manicure & pedicure ♥

remember my previous post on the over-priced manicure i did. from then onwards, adelechow has been telling me that she can bring me for better manicure with a cheaper price.

& finally, we had our manicure date at Sunway Pyramid yesterday.
dropped by shilin for some snacks since we are early as appointment time is 3pm.

shilin’s seafood tempura is damm addictive!


did you noticed the odd sizes of my photos? i have no idea why either.
i left my G10 at baby’s car, so all photos took using my Sony TX-5, can someone tell me how fix it.

anyway, back to manicure!


have been talking bout doing it together with this lady since forever.
exam make things dragged for so long. gah!

removing my previous nail color and nail extension.


my real nail on my thumb broke making me have no choice but to cut all the others short too FML.
because she said my nails is too fragile for extension and all ady. T.T


some camwhore pix when she’s doing my nails.

i have my bangs cut shorter again, baby say i look retarded.
he told me no more bangs, he thinks i look better with fringe.



outfit of the day : paul frank T with my polka dots skirt pants.

i am letting go my polka dots skirt pants (w/ belt) soon with the price of rm 30, i bought it for RM56, and wore it twice only. so yea. tell me if any of you are interested with it. (photos of it will be send upon request).


photo boomer, adelechow at the back.


camwhorer? nah.


okay, nails’ done.
clean and healthy looking nails.

i was doubting whether to left it this way or get it painted again.
i know my nails need to breath, but, in life we needs some colors, yes? heh!


wanted to double tone.
but end up choosing only the wine red.

never tried this color before cause i always thought this is so not my color. but since adele is doing smtg real princessie which is so not her type, i thought i might as well try out something diff from my usual baby pink, white french manicure.





i am surprise that i like it a lot, simple & nice. the best thing is, it makes my skin looks a tone lighter.
just like what mummy always says, you will never know if you don’t give it a try. how true.


pedicure is next.


removing my dead skins and all while i had my nail polish dried up.


all we need to do is sit on the comfy sofa, relax and camwhore.
i life like this.



this one cheat one.


after had it painted on your toe nails.
they look superb healthy and clean!


nails art done!
adelechow say looks like marshmallow, oh yea, she “designed” this.


had stones and 3D arts on the toe.
pretty, but it could have be better.

the strawberry is too small, and it’s hardly visible. T.T


the total damaged to my purse is : RM86
well, definitely cheaper and better than the previous one i did.

oh, we did it at NAIL ARTZ at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
i would suggest you to make appointment before you go. *wink.



  • Hey! Your TX5 is shooting in 16:9 format. You can change it back by selecting another image size, the one that says 3648 x 2736. :D

  • Yerrrr I want also :(

  • Yea u look better with fringe, but still alrite, not retarded xD

  • Its ur 1st time trying manicure & pedicure? I nvr try tis b4 too xD
    I thought oni long nails or wit extensions baru can do these, but i nvr knw tis can do on sort nails too =)
    I need short nails to ply guitar n piano ^^
    Saw ur right foot thumb is bleeding a bit rite? =(
    Its kinda unavoidable rite? hehe

  • the toe nails are cute! :D

  • wow. so nice eh!

  • anon – awww! thanks a lot! appreciated!

    shinyee – next time we both go together! okay?

    chris – haha, thanks for comforting! heh!

    evelyn – nah. i did it quite a lot of times d. haha, i played piano too. short nails also can do manicure de, dont worry! ^^ & the bleeding is definitely avoidable. :)

    munn – thankiew!! :)

    tracy – thankiew! <3

  • Hey, nice mani and pedi. Gals always happy once we have something done related with beauty :D

    From the photo, it seem you have ingrow toe nail, i’m not so sure but if you do feel you toe nail(first one) pain when it get longer, remember to tell the nail technician ooo to avoid wrong nail shape

  • Uh. I don’t know yet, maybe I shall wait till it grows longer only see how. Thanks for sharing yea! ^^

  • chio toe nails ! :D
    and i did my manicure there too! :) weee!

  • Really?! Aww, we go together next time!

  • if i got chance to go out with pretty girl, sure can! :D
    stay cute with your lil bang ! <3

  • Hai there, may I know the contact number of nail artz? I want to do my manicure there too =)

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