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i ♥ mickey mouse.

that explains why boyfriend has been buying me different sizes of Mickey Mouse.
oh, this is my youngest baby mickey, he’s about half a month old.

eyes ” ” shape one, so freaking chio. heh!


i always dream to have a photoshoot with my mickeys, but dream remains as dream. sigh!
till one random day, i sudd had an adrenaline rush, i, actually, dressed up as a mickey minnie mouse, and begun to camwhore.

big polka dots bow hair accesories ( jusco mahkota, rm4) “i was like, wah! so cheap, GRAB!”
stripes  high waisted skirt top ( cotton on, rm29 ) oh yes, it WAS a skirt.
white shorts (shibuya, rm39.90)


as usual, decided to post up only one photos.
just in case, i scared you people away. *heh!


add on a denim vest ( asian avenue, rm29.90), & it looks rather casual now.
did i mentioned that i am obsessed with denim now! *wink



a 100% candid shot by lil sister while I am talking on the phone+webcam-ing with shinyeee.
ahhh, i am missing lil sister now, she went for a 3 days 2 nights scout’s camp at Tapah! T.T

good news is she will be back tomorrow, before I leave to Kampar! *smile


p.s. – i know right, this is an useless vain post, thanks for reading! heh!



  • You should tie two buns, Lagi minnie mouse! Haha :)


  • ur wall clock is mickeylicious too!

  • nice photos , love your room :)

  • Hey!

    What camera are you using ah? I feel like buying one soon. heh :)
    oh, and you have really good skin complexion! *envy*


  • haha ! huge fans of mickey mouse hor =P
    cute max max ! love the 5th picture very much !

  • shinyeee – yea horr, why didn’t i think of that! *aiks!!!

    abc – aww. you noticed!!

    yasmine – uhhh. *surprised* it’s so messy!!!

    jasmine – haha, i am doing the review of this camera soon! stay tune, it might helps you!! ern, cheat one, i edited! heh!!

    freda – thanks max max!! ♥

  • the post & pics make you looks young & energetic! XD
    nice pics!

  • tracy – wuaohhh! thankiew thankiew!! ♥

  • Hi do u mind telling which shop from asian avenue u got the denim vest from? Love it <3 and nice pics =D

  • Cute ^^

  • How many mickey mouses u got in ur collection?

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  • jann – ern, i couldn’t really remember. the shop is near to those food stalls at the back. :) hope it helps! thankiew!! xD

    merrinette – thankiew!!

    biopolymath – so far, soft toys, i have got only four. :)

  • i really love love love this post lahh!!
    so cutee :D:D:D

  • hey, u’ve an awesome bedroom, filled with lots of girly stuff! i like it anyway :)

  • skinny!!>< Teach me how to be skinny please..XD

  • mojojo – heh! thankiew!!! ♥

    sfoong – haha, my bedroom is super messy!! thanks anyway!! xD

    monnie – you must be kidding me! haha!

  • Me likey the denim vest.. :)

  • Looking cute there^^ So so so long never see you dy^^ Hope to see you again soon!

  • xiaopei – really! heh!

    zues – aww. thankiew! yea, hope to see you soon!! ^^

  • love youuu my dear…tomorrow is our 1st year anni….lovesssss

  • mickey

  • fred – comment hai mai? haha!

    thomas – :)

  • hey! can i know wad software u used to edit ur pictures?

  • tann – photoscape!! :)

  • what do u use in photoscape? i mean which functions? to edit complexion?

  • lyn – ern, mine is the chinese version worr.

  • I would to know where is Shibuya where u bought ur shorts?

  • vien – it’s at sunway pyramid. :)

  • I love Disneyland! My favorite one is Mickey. Who is yours?

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