limshinyee ♥

she told me she miss “those time” few days back. & “this” was taken 3 years ago.
I now make this collages to, ern…., surprise, this pompuan of mine. *wink


a simple yet lovely day out with a beautiful lady, shinyee some times ago.
did what we usually do together, (go shopping and had fun buying the same piece of clothes, gossiping while sipping our favorite drinks at KimGary, and camwhoring whenever we can).

a random berbonding session like this makes me very happy.

thanks, pretty.
i you.

p.s. – this will probably be the last post of me in my ugly black roots. i dyed my hair! *woots


  • you both kinda look alike here~ I read shinyee’s blog too ^^

  • i love teetoo and cotton on too !! :D
    you really changed a lot compared to last time =)
    getting more thin and prettyyyy ^^

  • cherly – haha. really? oh, her fans eh!

    freda – heh! *high 5* thankiews!!! ♥

  • you both really look alike in the photo…..

  • carrie – haha you think so too?

  • eeee…what software did u used to edit ur pictures? it’s pretty!

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