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gifts ♥

#1 chio eyeliner*fav!* & a handmade mickey mouse birthday card from shinyeee, & waichun. 




#2 a cardigan from adelechow. no photo, because that silly girl doesn’t want to give me, yet.

#3 birthday cake from grace, lichi & aiyen.


#4 bodyshop product from grace.


#5 pink bear coin box from lichi.


#6 photo frame from Aiyen.


#7 total girls birthday celebration.


#8 Forever 21 g-string from melaniehwa & minyee.


#9 ipod shuffle from kahjoe.


#10 a warm hearted birthday dinner…


#11 a home made yummilicious durian birthday cake….

& a beautiful gold ring  from daddy mummy. i am pretty much obsessed with gold lately, heh!


#13 a very nicely wrapped super comfy pyjamas from lil asister. she spent her 1 whole month allowance to get this for me, awwww!


#14 secret recipe’s oreo cheese cake from the brother, & his girlfriend.

#15 birthday meal, present, big big angpaus from boyfriend’s parents, auntie & granny.



#16 baby bought me to KL Tower revolving restaurant for brunch. and successfully surprised me.



#17 red roses from the boyfriend.

#18 a Gucci bag that I have been craving for so long from the boyfriend. *kisskiss*


#19 last but not least, heaps of birthday wishes. 

19 gifts on my 19th birthday, I am truly blessed!
THANKIEW so so much!!!

as for our 13th month anniversary, baby bought me an Ipod Touch.


baby is that kind of person who would rather spend money on me than using it on himself. So, i thought i should get him something more practical.

& so, i bought him a pair of white Lacoste shoe as his old one is turning yellowish black, and a Topman red white hooded check shirt that he has been eyeing on.



Pictures are taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5


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  • i loveeee your itouch’s display pic. =)

  • melaniehwa – yea yea, i like it a lot too!!! <3

  • heii..can i know wat’s the name for ur gucci bag? looks nice!
    ur bf is goooood.=)

  • passer by – i don’t know the name. sorry. :(

  • your lil sis is sayang you so much ! :)

  • freda – heh, i know! ♥

  • awww. so freaking sweet of ur bf & family! :)
    I love the picha of ur ipod touch :D

  • yuhlin – heh! yes they are really sweet, my family, my boyfriend & also my friends! thankiew!!! :)

  • the mickey mouse card is so cute! happy belated birthday, by the way!

  • veron – heh! thankiew thankiew! xD

  • awww so sweet mann! :)

  • tiff – thankiew! <3

  • omg so envy! i want all your pressie =DDD

  • Heh. I envy your pink room! I want!

  • Wowww so many nice presents so lucky! Hehe what capacity is your ipod touch?

  • btw where did u get your ipod touch cover? was it expensive?

  • what is the font you used to write the website on your picture? it’s so nice =)

  • Happy Birthday To U~
    Ur BF,FAMILY r so sweet~
    n btw can i know that ur canon camera is DSLR? wat model?
    THX ^^

  • hahha. Nice lacoste shoes!

  • shannon – thankiew, it’s 8gb! i got it from hiro, sunway. it’s around rm60 if i’m not mistaken. :)

    blossom – a font call flifff… something, i couldn’t remember! sorry!

    yuri – heh! thankiew! my cam is not not dslr. it’s canon g10.

    kokhsein – haha. you can see?

  • wow! i guess everyone is jealous you with all your gifts.

    the ipod touch display nice yea =)

  • may i know what software u using for you to edit your photo?
    do you resize it before edit? =)

  • daph – ern, photoscape? yup, i do resize it! :)

  • oh my forgotten already… anyway HAPPY VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY..!

  • kimie – haha! thankiew!!!

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