With Zoe’s invitation, I attended 爱的邀请 with Rev John Ng 黄约翰牧师 at New Life Church.
Rev John Ng has ministered in various countries and churches around the nation. He is an evangelist with 20 years of experience in the ministry and he operates strongly in the gift of miracles and healings.

I am a Christian. but i have never experience what they call, spiritual healing. & so i thought it would be a good experience to see how God actually do wonder in us.

For me, I have this knee problems,i think it’s call chondromalacia patellae (google it!). Basically, i cant squat, i cant run, i cant jump, i have issue wearing high heels. I have been seeing doctor and physiologist very often for the past two years. They said, even surgery wouldn’t help. Even my podiatrist friend, Johan said, probably physiotherapy would be the only thing that helps. However, I should never expect a full recovery.

Johan said, for full recovery, only God will be able to make it happen.

I attended the service that day with a hopeful heart. When pastor begin the healing session, with us singing worship songs along. I prayed, I prayed in tongue. I speak with Him through prayer (uttering words that I do not understand) and started to feel His presence near. Half way through, my body begin to shiver. & i experienced a sudden aching on my knee which hurts really badly. I continue praying, & this time, my body stopped shivering, my leg, however, shivers even more than before. I just keep pressing my faith towards God, & keep praying. Then, there’s a sister that came forward to bless me with prayers, & i fell before she finishes.

The moment when i stood up again, I felt like I just reborn. I begin to start walking. & every step, it kept improving. I felt something is happening. Then, I can do squat, I can jump, I can basically do everything!!! These are the things that I have been struggling to do for the past 2 years, & it’s now healed by God’s grace! Thank you Lord, for saving me. I know, every chance I have in life is an opportunity given by God. & God has been blessing me so much! Ahhh, praise Lord!

This has totally resurrected my faith. I am then again reminded that, Jesus heals. There is no disease too strong or deadly that Jesus can’t heal. So, have faith, & be confidence in God’s healing power! All the Glory belongs to Him! I want you to know that He is the one & only prescription you need, He is all you need! Halelluja Jesus!!!

Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. – Jeremiah 17:14

Jesus said it this way in Luke 12: “Much is required from the person to whom much is given; much more is required from the person to whom much more is given”. We are blessed to be a blessing. & it’s time to use our blessings from God, bless the others, & show God that you are worth it! Sharing my testimonies will be the very first step!


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