It’s DELL ♥

I want to watch Inception, Chloe, Despicable Me…
but have got no free time to go for movies at cinema these days. T.T

Baby then tried to fulfill my craving, buying me Blu-ray movies since Dell Studio 14 and Dell studio 15 that have monstrous storage capacity is equipped with home entertainment systems with built in blu-ray drive for best movie and entertainment experience.

It’s seriously crystal clear! But I am too fussy, it doesn’t satisfy me still.
I demand for a bigger screen!

He then told me that I can actually plug the notebook to a LCD tv using HDMI port, to enjoy blueray quality on the BIG BIG screen! Woots, why never I know this earlier?!

I wouldn’t need to waste so much money at the cinema if I know this earlier. Heh!

Check out this 2 awesome chic notebook.

Studio 14 actually starts from RM 2,899 (T510141MY) and the Studio 15 price starts from RM2,999 (T510144MY). At these prices, it’s still an great deal with Core i5 – 450, Genuine Windows Premium, 4GB memory, 500GB hdd and 512MB video card!

By the way, there is also a lower “entry” model with slightly lower specs and better price.

But…. please don’t take those two as geeky IT things, because it’s now absolutely girly! Go and check out the inspiration from OPI behind your favorite colors here

and, here are the favorite of mine among all!
Needless to say, pink would be my first choice. I choose Rosy Future by OPI. The baby pink is just way too pretty!

Also, I am very much in love with RED lately, red clothes, red lipstick. It would be really nice if I a Red My Fortune Cookie by OPI color laptop to match with all those red things I have!

That’s my choice, so, what’s yours?

However, these deals are only available on and not at PIKOM PC Fair retailer booth. Customers have to either buy it online or call Dell directly at 1800-88-0301. &, the deals are an online exclusive!

Okay, I gotta run! Gonna catch another movie! Heh!


  • u are looking so so good in red tzai <3

  • mojojo – aww. thankiew!

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