a lil of here & there ♥

i have been away long enough, I am sorry that this site has been left for so long.
i am glad that i still receive concern emails from fellow readers. to be honest, that really did surprised me much. I thought no one actually care.

yes, i am fine. & i am back for good. (:
so, keep an eye. heh.

I really do have a bunch of things to show you, but everytime there’s always something that stop me from blogging. ugh.

& now, i really have no idea how i should start this.
well, just a little of here and there will do for now, alright?

#1 i dyed my hair to a slightly lighter color.


#2 i am still working hard, trying to give the best to those that i truly love.

#3 everyone wants to be a millionaire, but no one is willing to work for it, they want a short cut.
but when there’s one, people see it as unrealistic.

#4 i hearts mickey mouse, still.

#5 i love macaroons.

#6 i got myself a VOLKSWAGEN POLO.

#7 i love beer. i am a sucker for STARKER AROMATIC. anyone?

#8 i fall sick. T____T

I am basically half dead now.
& this is probably the messiest and most screwed up post i ever did.

i will be back in a better condition w/ better post and photos. *charged my CANON G10*



  • Hehe. I know you’re doing fine via your tweet. :)
    Hope your life getting better :)
    Good to see you back to here again.
    Take care Tziaaa =)

  • hee~~ good to see you coming back~
    Please come back more often~~~ =D

  • bii, take good care ya <3.. and enjoy your trip! lots of love <3

  • wow! a volkswagen polo? :D you’re so lucky girl! heee.

  • and how did u manage to come up with that polo lol?

  • polo by urself? lol…worked for yrs but still cant get a golf and u’re just a student but can get a polo? zzzz……

  • finally you stat to blog again…hehehe

  • Must be the bf buy for her, I guess?

  • she earns the money from blogging i guess
    look at her blog, full of ads, it’s basically an ads blog

  • tracy – heh! thanks for following in tweeter.

    jace – i am back again!!

    bii – <3

    yungshin - heh! thanks!

    lolsec - i am actually running a small business (:

    ken - heh! student, and running small business part time marr.

    amat - yes!

    jocelyn - sadly, nop. i bought it myself (:

    jogna - ernnn, a lil from blog nee la. haha.

  • Your black white dress looks so nice.. May I know where do you get it? Thanks for ur reply.

  • what business are you doing? :) You look gorgeous!

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