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4th July eve ❤

hie everyone. ❤

I will be back blogging as frequent as I can. As I had just sorted out everything, but i shall come to that later. I have got so many things to blog about so I think I should get it started with my 22nd surprise birthday party first. I actually made a list of things to blog about and yet i never really got to it. It has been almost a month since then, I couldn’t believe i took about a month to blog about my birthday. lol. i really got to stop procrastinating.

well. who doesn’t love a good and thoughtfully planned surprised party? (●♡◡♡●)

& my awesome friends really pulled one of the best surprised party over on me! There I was, coming home after a long day, rushing back to change for the dinner with bestie adele, when all of a sudden I get ambushed by what would turn out to be the best surprise party of all time! щ(゜ロ゜щ)

dolled up a lil after i got surprised!

colorful macarons.

pink & red rose cupcakes.

& a very pretty rainbow cake! ヽ(愛´∀`愛)ノ
awww, I have always wanted a cake like this!

look at all the sweet treats, so colorful and happy, and yummy!
it’s so irresistible for a sweet tooth like me! ❤ ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪♪♪ *birthday song~*

They said, “Blow out the candles, wish away, you are the superstar of the day!

blown my candles off & wish upon it.
& I turned 22, officially. you have no idea how am i dreading to accept my age. *mehhhhh!*

& did i mentioned that it’s a mickey mouse theme birthday party.

all of them are so thoughtful, i have got mickey mask/head gears, hand-made mickey photo frame, & birthday wishes that is stuffed all inside a modified mickey mouse.

so, i decided that we should all have a photo with it!o (◡‿◡✿)

not forgetting, the helium balloons!
I have always been in love with floating balloons. ❤

& that night, my house was filled with pastel color helium balloons! *love love love!

These guys, that have accompanied me along the walk with Christ, that i treasure a lot.

Johan, the podiatry, that will be flying to sydney on early august for good. I will be missing you so much! & Calvinkhoobs, you could relate him to alcohol, DJ & all the coolness! also, Leonard, my superstar mentor/(*pb.. inside joke)!

so much loves for these guys! (´ε` )♡

not forgetting, bryanlyt, the silent meanie. (`ー´)

we have james & calvin in the house too.
these two are probably the one with the biggest heart.❤

my family.

my daddy & mummy. thank you for bringing me to this beautiful world. without you all, it’s impossible for today to happen. thank you for your love, i truly believe I have the best parents in the world and I am forever grateful. (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡ ·

i am blessed because i have the sweetest lil sister ever, & a very smart brother.

i thank GOD for this beautiful family that is gifted to me. ❤
Thank you for the joy you bring into my life through my family, i will make sure all these last eternally.

The main organizer for the night, jordan.
Thank you, for remember what i asked for one year ago & making it happen.


& the co-organizer, my bestie, adelechow.
you know, for at least the past 2-3 years, this girl has been surprising me without failed.

she knows me better than i know myself.
& that’s how she caught me off-guard completely!

thank you & i love you! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)

*that mickey mouse i am hugging, it’s my birthday “card”, it’s stomach is stuffed with birthday wishes written by all of ’em, sweet enough!*

time to unwrapped my present! *evil grins*

i was passed a small nicely wrapped box, unwrapped it, & it’s a set of laneige travel pack. Everyone were giggling, and looking at me with that suspicious look. before i could even figure out, they passed me a nicely wrapped present (much larger in size).

unwrapping it…
& all the weird emotions on my face are caught by the awesome photog, bryanlyt! priceless!

& this is it!
i ❤ it so much, w/ my current skin condition, this no doubt is the most practical and useful present! A full set of Laneige facial products!

thank you, people! *blow kisses*

i am also asked to give a thank you speech! (@´_`@)shyyyyy
i guess this express it all, *heartssss*!!!

good things didnt just end there.
mom came & passed me my birthday present.

aww. isnt this beautiful? (。♥‿♥。)

thank you GOD for giving me so much more than I deserve.
much thanks to all my friends and family for making me feel so loved that night :)

then, some of us head to bartress, giza for drinks.
Jägermeister, it is!

shots of Jägermeister topped up with Red Bull. ~~旦_(・o・;)

As i grew older, i started to learnt that it’s not about how much can you drink, it’s about the good time you have. *well well well, sign of aging, ahem…*

still, by tradition, the birthday girl can never escape flaming lamborghini & graveyard.
i obeyed, had it all. & thankfully, i went home feeling tipsy, not drunk.

i like it that way.
thank you everyone for the good good night! (○゜ε^○)

Also, i want to thank everyone that wished me on facebook, twitter & instagram. I appreciate it all even though i didnt get to reply one by one. ❤

thank you, adele, for the cosmetics & dresses.
thank you, leonard, for all the H&M attire.
thank you, estee, for the 3ce lip stick.
thank you, nuffnang, for the birthday card!
thank you, everyone.

Lastly, Thank you God for another year of life! Still many dreams & desires! I have no idea what will this year bring, but You know it all, i pray for your guidance, i surrender myself to you! (˘ʃƪ˘)


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