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Was searching for this dress of mine to wear it to another wedding dinner that i am going to attend soon, (this dress, because it has the least exposure to the public, wtf -.-)


& then, i got damm emo because i later on realize that i had actually sold this dress, arghhhh! i’ve no idea on what to wear. T____T

not until I met JIPABAN. Seriously, JIPABAN is mad, mad, mad loves!
So freaking awesome that save up so much of my precious time.

Oh no, don’t get me wrong. Jipaban is no any ordinary blogshop, Jipaban is a customizable shopping mall. Yes, Jipaban is a SHOPPING MALL, not a blogshop mall. & by customizable shopping mall, it simply means we can choose which shop we would like to see in OUR virtual mall just by dragging and dropping.

This virtual shopping mall containing up to 4 levels, so it’s up to you to arrange what you wish to see in each level. It’s no diff like the real mall, you can have clothes at the 1st floor, accessories on the 2nd and so on.

So now, let’s see, which one i should wear…

this one..

or, this one..


Yes, i’ve to admit that I am that indecisive. You cant blame me because everything there in JIPABAN is all damm pretty!

‘EGG- ON’ list is able to help me with that! *winkkkk. With this, my dear friends from Jipaban will be able to help me to decide on my purchases simply by click on ‘Egg-on’ to vote in agreement of the purchase or ‘Smash the Eggs’ to disagree on the potential item.

Also, have you ever encounter moment that you came across something that you really love, but you couldn’t afford it?

Now I can have wishlist there at Jipaban where my friends can fulfilled my wish by purchasing it and send it over to my door step. Awesome as that, never know if there will be awesome people that will actually do that eh. Heh! (p.s. – Christmas is just around the corner, peepos!)

If you choose to link your Facebook/Twitter accounts with Jipaban, your wishlist and egg-on list will even show up on your news feed!

There’s so many shops in Jipaban, which includes my favourite Greymuse Boutique…

Love Bonito…


& many many others.

Jipaban is deffos my first choice whenever i need to shop online. It makes online shopping so much easier by offering variety of internet payment method such as bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. Online shopping has never been this simple. It’s really so so so convenient, me likey!

As for fellow retailer, it’s your best time to join Jipaban now. Why? Because you will be getting 75% off for 6 months rent.

I can actually go on forever telling you what i love about Jipaban, but i am sorry that I have to stop here because i have to go on hunting for the perfect dress. So, go explore Jipaban yourself now at!
To conclude it all, watch these video below:

for shoppers:

for retailers:

Also, you can follow Jipaban on Twitter at and ‘Like’ it on Facebook at for more updates!



  • Nice dress you have there. I bet you look sharp during the wedding dinner =)

  • pk – aww, that’s really nice of you. thanks!

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