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他們說,朋友就是把你看透了,还能喜欢你的人。那也還真的是。我的公主小姐脾氣,我的傻頭傻腦,我的固執任性,你都包容下來了。畢業后我們各忙各,有時候很才見一次面, 但是不管多久没见面, 我们都还是老样子, 直話直說大声说话也罷,更不注意仪表,可是永远笑的那么开心,因為我們都習慣了這樣的你我。所谓的好朋友就是这样,不尴尬轻松自然。


我以為自己不會哭,但當我看到你被背影也走也遠時,我的眼淚一滴一滴不覺的落下, 只能用模糊的視線看你離去。以后誰陪我一起瘋,誰教我做蛋糕,誰陪我出席那些只有你會陪我出席的宴會、慶典。。。。 我沒想到自己原來會如此的想念你,才一離開就開始想念了。



我不是特地把這里搞得那么憂郁, 但是分離的感覺實在太差!T_T


  • Best friends really hard to have.
    I got 2 bestie, with 11 yrs friendship.
    1 @ Johor ; another @ Taiwan now. =(
    We also meet once in the while when everyone is back to KL.

    Time pass very fast 1 :)
    8years friendship it’s not easy to break so easily when two of you had passed through a lots of sweet memories :)


  • wow!look at your 2004 and 2010 photos!huge different wei!!LOL!女大十八变!lolx!!

  • tracy – hmmm, just not used to it yet, i guess.

    mon – haha, i know right……

  • Take care for you and your friend(s) =)

  • tzia… im feeling exactly the way u are… once she left my embrace, i already started to miss her… i guess this is what some ppl call, love… we (me, you and fred) can still hang out, no doubt about that and perhaps pour our hearts out together.. =( on a brighter note, she will be getting internet access soon and we can see her again online.. thats a plus point for us…

  • I got 3 bestie, with 14 years friendship, but one of them is 8 years friendship with me. I love them a lot, i am the one who leave them, study at Penang alone but they always support me one even we seldom meet :)

  • aww. i feel you too tzia =(
    my friend leave for USA recently, and i have exactly the same feeling like you! but it’s okay=) time pass very fast ! stay strong sweety!

  • the 2004 photo, 2nd from right is You???!

  • tianchad – thankiew.

    Shermann – I really didn’t know I will miss her so much lo! :(

    Yivon – true friends pray for you and want the best for you no matter where you are. You’re very lucky to have them :)

    Freda – aww. Yes, let’s wish time will pass faster, so we could see ’em a lil sooner. <3

    Meris - yes, that's me! *winkk

  • hi tziaaa, i wan ask u since u study at kampar. Is there anything romantic places or things that we can do around there?

  • jeffrey – ernnnnn…. i couldnt think of anywhere else other than west lake. heh!

  • Thanks tziaaa

  • I SEE ME.!!!! wooooo

  • You see a lil boy, yes?

  • Ya, i admit i am the lucky girl most of the time. hehehe!

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