有你真好 ♥


the gold rings, we bought for each other for our 1 year anniversary representing the commitment and never ending love of us both.

yes, baby, it has been a year since we both got together. 
I am amazed myself, how a lil conversation, can make such a big changes, and brought both of us together.


however, our relationship has never been a smooth ride. So many up and downs, so much tears and sorrows. People said the 1st two months will always be the time where lovers are overwhelmed by love and mushy mushy sweetness. But nah, it was rather the worst time for both me and you. insecurity, disappointment, anger, and egoness over thrown. We can never stop arguing, even over some small silly things. There’s even a few times where you wanted to give up and cruelly declared it as the end of our relationship.

But,  the very stubborn me still believe that we will be able to get through all these shits. Also, because, somehow, you are the guy that I never want to say goodbye to. Not even saying goodbye for a short separation, i couldn’t explain why would my tears will automatically roll down every single time seeing you leave after fetching me to back kampar.  You didn’t understand why am I such a cry baby and always tell me not to cry and learn to be more independent. Baby, I can be independent, but I don’t want to. I want to be your baby princess, and have you pamper me like a small kid. I want to have dinner with you everyday after my class, and have you feeding me. But, I know I couldn’t. :'(


As time past, we changed. We learned to tolerate and compromise each other. you put down your ego *slightly lah..* and, I am no longer THAT unreasonable.  Okay, nothing is perfect. i have to admit that you are still hot tempered and ridiculous (at times) and I am still so stubborn and ego. heh! & i really don’t know how you can be really ridiculous and after making me cry so much, you happened to be the one who wipes off my tears and put a smile on my face again.  I would be glad if you can bring me straight to heaven instead of throwing me down to hell first! wtf, but yea! *cheekysmile*

After went through so much together, we slowly learned to accept, didn’t we?

Baby, i would love to apologize for all those shits that I gave you before this, I know I am not exactly a sweet and tame(wtf?) girlfriend. But, I would try my very best to love you till the very end. Also, thank you for all those sacrifice made, thank you for being such a sweetheart trying to put smile on my face whenever I am down, and thank you for making effort together with me to make this relationship works. Last but not least, thank you, for loving me and being the best boyfriend I ever had.

i you.

once again, Happy One Year Anniversary, my precious one.



p.s. i have got pretty curled hair last 2 days, thanks to my lovely housemate, grace.
p.p.s. & now i miss my curled hair so so much. T.T


  • Yay happy anniversary for you both~!

  • happy anniversary to both of you :)
    hope that both of you can have more and more anniversary in the future ! and that’s really a hard road at the beginning for both of you, but you guys made it till now so never give up kay ?
    got my blessings :D

  • tianchad – thankiew!

    freda – thanks candy, i’ll never give up. ♥

  • Sweet post! :) I realised ur love journey is pretty much the same with mine. I have got a hot-tempered bf and I am a cry baby too! hah! LOL. Happy for you both and stay sweet!
    Gotta love ur blog much! :)

  • congratulation!
    and happy anniversary to you and ur bf!

  • serene – heh, there’s smtg in him that make you couldn’t stop loving him, right? thankiew! ♥

    june – thankiew thankiew! ^^

  • wow! So happy! Congrats!

  • tony – heh! thankiew!!

  • Congratz =)
    Happy Anniversary & Hope to see more & more anniversary of u & ur bf’s post in the future!
    Keep it up the love & warmth in the relationship.
    Best wishes from all ur readers yea =)

  • sweet<3

  • “Baby, I can be independent, but I don’t want to” — OMG I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! Hahahaha. Happy anniversary babe <3

  • Way to go! Congrats :) And his act cute skill improved liao haha!

  • tracy – thankiew, sweetheart! you definitely will see more of our post. ♥

    sally – thankiew! :)

    melissa – heh!! you understand!!!!! thanks, babe!! ♥

  • shinyee – haha! i trained him well enough! heh!! thanks, babe!

  • 有缘份牵手,就别轻易放手。=)

  • 咏杏 – 嗯,一定不會。

  • dear, appreciate your love ones !
    congrats !

  • daniel tong – yes, i surely will. thankiew!

  • awwww …so “cute”

  • how much did u bought for your rings? nice =)

  • Tzia, im so happy for you. somehow! hahaha! have a good one! go and get married and invite me for the wedding ok? haha.. if u get married next year i will sure come back, if you invite me la of cos! ure looking awesome! we’re so awesome cos we’re born in July! hopefully in next year i’ll see a 2nd year anniversary yo! God Bless! :)

  • So sweet! Happy Forever ya =) and congrats!

  • Congratulation…
    I think I got one ring similar to this….

  • 你怎么知道我的华语名?呵呵

  • peter – “cute”?

    jasmine – bout half k each. heh!

    emmanuel – hello, i didnt expect to see you commenting here, lagi never expect you to leave such long comment! anyway, thank you, my awesome friend!♥ heh!

    girlaurora – thankiew thankiew! ♥

    DSVT – really? heh, common design marr.

    yungshin – of course i know. heh!

  • i think im bored and jst stumble upon ur blog, checking out what’s happening and stuff like that! LOL.. just wanna say sorry that we did not spend as much time as we wish to! like for real, dont cry ok, bcos its all frm my heart! lol. thank you. u’re awesome too. u’re hot. and im hot as well.

  • emmanuel – cheh, bored only come. fast fast come back M’sia, we shall all go out together! xD heh, yea la, effing hawt friend!

  • creepy >< xP

  • how sweet! congrats! i know what u mean..i won’t stop crying everytime i see my bf leave :(

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