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I ♥ touching my LG COOKIE 3G

Imma get invites to the LG Cookie Monster Party! *RAWRRRRRR!!!!
(&, if possible, win myself a LG COOKIE 3G).

Okay, I am feeling very generous today because I will be sharing this good news with all of you.

So yea, all you need to do to get the invites to the LG Cookie Monster Party is to write a blog post titled “I Love to Touch My _____” and tell why to you love the phone so much. REMEMBER, be as creative as possible because only the 100 most creative posts will be entitled with invites to this awesome party!

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee


Also, if you so happened to be the Best 3 posts, you will be winning:

Grand Prize: LG Cookie 3G x1
1st Prize : LG Cookie Plus x1
2nd Priza : LG Cookie Fresh x1


Wait…..I have to make my confession!
I love touching my LG COOKIE 3G. yes, that’s it!

I really want to feel more of it!

& if I go to the party, there will be another chance for me to win this baby!

People, it’s going to be a theme party, & its theme is ‘Monsters’! Of course, there would be BEST DRESSED award! Okay…. all I need to do is… to win the best dressed, because:
Best Male Dressed: LG Cookie 3G x1
Best Female Dressed: LG Cookie 3G x1

I would dress up like… *ngekngekngek
you’ll know by then, no surprise if I post it up now! Heh!

*I know you feel like strangling me now, but no, there’s no way I am going to revealed it now.
Because, I haven’t even thought of what to wear *scratch head*. FML max.

I want to lay my hand on this baby, and feel it myself. This baby is just way too irresistible…
Look at it, slim and gorgeous. How to resist weihhhh?!

I am way too kind and now I have so many competitors, FML.


The LG Cookie3G is no doubt the in thing now, as it provides social connectivity such as the easy shortcut keys for SNS sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Awesome eh? Also, it offers a rich entertainment experience with Wi-Fi that support fast internet access, Dolby sound, Music Hotkey and Ringtone Creator functions.

Oh maiiiii, LG Cookie Plus and LG Cookie Fresh are freaking chio too!

LG Cookie Plus has an Editable Screenshot MMS which let your creativity run wild with this capture-edit send feature which allows users to draw or write on screenshots or photos before sharing.

As for LG Cookie Fresh, this cute lil thing must be the most affordable one of its kind.

All the LG Cookie series now provide a unique feature which is the LiveSquare™, that allows users to keep in touch with online friends more easily by offering a visually dynamic interactive experience.

Like seriously…


& God bless if I will be able to bring this baby home! *crossfingers*
For more information, go


  • What operating system LG Cookie 3G runs on? I wouldn’t consider a phone unless it runs on Symbian or Android/iPhone.

  • U joined the contest? =)

  • i got the invitation too..

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