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satisfaction ♥

First of all, my results is out!

improved, but sadly, there’s still one C. Promised mom that I will work harder next semester. Overall, though results wasn’t “that” good, i am quite satisfied with it. As in like, I passed “some paper” (pass/failed paper) that I have been neglecting throughout the whole semester until study break. Yeay! Lol! Okay, that’s plain lucky, I will shan’t do that again. heh!


Back to my holidays.  hmmm, this sem-break was quite well spent. I managed my time so well that I have time for both my beloved family  ( & baby hershey) and my precious boyfriend, not forgetting my lovely girlfriends! I am satisfied. Thank you!

Oh, & I can eat Nando’s for the complete 7 days in a week. FML. I had even announced that I am officially a Nando’s addict. I couldn’t not perify my day for even one day. crazy! & the boyfriend actually accompanied me everytime I crave for it, awwww!

Nevermind that, another thing is I have been shopping way too much lately, FML. &, the worst thing is I am still craving for more! It has been so irresistible, HELP! T.T

anyhow, bows, polka dots, laces, and denim are my current love! heh!

OUTFIT OF THE DAY : blazer (teetoo, rm49.90), black long spaghetti top ( forerver21, rm59.90), shorts  (sungei wang, rm15), heels(boogee-boogey)


Lastly, I am selling this lacey corset dress of mine.
do check it out at tziaaa’s closet.



  • congrats ! hardwork not wasted !

    anyway nice hair colour :D
    pretty+hot=tziaaaaa =)
    happy holidays !

  • Not bad wat your result! =) Keep it up~
    btw, u do have a lect who dont like u last sem??? I noticed ur FB & twitter sometime posted some status related with classes 1…(hmmm, mayb i misunderstand….=/)

    Photos with your girlfriends niceeeee yea!!!! =)
    Where’s the place that at the right hand bottom of the pic with the word:Let’s dressed up?
    toilet??? @@

  • freda – aww. you are always so sweet!

    tracy – yeay.. heh! shhhhhhhhhh….. :)) thankiew and ern,…. that’s inside parkson! :)

  • okayyyy … shhhhhh =p

    which parkson??? Sg Wang???

  • tracy – hehe! nop, sunway pyramid!

  • OMG and who was the one who said that she didn’t like Nando’s when we met up during CNY? PFFT. ONE WHOLE WEEK. I SO JEALOUS. I WANT NANDO’S TOO!

    We must meet up soon. I miss the whole lot of you laaa. (:

  • weyherng – ahh, i am so freaking addicted to it now! let’s Nando’s, JOM!

  • okay okay! bila?

  • weyherng – any weekend! ^^

  • Nice pics.
    Love your outfit of the day.

  • hey i reali like ur jacket!!!
    do u think teetoo stil has it?

  • JINNY – aww, thankiew!!

    anon – ern, i dont think so, it runs out of stock real fast!

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