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Underground Société x Babes ❤

Hello, Saturday.
Hope all of you had a great day! 。^‿^。


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Brunch with a few of my blogger friends, & the #annoyingBFF at Underground Société today. Founded by the owner of Garage51, Sunway & Coffee Société, Publika.

Love the concept of this cafe restaurant. The high black ceiling, & dimly light setting keeps the warm ambiance in check. It enhances the modern homey feel. There’s nothing better than sitting in a pretty cafe, enjoying a good meal, or even a cup of coffee.

US (Underground Société ) is slightly different from your usual coffee house, they serve ALCOHOL.
This cafe is definitely one to visit if you’re all about drinking good coffee, & WINE.

House pouring red/white wine, RM10.

The menu.

Mochatella, RM14.90. one of the most popular item in the menu.
It’s coffee ice cubes + Nutella with a small jar of cold milk. You literally has it melts in your mouth!


Baileys Latte. RM12.90.

An alcohol infused coffee, a “must-try” in US.
Hot, creamy and milky latte is heavenly with Baileys. I’m in love. ❤

Hello, Chanwon.
Love her new hairstyle (she looks so chio!), I could never pull that off though! ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ

Chenelle, the pretty living doll!

Flatlays of what we have on our table!

Okay, my stomach is growling already. Can I eat?

Part of serving great food is presentation. They made it!
So irresisable, omg. (ノ≧ڡ≦)

The super “TAM-CHIAK” face! haha.

Lobster Benedict with Roasted Pumpkins. RM28.
This is definitely not your usual egg benedict! The lobster is a bomb! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)

Atlantic salmon with German-style spaetzle (german pasta), thyme-boiled quail eggs, asparagus & hollandaise sauce, RM26. I have to love this dish because it’s prepared with all my fav. ingredients, like SALMON, & quail eggs!

Salmon is meaty, & juicily grilled! ~(˘▾˘)~

US tenderloin beef steak, mushroom casserole and thin onion rings sandwiched in the underground bun, RM24.

A healthier choice – Soaked oat groats with julienne applies, strawberries, apple compote & honey, RM18.

Black & White. RM15.
Espresso, & piccolo latte, perfect for the coffee lovers.❤

Bobo, so effortlessly beautiful & stylish.
*a good candid photo captured by the annoyingbff*

It’s dessert time! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

US’s signature dessert, the Grenade Underground Grenade (RM26).
Believe me, it’s #instavideo worthy. The presentation of this is superb.

It’s very peppermint-ish. If you like peppermint, you would LOVE this!
The mint chocolate-chip ice cream in it is super additive.

Nutella Chocolate Cake.
All of us love it, enough said. Go try it yourself!

My #annoyingBFF, adelechow.
I think she is more lovely than annoying now. haha. (time to change the hashtag.)

(˘▼˘>ԅ( ˘⌣ƪ)

The ladies at US. ❤
thank for this beautiful group photo of us, Chenelle!

Come eat with US (Underground Société ).
Selfie photo credits to Bobo.

Overall, the interior setting & the coffees score a really big part of the ratings! Another good thing about Underground Société, they open daily, from 11AM – 2AM (I personally love the late hours).

Underground Société
No.68, Jalan PJS 11/7
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
03-5613 3851

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