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Adele’s 21st ♥

first of all..

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, Adele Chow!!!

Celebrated Adele’s 21st @ Rootz KL with the bunch.
All of us got all dolled up but sadly, none of us brought camera.

some bad quality photo of that night from my iphone.

OOTD: black dress from Miss Selfridge

The birthday girl, Adele Chow.

So much that we have went through, and praise the Lord we still have each other with us until today.
I feel privileged to have spent one more year of my life with you.

three of us, party rocker again. heh!

it was a splendid night with good companions. celebrated this special day of yours and partied like there’s no tomorrow. it was indeed a good good night.

Birthday dinner at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid.

Weisswurst sausages.

Garlic Pork Sausages x Potatoes.


Goey, it tasted just like a very rich Mac & Cheese.
Ahh, SIN! but well, #YOLO.

The portion is unexpectedly big. *burpsss*

Not just that, next up…
Louis Vuitton Birthday Cake.

It looks so real. & guess what.

We asked the waiter to place it in the fridge first.
He gave us the doubtful face, and agreed.

& then…


*HE thought it is a real bag.*

Happy girl with her pretty cake. ♥

make a wish.
i bet she wish that JustinBieber would become her BOYFRIEND. *grins*

savory moment!

chocolate sponge cake inside.

so, what’s the difference.

people said best friends are like sponges. They absorb everything you give them ? love, hate, tears, hugs, sorrow and dreams.

Thank you, for being the sponge of my life! Happy Birthday, spongy!

small birthday pressie for the gorgeous.

Quality moments is all that matters. 4th years spending our birthday together, & many many more years to come.

May God always bless you & may you live your life into the fullest with laughter and joy.
i ♥ you, adelechowchiaumin.

good night. ♥

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