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Penang : Day 3 (last day)

Last day in Penang. </3


polka dots top from Cotton On, RM25.
high waisted denim from Teetoo.


thanks baby, thanks for making this trip a memorable one, i enjoyed myself heaps.
well, with his existence, nothing seems to be bad. heh!

nevertheless, it’s really great to be able to spend time with your precious one and also your close friends at the same time. glad that those guys, clicked, so perfectly. not only that, they had been cracking out jokes that fulled our trip with laughter. Thanks.


Breakfast at 7 sisters’ restaurant.
My friend told me that their char kuey teow is awesome!


it’s not bad, but, I still prefer the KL version of Penang Char Kuey Teow.


We had heavy breakfast! *bloated stomach*
overall, the food was gratifying.

oh, & I love their milo ais, so freaking awesome!
but, it all depends on your luck. The first cup ordered was superb, then, we ordered the second cup. Sadly, it tastes like plain iced water with milo flavoring (if you get what i mean).


Then, we went to hunt for “tau sar pheah“.
the locals suggested GHEE HIANG.

asked the locals, cause we do not want to get to those shops that aimed to con tourists like us.


established for 150 years. *woots


also, it’s featured by HO CHAK!


bought quite a few boxes, because my mom loves tau sar pheah.


shyt, i officially a poser after this Penang Trip. *smack forehead


we leave Penang after that, and went to Ipoh for lunch.
was craving for Restoran Cowan Street’s Ipoh Ho Fun, but sadly, it’s closed that day.

so, we went to Louwong instead.
it isn’t good. too many people, perhaps.


bought much chicken biscuit and all from a cookies shop nearby.
also, i didn’t forget to tapao my dad’s favorite Ipoh ayam garam for him . heh!


After that, we headed back to Subang!

That’s all bout my pleasant Penang trip.
erm… i am missing Penang’s food already, I want asam laksa!!!!! T.T



  • shouldn’t view your blog at this time .
    super hungry T_T hehe, anyway, good daughter, go trip also never forget yyour parents =)

    can i ask one question ? why the guy kena pixelette in every picture in every post one ? hehe !

  • hey gal, can i know where you bought the black handbag? how much? it looks nice. if u can recall the location where u got it, then it would be the best. hehez!

  • Tzia, may i know where you get your handbag?
    Really love it :)
    & u look gorgeous as usual ;)

  • Come again, i bring you go to eat Peng Hwa laksa ^^

  • What a food spree!!

  • freda – heh! penang food is good. :) ern, because he chose to remain anonymous. ^^

    lyd, ww – haha, thanks girls. i got it from teetoo, it only rm59.90, but i guess it’s already out of stock. =( however, teetoo sells pretty and cheap bags, you all can go have a look.

    babyvon – pinky promise eh!

    biopolymath – heh! *weightgained

  • oh, long time didn’t back to Penang… i used to back every year..
    so miss the “dou sha ping” there.. remember to bring one box for me.. hahaa..

  • danieltong – brought 3 boxes, finished all dy. haha!!

  • i miss penang too! the dish that i really like is the fried o-jian! did you try? =P but i know not many people can accept the taste

  • cayenne – yup, i tried. i posted it up in my previous posts! heh!

  • it’s ghee hiang la aduh! not chee hiang.

  • thx for the info Tzia :)
    keep up ur great posts :)

  • the char keow teow is not the best in Penang in fact.. next time try lorong selamat one.. but the best one will be at Bukit Mertajam duck egg fried kuew teow!

  • shervaunne – thanks for correcting! heh!

    ww – welcome! & thankiew! ^^

    chris – ahhhhhh, you should have tell me earlier T.T

  • the hofun n chicken sprouts shld go beside louwong tat one^^

  • abc123 – it’s close that day. :)

  • Love your hairstyle and dress^^
    leng lui

  • josheen – haha! thankiew pretty! :)

  • its called ghee hiang lar!

  • j – thank you! edited!

  • I thot penang char kway teow is suppose to be the best :p..then again, individual preferences..u looked you had a wonderful time in Penang

  • charles – yes, probably because i have got awesome companions! ^^

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