It’s already the 10th day of #2013. How is #2013 treating you?
New year resolution has indeed became too overrated, i have to agree with that.

I am turning 22 this year, *that’s a fact that i never want to accept…*
for the past 21 years, my resolution is always beautifully written. Sadly, most of ’em at most of the time remain as only a plan. Yes, most of ’em failed miserably. ٩◔̯◔۶

It got me a lil tad reluctant to set ANOTHER new year resolution for myself this #2013.

However, I guess this year I am old enough to identify my priorities.
& since I have my priorities set, what am I going to do? It got my thinking.

Nothing fancy this year, but a brief list to remind myself.

My priorities:

No longer a burden, but this #2013 I want to be a provider for the family.
To be a better daughter who bring no worries for the parents, and to be a better sister.

I want a healthy relationship w/ my friends, and those who loved me.
Appreciation, a word that I should always bear in mind. Reminding myself to play my role, and not to take anyone for granted. Be sincere.

Self-Discipline, and a stronger mindset to be able to build more.
Be more committed, do for others as I would like to have done for me.
& of course, cheers to a profitable year together.

Lose some weight. quit my bad habits of having supper every night. ಡ_ಡ **MUST!!
Eat healthy. To have a healthier skin complexion.

To be more faithful with the walk with GOD.

All these MUST MUST MUST happened in #2013. I have to remind myself everyday to work towards it!
#2013 MUST BE GOOD! ♨_♨ *burning desire*

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. – James 2:17


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