tianchad – i am always unhappy bout my hait. *smack forehead

    joy – uhhh. that was a long time ago already, i couldn’t really remember. sorry.

  • how do you have such a big boobs.. teach us =)

  • saw you at PC Fair today !
    you very pretty ! but you super thin, gain some weight :)
    but too bad, din get the chance to take picture with you. too many DSLR there already ! haha ! :D but real person really leng !!

  • yan – i wish i know. :)

    freda- ahhh. you should call me! :) @@ @@ i thin???! nahhhh, i am fat! haha. thanks!!! ^6

  • My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  • ultrasound – thank you! :)

  • i cant take it, but i gotta say…. UR PUPPY IS SUPER DUPER ADORABLE N CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  • FIFI – heh! thank you thank you!!!

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