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Summer ♥

It’s summer, let’s freshened up your wardrobe with the trendy summer attire.
Denim, is one of hottest trend for this summer.

It’s so versatile, as it matches really well with those things you already own.
very easy, very in vogue. A very cheat way to do summer! heh!


Me, myself together with my housemate, Grace had started up an online boutique together.
& our first batch of clothes, is nothing else but, the hottest playsuit, maxi, and high waisted shorts made out of fabulous denim .

it fits all body shape and you will be amazed that it has an instant slimming effect.
&, it’s all quality assured.

you would to live in them this whole summer!


Speaking bout summer, I D.I.Y. a summer-ish skirt for my Super GT advertorial some days ago.
& here goes a messy tutorial of it.

imitated inspired by this batik look-a-like lacey floral skirt in ViVi.

the ori piece i bought it 89217419461829391 years ago.
abandoned it in my wardrobe for quite some time because its’ cutting is out, and it’s so boring.


#1 Measured and cut it till the length you desired.


#2 sew-up both sides of the skirt to make it more fitting.


it should look like this after you done sewing.


#3 add on laces.


#4 fold downwards after finish sewing, and it will look like this.


remember the excess cloth you cut off?


#5 sew it on the top middle part of your skirt.


you can now tie a beautiful bow using it.

& tadah, you’re DONE!
easy, yes? heh!


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that’s all for now.



  • Hi there..congrats on the new blogshop =) It looks really nice. Just some suggestions from an avid online shopper. If possible, round up the price to the nearest RM. All buyers know its a marketing gimmick to put the price as RMxx.90 to make it ‘look’ cheaper. Nowadays, it’s rare for a blogshop to incorporate cents into the price as it’s annoying for the buyers. Other than that, the pictures are all very pretty!

  • sarah – hey thank you very much for your comments. i had edited the price. however, the respond isn’t good. is there any other things i can do? :(

  • Hi Cherlin, glad that you could retrieve most of the password back again =) Keep it up :D I am a daily reader of your blog =D

  • Hey Tzia. I bought a pink dress from you before. Hope you still can remember. I am a huge shopaholic especially online shopping where I got all my stuffs there. Recently I just purchase a Coach handbag online as well. I can just advise you to do some special promotion since you just open your blogshop such as free postage or give discount if purchase above certain price or items. Normally this will help out, other than that you just need to be patient and slowly established your blogshop. Hope my words can help you out. :)

  • Don’t worry. It takes time for your blog to grow. Review blogs help alot to market your blog. Ask them to review your blogshop and I’m pretty sure you’ll get loads of customers. Noone can resist nice pictures of clothes.hehee..Good luck to you! =)

  • hey tziaa,, i agree with sarah too. one more thing is yr products is so lil.. perhaps u should add more variety of products =D love yr blogshop too..

  • Vanes – aww. thankiew!!!!

    samantha – yes, i remember you!! heh! & your advice is much appreciated, i will try! thankiew!!!

    sarah – i shall ask my friends to do some review for me i guess. thanks, girl!!!!

    babys – ohhh, i thought for finish up the first batch first… aww. thankiew!! :)

  • hey tziaa, try review blogs such as http://diaryofane-shopaholic.blogspot.com/, they have lots of readers everyday, try emailing them to review your blog and your clothing.

    Overall, love the price and your photos there, im sure it will grow in no time.

    ps* you can sew darn well babe.

  • kelly – hey! ok, i shall try sending email requesting a review! awww! thankiew, girl! <3

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