ugly make up

it was LG Cookie Monster Party yesterday.

and I actually took the effort to dress up for it; we got our monsterish costume, and went to i nuovi, sunway for monster make up. also, for the very first time, we think our naked face is so much better than with those make up on. Lol.

us, still with our naked face.


in process…


one hour later, done doing our make up.

My colored face was far scarier than what i expected. I know, I supposed to look scary. but err, really very scary ugly lo! I really look like some monster, and Adele look as if she just got into a serious fight! haha. Baby look so forced when he was asked to kiss me. FHL, and FML too.

anyhoo, baby was such a sweetheart!

we spent an hour making up, and baby was there waiting for us for the 1 whole hour. awww! also, fetching us fetching us here and there, back and flow that day.

so, yea, do you all still want to see the scary ugly face of mine? *eyerolling


… to be continue. gotta rush my assignments now. T.T



  • Didn’t know you and Adele were at the party yesterday =(

  • tianchad – you came late? we left quite early leh.

  • already saw it lor, someone posted your photo on fb d. haha.

  • shervaune – woi, dont bongkar la! i go untag!

  • hahahahaah. eh, going to the potluck party right?

  • haha! actually saw it dy on facebook !
    you’ve made it, very monster ! :D

  • shervaune – yup!

    freda – ahhhh, no surprise d. T.T

  • Hi Tzia, did you receive my email?

  • anniekong – on?

  • regarding the eyelashes.

  • anniekong – i didn’t receive any worr.

  • How bout you give me ur email, i resend again to you?


  • Hi girl, i had resend the email to you gmail, please check n do let me know. Thanks ;)

  • I think you’ll never stop! This is the best blogs I have ever read. Brilliant.

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