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Sloggi launched its LOVE WORLD campaign with its partners, trees and the forestry department of selangor. I attended the media launch that morning.

7, together with the other bloggers, I went for a short jungle trail walk organized by LOVE SLOGGI, LOVE WORLD at Sungai Tekala Recreational Park.

I have been there once, for a photoshoot. I love the waterfall, it’s so pretty!

But I had discovered the real beauty of the park, — the rainforest.
look at the beautiful luscious green trees.

We have been taking them for granted all these while, no?

The last time I am this close to the mother nature was 3 years ago during a hiking event at Bukit Gasing. It’s good to be back and enjoy the peacefulness of the nature surrounding us.

Mind my inappropriate dressing, wasn’t home the day before, so yea.
it isn’t easy to walk around with shorts and slipper as it was extremely slippery and there were mosquitoes everywhere.

Thank God, the fellow mosquitoes had mercy on me that day.
I went out w/o a single bite.

hiking and walking trails throughout the park.

paused and rest under the shade.

I somehow like listening to the constant crackling of the dry forgotten leaves as we walked along the jungle trail.

our guide told us that trees will actually die, just like human being does.

I asked, “what happens when the tree dies?”
he answered, “the tree falls on it’s own when it dies.”

but, it keeps me wonder till now, do they fall catastrophically or do they fall gently? *pondering

Next, we did something together for the environment.
yes, we planted trees!

it was my first tree planting experience, & it was awesome!

refilling the hole with soil.
this is not as easy it looks, peepos!

it requires a hell lot of energy!

my tree!
oh, can I have this tree named after me? *winkkk


I’ve showed my love to the environment, how about you?

If you are a follower of my twitter , you should have seen something like this..

Well, I was on my 7 days challenge, pledging my own way to save the rainforest over 7 days. It was all good. Eventhough the things I did for the past 7 days seem small, but over time the small things can add up to one great deed.

#1 I use my Starbucks tumbler everyday for my fav. caramel frappucino w/ extra caramel drizzle instead of using those plastic cups. Saving the world like this, you will be rewarded by getting a rm2 discount from Starbucks.

#2 printed notes of both side of the paper, save paper, save trees!

#3 No plastic bag day. I put all my purchases into my shopping bags instead during shopping today.

#4 Use my own pretty tupperware to take away my mom’s home cook food. Healthier and, at the same time, save the world.


#5 bought recycled paper from the bookshop for jotting down notes. Start using recycled paper, it’s the trend now!

#6 i turn off the shower while lathering soap. Also, I now take a shorter shower, from 1hr I cut it down to thirty minutes *thumbsup

#7 I switch off the lights before I go to bed. **overcoming the fear of sleeping in dark.

All these little little things may not sound like a big deal but this little step will help to save the world. Let’s do this together, all that’s required is a small change in your daily habits.



  • Love ur post! Bcz I’m starting to try my best to save the rainforest too =) I use tupperware to bring lunch to work, and also using it to da bao from outside =)i use own shopping bags too =) even though these are just small things we can do, but i believe if everyone started doing it, it’s already not a small thing =)

  • Awww. Thank you, yes, if we all do it together, we definitely can save the world!!! (:

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