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Penang : Day 2/Pt. 2

Went back to the hotel after beach.
Got our self cleaned up and changed before we are out hunting for food again.

i have been eye-ing on maxi dresses for quite a long time, it’s always either too long for my height or it’s too expensive. But but but, I finally found one a day before my penang trip, the length was alright even though i am high-heels-less, the cutting was alright too, and, the price is only rm39.90!  *bigwidesmile


Oh, boyfriend bought this maxi for me.


Seriously, what I love most in TuneHotel is their mirrorS and lighting that is so perfect for camwhore purpose!


Then, it’s time for FOOD again!
thought of having something lighter, so we went for ROJAK and ICEKACANG with FRUITS @…

Lorong Swattow,
10500 Penang.


RM4 with 6 types of fruits. *slurrpsss
sweet things are always my favorite.




They also ordered OTAK OTAK. I never like OTAK OTAK.
& this one somehow looks like baby hershey’s poop. -.-


Next destination was KEK LOK SHI.


Trying to imitate ’em kao kao.
shhsshhh, i know i am a poser.


& this lion thingy seems like asking me to stop annoying him. ugh.


that’s him posed for me straight when I point my camera at him. heh!!


& this looks so much like…

“will you go far far far far away with me?”
“far far far far far far far away? *bigwateryeyes?”


*p.s. – never know my hair is already that long, wootss!


the happy girl with her “trafficlight” ice cream!


my favorite photo among all!
the blue blue sky is just too pretty, & my baby G10 seriously amazed me. *smile


human went cuckoo! heh!
there’s bears, minnie mickey mouse, & a cute pig!


that’s all for this time.
next post will be a sunset post at Sunset Bay Bistro.




  • Very nice pics ere. =). having fun in the north.

  • JLean – heh! yea, had lots of fun!! ^^

  • can’t wait for the sunset Bistro post already! :p

  • The photos are deliberately overexposed. Do you still remember the camera settings used to do that?

  • “will you go far far far far away with me?”
    “far far far far far far far away? *bigwateryeyes?”

    lol! weih, this is copyrighted k? =P

  • nice trip u got.. i think i should have a look at penang when i got time.. =)

  • hehe, seems you are having so much fun there !
    and those food *yummyyy* :D
    and 3rd picture of you and your bf is so cute !!!

  • teycindy – heh! soon soon! :)

    biopolymath – ahhh, i couldnt remember. :(

    melanie – damm look like lo okay ah.

    ruki – heh! you will love it even more if you see my next post!

    freda – haha, freda = candy. :) heh!

  • LOLLL ! i am candy ? yay, tzia say me candy .
    can die of diabetes . hehe ! all things i say is true , i never cheat ! teehee :)

  • Awwwww you and your boyfriend are so sweet looking in the 3rd picure! :) Soo cute!

    And your maxi dress is sooooo cute! It looks really good on you! I agree with you: finding the perfect maxi dress is so hard :( Since I’m kind of short they are always too long for me >___<

  • freda – heh! lol, i guess i am happily cheated! ^^

    annie – thanks, girl! try go to asian avenue, you will be able to find something good and cheap there! ^^

  • i love that maxi dress!! what a great bargain!

  • copykate – heh! you can get one too!! :)

  • Aww, where did you get that maxi dress? So niceeee <3 and cheap! heh. you have such a sweet boyfriend, mine wouldn’t do that lorh! hahaa :P

  • jasmine – heh! i got it from sunway pyramid!! haha, thankiew girl! :)

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