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Papa’s Big Day ♥

i was so freaking busy with my uni assignment, i mean, i am still very busy with it.
but i feel very bad for not blogging bout my beloved super PAPA’s birthday! and so, I am here today. heh!

PAPA turns 50
still, looking very young! lovessss!

I was asking PAPA to give me a smile in the first photo, and he gave me a forced smile. -.-
lil sister then helped me by going over to tickle him, and there goes a great smile!


PAPA isn’t good in expressing his love for us.
but we all knows, how much he loves us, and how much he is willing for do and sacrifice for us!

PAPA, i would like to wish you a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY here!
i don’t know whether you read my blog, but, still, i want to say, I YOU! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

lil sister made pretty sushi for daddy.
here’s a photo stole from her blog, look at the effort and lovesss in it! awwww.

birthday dinner at Shogun, 1 Utama, but, the food wasn’t THAT satisfying. Sunway’s Shogun is better in compared. still, like what i always say, accompaniments that matters most, no?

PAPA PAPA, i promise a better dinner next time yea! heh!


Got PAPA a very classical present. something that could accompanied him all day long!
& i am glad that he likes it.


a very short update (with lots of lovesss though), because i still need to rush my assignments after this.
so yea, will be right back after those uni’s shyt work.



  • Happy belated birthday Uncle! XD

  • happy belated birthday uncle tan ! hahaha :D
    all the best for your assignment and take care!
    don’t force yourself until fall sick ! =)
    we readers waiting for your updates ! <3

  • tracy – thankiew in behalf of papa. heh!

    freda – thankiew in behalf of papa too. & yea, will take care. but i know have obvious dark circles & pimplessssss!

  • haha …your dad looks cool, hope de knows he has a party hat on? :)

  • peter – ern, add on to the cool-ness? heh!

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