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durian cake ♥

another birthday post.

i am truly blessed, to have so many celebrations.
had a simple yet warm celebration with the beloved family.

oh, & i have got 2 cakes this year.
brother together with his girlfriend bought me Secret Recipe’s oreo cheese cake.


then, daddy bought me a homemade durian cake with durian flesh in it. *slurrrppps.
he knows exactly what I love most.

i have been craving for durian so badly and now, it’s like wish come true.
so yea, durian crave fulfilled & had a very happy birthday. not to mention, it’s crazily yummy!

spot the “T” candle. so chio.


baby hershey emo jor, cause she cannot eat. Heh!


After that, mummy suggested to go to Milwaukee Steak House for dinner.
Other than steak, they also sell pasta, seafood, burgers, desserts and others.

I ordered some sort of cheese grilled fish with rice.


while waiting for the food to be served, we camwhored.
lil sister & me ( got distracted by brother ).

he is probably jealous, cause we excluded him in the photo.


so, here’s a proper photo of me, with the lil sister and brother.
do we look a like? 


&, if you think that i am skinny.
look at my sister first.

&, if you think she’s skinny, wait till you see my brother. heh!


my parents.

daddy is getting well already, and I think mummy looks good here.
they are the main reason of why I love staying home.

cause, i feel like like a princess.

thank you.


my ♥.


& yes, food aren’t served yet, after, so much of camwhored done.
our stomach are making noises already. ugh.


& it’s  finally served after, it’s like, 1 hour or more later.
to make things worst, the foods are real disappointing.

the fish i ordered was tasteless. bahhhhhh.
basically, nothing was good.

i have heard so many good sayings bout this steak house, and I really don’t understand how can it turned out to be so bad.


it’s ok.

at least, I had some good time with the beloved family while waiting for the food to be served. it’s memories that matters afterall, no?


p.s. – it’s still a little hard for me to accept the fact that I am no longer 18. FML.

Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


  • Your baby Hershey emo look is cute!!! XD

    Wow,finish 2 cake in 1 time? =p

    You & your siblings looks alike! =)

    The food served 1 hour & more than that?
    Didnt do any complain?

    Yea, argeed with you, as long as can stay with the family. Everything will turn sweet :)

  • hershey so cute :P
    when it’s hard for you to accept that you are 19th now, when you become 20, it’s harder for you to accept it :D
    anyway,stay sweet and pretty !

  • Portugal ham dee….ask papa don’t wear it out…haha =P…love you

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