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was too free today, spent about 2 hours doing my make up for photoshoot.
well, i am the photographer, also i am the model. heh!

for the first time ever I tried bottom lashes (and it’s amazing), as in I took those normal falsies and cut it it to smaller parts and stuck it on the end of my bottom eye (dolly wink is so freaking exp, so forget bout it, and FML). &, I never know it will eat up so much time, gosh! thanks God, the result was satisfying. *bigwidesmile

p.s. – no tutorial cause I am still not familiar with it, the process was crazily messy.

wanted to post up all my vain camwhore photoshoot photos.
but, i am afraid it’s gonna scared you people away.

so, i didn’t.

anyway, i am going to Penang again tomorrow. heh!
what’s good in Penang?



  • very lomo.. i like!

  • dylan – haha, i also suka. wanted to make it pink, but it turns out to be so. heh!

  • very nice ! like it max ;D
    stay leng leng !

  • freda – heh! thankiew thankiew ♥

  • very cuteee!!!

  • mojojo – aww! thanks! :)

  • Welcome to Penang~

  • jesper – haha. thank you thank you!

  • very nice and pretty! ;)
    btw, which fake lashies did u use? and how abt the bottom one?

  • reen – pasar malam 1 pair rm1’s eyelash. heh! the bottom one is actually the left over of the ori lashes, i just simply cut it out and paste it on. :)

  • Hi! I am a semi-new reader :) You should post up the rest of your photoshoot pictures! So cute ^___^

  • Hey Tzia I am in Penang right now^^ Anyway Penang is all about food and nice Hokkien people^^ Do have good time here! Cheers~

  • G-Hotel, a nice place to stay.
    do try their seafood at Restaurant Bali Hai along Gerney Drive

    Should’ve posted more up.
    Your make-up was worth it, Tzia Tzia.
    Love the eyes.


  • If you going to Penang you cant miss the Asam Laksa there. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  • hi there, thought i saw you at Fort Cornwallis today (14th May) =D

  • haha. nice blog. its so pinkish ^^. btw make up is good. but feel dat u will look better without, u noe. naturale . hehe. and ur blog got so many u. showing so much !! ^^ :P till next time take care

  • So you are coming over the weekend? Have fun!

  • awww so prettyyyy wanted to try bottom lashes too !

  • =.=”’
    i am , not i is

  • hei,1st time c ur blog..but may i ask how to earn money by using nuffnang?izzit reader clicks to the advertisement?or what?hope can hear ur reply soon!!and happy holidays!!

  • hey I like it.

  • annie – heh! thankiew thankiew! do come back again yea!

    zues – i guess i had just gained some weight. cham!

    yh cheah – i went tune hotel. cheap and nice. :) heh!

    lijane – hey! it has been quite some time since i see you commenting! heh! thankiew, girl!

    fail – haha.

    jobless girl – gosh! that was epic!!

    blogcheckerdude – haha, my boyfriend didn’t like me with make up too! *smack forehead* anyway, thank you!!

    jesper – yes, i was there!

    yasmine – it really really really eats up a lot of time!

    s – i know, just, i is vain sounds a lil more cheeky! heh!

    christine – more on advert post :)

    biopolymath – thank you! :)

  • ben – i looked damm dead that time. was dead exhausted, and not bathed. lol.

  • it shows that ur boyfren noe how to appreciate the real u lo. he is a lucky guy and ure a lucky girl ^^

  • No worry^^ You still can afford to put on some more weight^^

  • zues – no, like seriously! wear bikini also not nice already. T.T

  • iwanseelor~
    hahaha! post everything up lae~

  • hehe. icic.u mean the fake lashies u used are those 三棵树’s lashies?1 box got 10 pairs. cus i saw a lot in pasar malam as well :P

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