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Penang : Day 2/Pt. 3 : Sunset Bay Bistro

Location : Sunset Bay Bistro, Batu Ferrigghi
If you come from Georgetown, the hotel should be on your right. Turn in at the first junction right after the hotel, then, turn left. Sunset Bistro should be on your right.

we reached there on bout 6p.m.
Like what its name suggests, i was told that this is a great place to watch the sun set over the water.


ordered drinks (coconut, chilled beer & sex on the beach) and some finger food to noms while waiting for the sun to set. the food is good, the price is reasonable too. Totally worth it with it’s ambiance and all.

Food: 7/10
Ambience: 9/10
Music: 8/10 34



photos time.
photography credits to SC. :)


watching the sun in all its shimmering glory, sink slowly behind the horizon with your love one is definitely an unforgetable experience.


♥ ♥ 




日落是一天中最美的时刻, 但它消失的太快了,



& this is the bistro, decorated prettily with heaps of colorful lightings.


dim candlelight with soft background music made an awesome combination.
their satay that tastes more like chicken kebab though. heh!


True enough, the breath-taking scenery is gone is such a short time.
but in a happier note, i shall be thankful that God end our day so beautifully.


p.s. – Thanks Baby Von for recommending Sunset Bay Bistro, Batu Ferriggh. It’s simply mind-blowing.


  • wau..nice sunset…

  • The pics is so nice~!
    Ur post remind me that I’ve not been beach for a long time =(
    Enjoy ur holidays yea =)

  • beautiful picture tzia! im frm pg too ;) but never took a nice pic frm der.. LOL

  • aPoo – heh, indeed! ^^

    tracy – thankiew!!! go holiday ba!!! ^^

    jorene – uh? how come de? anyway, thankiew!!!

  • Woww the 7th picture of you and your boyfriend look so professional! :D It’s like it was taken at a professional studio with a beach backdrop or something! hehe :) Your camera must be really amazing!

    The Sunset Bay Bistro looks so nice and romantic! Looks like it is such a nice place to go in the summer! :)

  • Nice photo you have, I always went there with my friends last time after assignment week =) Cold place for relax.

  • annie – Haha, that was taken by my friend’s rm10k camera. lol! yes, you should go visit if you happen to go to penang. :)

    girlaurora – really? that place is seriously awesome!

  • Yaya =)

  • may i ask, how tall are you?

  • the two photo with Tziaaa in black, very cute…

    #8 photo lighting very good wor…

  • nice pictures :D
    you and your bf damn sweet lah ! hehe
    the 5th picture looks like wedding picture ! :D

  • When is my turn la when you wanna bring me to the beach :(
    Im not your love one mehh..
    you know me more than fred! HMMPH!

  • Hey it’s a nice place to chill. I’ve never been to Sunset Bay Bistro in Penang.

    You two look good together! Was good to see you at Encore Eurobeats. :)

  • girlaurora – heh!

    SCIA – 168cm?

    dsvt – cannot see me only nice is it? sigh!

    freda – thanks, candy! lol, we had got a “official photographer”. lol!

    adele – you know i love you!!

    huaibin – heh! you should go there one day!!! thanks! yes, really great to see you there!

  • I like sunset photography! That was a very romantic one.

  • biopolymath – aww! thankiew!

  • mind to share where you get ur colour lens? sunset damn nice, you make me miss my hometown. :(

  • frauline – i bought it from pasar malam. heh! oh, you’re penang-ian. ^^

  • 支持博主!

  • 论文发表 – xD

  • sangat cantik!

  • mojojo – terima kasih manyka manyak! heh!

  • you’re welcome =)

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  • […] » Blog Archive » Penang : Day 2/Pt. 2 : Sunset Bay Bistro […]

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