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i know i know, i went M.I.A. for long enough again.
alright, just realize my blog is now 5yrs6months old.

oh gawd. time flies. i AM getting old. FML.
i am sorry, its just a lil hard for me to accept the fact that i’m feeling all sorts of nostalgia right now.

but still…
i TURNED 21.

a year that lots of individuals feel as if they are totally a grownup.

i remember, when i was a kid. i was so excited a day before my birthday, and i couldnt even sleep.
this year, i got into insomnia too, but not over excitement but started to feel all stressed up because i was telling myself, i am turning into an adult. am i ready to face all the challenges?

Past 21 years, thank GOD i was truly blessed.
i was so pampered and was basically a lil princess living in her own fairytale lala-land. nothing real bad hits me, i was very well protected.

my family.
daddy mummy never stop pouring me love. my dad aged 52 now and still he is working so hard just to make sure we can live a better life. the thought of him going out late night aches my heart every time. mummy took care of me so well, understand me and tolerated such a rebellious daughter like me for the past 21 years. like it or not i have to admit that i am a huge commitment for my family, and on 21, i told myself i do not want to be a burden anymore.

on my 21st.

i graduated as a degree student in PR upon my mom wish.
i learned to be independent, with my business, i am now supporting myself fully.
i got myself a car that I really like, a Volkswagen Polo.

however, i asked myself. Had i fulfilled my responsibilities towards myself and giving the best to those that mean the world to me? sadly, i have not done enough. maybe no longer a burden, but no where near to giving back. people told me life after 63 is already a bonus, i know i do not have much time left. time is ticking, and it has no mercy.

my wishlist for my 21st:

– I not only do not be a burden, but, i want to be able to support the family.
– To be able to inspired my business partners and together, we fight for the right reason.
– To sponsored my family to TAIWAN!***

i know i am on my way there.
in life, there is no take two.

Make the best out of everyday, & may this year be a superb year for all of you!

God bless!

Cheers! ♥


  • a long awaited post from u =)
    u seem doing good..and short hair looks good on u!
    wish u all the best~

  • sadonna – thank you! and i promise more to come. (;

  • what business are u currently doing?

  • What sort of business are you in? Never heard you mentioned it before. I am glad you seem more happier than your previous protected post already.

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