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because of my big dream, i got so busy lately, till i sort of neglected my blog.
i apologize for that, but again, who doesn’t want to earn big bucks, right?

if you are serious in earning money, you can actually drop me a mail. *wink

okay, back to topic, attended a shoe event in behalf of shinyeee with adelechow. well, that lady has got something on that day, so yea, i went in behalf of her.

our good ol’ place.
it has always been our favorite place to camwhore.


we talked so loud, and was completely in our own world.
we didn’t even noticed jestina’s existence, until she giggled seeing us camwhored.

then, we pulled her in.



yes, it’s an exclusively private event. woots!


free flow red wine.


designer heels with really limited quantities.


i like this pair of flats very much.
but the price of rm499 for a pair of flats really holds me back.

ahem, wait till i became a millionaire, then i will be back for this. *veryserioustone*


scrumptious subway sandwiches.

overall, it’s basically an event for us to have our leg trying on those lust worthy heels. also, giving out chances for us to walk away with rm400 Shoeville’s voucher. Adele and me weren’t that lucky, but we’re still lucky enough to walk away with rm80 worth voucher each.

and, since adele complained that we have we lil photos lately.
we camwhored a lot that day, & here’s one of us.


& another one of our very chio toe nails. heh!


it was 1st october that day, also, it’s baby and my 16th monthsary .
baby came pick me up for dinner after the event ends.

pfft, my bangs looks real retarded here, center parting, ugh!
now that’s why baby doesn’t like me with bangs. :(


tried out at a japanese restaurant at ss15, RyuTei.


he text me a night before telling me that the best thing during our every anni is to have me by his side. aww! but i was so busy with appointments, events and all that day. so i told him to wear the the T-shirt i bought him earlier so he could feels as if I am sticked to him. but he wore it before that already, and it wasn’t washed yet. so yea, -.-, replaced with the Paul Frank Tee I got him some time ago.

all our friends think he became sucha poser after he got together with me!
& here he is, acting camera shy. heh! so cute!




busy busy busy…


wanted my fav. kani mayo, but they don’t have that, they recommended EBI MAYO.
and, slurpppssss, it tastes like heaven. damm good!


baby’s terriyaki chicken set was served after that.



then. it’s my pork japanese curry set.

i always have high expectation with japanese curry cause my mom cooks real good japanese curry, and what’s more when their EBI MAYO tastes so friggin good. I am expecting it will all be as good!


but, FML.
it sux.

like seriously, failed max.
it’s so salty!


EBI MAYO is the only thing that’s good that there.
it really did gave me orgasm, yesh, it’s that good.

i don’t see myself going back to RyuTei again looking at the food and it’s price, it’s definitely a big no no. okay la, i might be back to ta pao their EBI MAYO. *winkkk

our sampat moment before he fetched me home.


a simple celebration with lots of love.
thank you, ILY.

happy 16th  monthsary, my precious one.




  • me love your dress max max ! and your bangs ! :D
    happy 16th months with you bii !! stay sweet =)

  • sweet 16th <3

  • You sure boh giving out info about making money? If yes count me in haha ^ ^

  • i WANTO EARN BIG BUCKS TOO!!=D Tell me tell me..lolx

  • freda – thankiew, sweetie!! ^^ <3

    shinyee - thanksss! :)

    jimmy, mon - drop me an email, we need to meet up to talk about it. :)

  • Nice pics!!!
    Happy 16th Months with your bf :)

  • hmm..i want to earn money too : ) can send the details to my email ? onlycares_vicky@hotmail.com

  • Yes baby lets make some kachings together! WOOHOO go tzia! :)

  • awesome pics. U two look good together.

  • tracy – thanks girl! <3 heh!

    vicky - let's make an appointment, send me a mail with your contact no. we shall meet up and talk about it! :)

    adele - yesh mannn! heh!!

    chris - aww, thank you! ^^

  • wow~~I wan earn some $$$ too…how can i get ur email?

  • vOon – email me at tziaaa@gmail.com

  • Hi, it’s a random question but whenever u go out to eat with ur bf, who gets to pay for the meal? Did u guys divide the bill into 2? (:

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