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it’s 1.30am now, insomnia said hie.
& that explained this random post, don’t mind me.

anyhoo, CNY is just around the corner.

i have not shop for CNY yet, i’ve got no time! FML. T______T
ugh, i shall at least get myself a new cheongsum! red or white now? i didn’t like all these dilemma shyt, but they are bugging me constantly.

my hair too has not been good. ugly black roots started to come out *emo 99*, should i do a touch up before CNY??

also, thinking of doing manicure and pedicure before CNY.
ahh, so little time, & yet so many things to do. KEWL ME please!

anyway, nasi lemak session with family and relatives from Taiwan tomorrow on 7.30am. God bless! I shall seriously stop monologuing and start to force myself to sleep NOW!

good night, lovelies!



  • Me too! dont have time for CNY :(
    Assigns que-ing >.< No mood for CNY... assigns due right after CNY holiday break. sigh *emo99* like you. :X anyway, good night sweet dreams. Happy Chinese New Year!

  • All do it last min? lolx. typical Malaysian…

  • tracy – wah, damm sad right? anyway, gambate! (: still, happy CNY to you too!

    PCK – exactly! hahaha!

  • white cheongsam. ^^ Hope to see you wearing one soon! :P

  • jillian – my friends all asked me to get a white one! oh well, let’s pray i wouldnt look fat in white then. (:

  • I have no time to shop for CNY clothes also till now (T______T)

  • yivon – i havent get my cheongsum yet, this 2 days, i guess.

  • gong xi…gong xi!!…ang pau?…hehehe

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