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Wednesday, sunny day! & my mood is incredibly good!
If you want to be happy, then be. Do more of what makes you happy! 。^‿^。

What do you do to get off a good start?
For me, I start my day by dressing up in a way that makes me feel confident! It’s not necessarily that it has to be expensive for you to look good in it! Believe me.

“I LOVE YOU” cropped top from BKK (250baht), paired it up with a pair of jeggings from dorothy perkins! ❤

Lunch time, Pavillion KL.

We decided to try the newly opened KyoChon, the South Korea’s fried chicken chain.
They are also crowded as the largest and the No.1 Chicken Restaurant in Korea.

(saw a lot of people raving about it in FB, so we thought, why not give it a try?)

This is definitely not the usual BBQ korean restaurant!
They serve FRIED CHICKEN. yes, it’s premium fried chicken.

Rest assured, it’s not a fast food restaurant!
“We promised to use only the freshest & healthiest chicken.”

We went during lunch time.
The whole place was packed.

We were told that we need for wait for about 30mins to get our seats. The usual me who is terribly impatience would have start complaining. But, not this time. Probably because my mood was good, & the staff is really friendly. I have to say Kyochon staff handles the crowd really well. ୧( “̮ )୨✧

Chloe, the first person I met in Lamido. She joined the company a month before me.
Ironically enough, it’s her last day this Friday, & me too leaving in a month time.

Definitely great working together with you, chinchin! heh! ❤

Have a peek at the weekday lunch savers (the only reason for me to love weekdays)!
It ranges from RM17.90 – RM21.90. Usual price for lunch set in Pavillion.

Simple, & classic interior.

Yuza tea.
Iced cold gassy concentrated fruit tea.

Lunch set 2. (RM18.90)

2 Honey drumsticks.(finger-licking good!)
+ Steamed rice + Personal Salad
+ Soup + Yuza Tea

The portion is actually bigger than you thought.
It looks small, but very filling!

Kyochon’s signature fried chicken comes in 3 flavours:
Original, Red and Honey.

I have been very skeptical towards francais fried chicken, but this has completely change my perception towards it! This is heavenly! It’s crispy & flavorful, yet not oily/greasy.


My pick, set 1 (RM17.90)
The red (the redder one), & the original.

Both equally addictive, I fell in love with every bite that went into my mouth.
Please do not take red if you cant take spicy, it’s really spicy!

Upgrade your steamed rice to garlic rice at RM2.

Let’s feast! •́ ڡ •̀

Good food with quality ingredients, I would definitely come back again.

So, that was lunch.
& I had Korean’s again for dinner! ʅ(‾◡◝)ʃ

#GANGNAM88, Solaris Mont Kiara.

My colleague, Seewee (an avid korean food lover) has been complimenting this Korean bistro so much. She keep insisting that we should try it out. So that night it self, I set a random dinner date with 3 of my favorite people, Jordan ❤, Adele & MK.

I love the interior & ambiance.
The warm lighting & very homey decorations made it such a cozy to dine in!(︶.̮︶✽)

Jordan’s favorite Korean Black Raspberry Wine, Bokbunja.
It’s buy 1 free 1 one now for all their korean premium liquor, so it’s really worth it.

It’s my first time trying this, & I fall in love on my first sip.
It very flavorful, & moderately sweet.

This made it to the list of my favorite wine.❤

Food served!
So colorful. Just by looking at it makes me a happy girl!

Kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)!
I am not a fans of Kimchi, but the 3 of them love it. So i’m guessing it’s good.

Best bet of the night, Dwaeji-galbi!(っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Gangnam 88 special savory pork ribs sauce recipe is from South Korea Jeju Island Restaurant, a traditional receipe for more than 30 years. oh-my-gawd-so-good, I can finish the whole thing all by myself! #mustorder

A candle burner is supplied together with this dish to keep it warm, as it’s best served hot! ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Steamed egg, the #annoyingbff loves this.
It’s steamed egg with a layer of cheese on top.

Gyeranmali, I first had it in a small bar name SOJU, in Subang, years ago.
It was my favorite supper + beer’s food!

Tried Gangnam88’s, I still like it a lot!(♥ω♥*)
Egg rolls with fresh veges & a generous amount of cheese. Amazing!

I have to sacrifice me clean eating/diet plan. Hahaha. ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ

We are all working in different industries now, often busy with works.
How often we get to spend quality time like this together. I am more than grateful.

Gangnam88 played some of our favorite songs that night.
Good music, delicious food, liquors, & great accompany. So blessed!(ღ′◡‵)

& we tried to fake a candid. Obviously, we failed.

MK, why you look at the camera?! #fail
& Jordan be like, “girls….” ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Shim Oppa! Now you know why they say korean guy is cute. Hehe.
Shim oppa is so friendly, & he is the one who recommendeded all the great dishes to us!

Haha, & MK is really red like a Guan Yi Gong after a few shots of wine. O(≧▽≦)O

Shim Oppa kept brought another bottle of Seoljungmae (Plum wine).
Jordan loves it. He himself finished half a bottle of it.

Shim Oppa then introduced us another drink, it looks like ice blended fruit juice.
He said “it’s watermelon juice” … suspicious └( ՞ ~ ՞ )┘

But we tasted there’s alcohol in it. The staff told us, it’s watermelon + korean rice wine.
& it’s served in this gold small bowl.

Okay, GUN BAE!!!

We were there for hours, enjoyed our self a lot.
Thank you, #gangnam88 & Oppa Shim for the great service.

Till then. ❤


oh, & I “randomly” bought flight tickets to Hongkong.

This is extremely spontaneous! Nothing is planned (I chose the date randomly). I didn’t even inform my travel partner – the boyfriend, that I’ve booked for our next trip! (i booked when he is still sleeping, oh well).

But I did mentioned about it the night before, he said “just go ahead.”

& now, I AM WORRIED. (◞‸◟;)

because, I am travelling to HONGKONG on AUGUST!
(totally forgotten to do the weather check… T.T)

How now, please advise!
It will be really sweet if you can drop me some suggestions on:
Where to stay & what to do in HK?


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