bangs ♥

note: this is an extremely useless post with super vain photos. FML.

dear lovelies, yours truly is now in hiatus mode.

i really don’t mean to neglect my blog. but…. assignments are killing me.
i don’t even have time to continue typing more here. FML. T.T

anyway, i now have bangs, again.
&, i’m in with my bangs!




& yup, that’s all.
i know right, damm pointless.

it’s my fault. *sob
still, please do bare with me till then, kay? *bigwateryeyes*

p.s. – Advance PR Writing mid term is tomorrow. FML max.


  • hi tzia, may i know what lens you are wearing?

  • It’s damn nice!!!!

  • cy – super nudy grey. (geo lens)

    michellezyenn – awwwwwww. thankiew! ♥

  • just cut it?
    u, mel n joyi are officially bangs girls group wei~BGG

    i wrote pointless blog post all the time…

  • finally you are back :D
    hee, i see kawaii japanese girl with bangs :P

  • miacco – and mel self claimed as the trend setter, which is so not true! heh! *high 5 on pointless post*.

    freda – hehe! i see candies again!

  • She BANGS, She BANGS, super vain photos it’s a good thing :)

  • Nice bangs ^^

  • You look lovely, like Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

  • =PPP lemme hear whos the trendsetter??? ME! =P waaaakkakaa

  • naisssssssss! :)

  • tis bangs is better than the 1st time
    cute and pretty!

  • hey tzia im ur blog fans that always read ur lovely blog and always keep on eye on ur blogshop. anyway im melanie. love ur new bangs is cute! :)

    dont mind if i ask u 1 question.

    i wanna know that ur super nudy lens will it make the eye look even bigger a lot than ur normal wan?
    or u prefer to use just normal geo lens without the super to let it look bigger? and will it feel uncomfortable?

    sorry to ask so many question… :)

  • anyway just added ur facebook acc. :) but i think is full already. hope u can answer my questions.

  • peter – you like it eh. heh!

    celeste – thankiew!

    chester – haha! thankiew!!!

    melaniewhwa – take it la, desperate wannabe trend setter! muahahahahahaha!

    vvens – thankiew girl!

    june – really?! thanks!!

    melanie – first, thanks for complimenting. actually super nudy and nudy has not much diff. still, enlarging lens is definitely a ♥! nop, it’s comfortable!

  • looks so sweeeeeet <3

  • hikki – thankiew! heh!

  • ok. thx a lot. :) do update more when u free. <3
    but can i know where do u buy and how much is it?

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