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My mom, my superwoman

This, was approximately 12 years ago.

& this was just last year.
I wish a look a little more like my mom. That would make me real proud. (:

We have all grown older, some things might have changed, but one thing remain;
We still love mom, as much, or even more.

Throughout the past 21 years in my life, I have noticed that mother’s show up everyday.

My mom, she is a real superwoman.

She just don’t get sick days.
Because whenever she is sick for even a day, it affects more people than if I was sick for a whole week. When siblings and I were sick, we became the princesses and prince; & daddy became the king when he is sick. My mom is there for everything, but when she is sick, everything went upside down. She is that powerful.

Mom, she is always the first to wake up and take care for any of our needs or concerns, and, the last to make sure all is well and make sure all are at rest.

One common thing that happen so often in my family.
Mom, she knows exactly where each and everything is placed.

Like this….

And. We all know how much our superwoman has sacrificed for us.
She has even sacrificed her health.

We are very much ashamed, nothing seems to be good enough to be present to mom on this special day.

Hand made card. And a pair of Ray Margiano from foot solution for her daily wear to give her a better support to minimize her ankle and backache.

Ma, this is certainly not enough.
But I promise, more to come. I promise.

It’s was Mother’s Day, but both dad and mom have uneasy stomach.
So, instead of heavy dinner we had porridge for dinner. It was unexpectedly good, probably it was the companions that matters after all.

Herbal Salted Chicken // Sesame Oiled Prawns // Vege // Salted eggs // White Porridge

It was a simple yet warm Mother’s Day.

Mom, thank you. Thank you for being the world’s best mom!

I always self claimed to be the most blessed one because I have you as my mummy!
You are definitely the best gift GOD gave to me.

I love you, ma!
Happy Mother’s Day!

-xoxo- ❤

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