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Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Life has been so hectic lately.
My only consolation is, good food.

I was invited to the influencer event at the newly opened Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert last week. Their tagline said it all. “I came here for noodles, & stayed for dessert!” They offer not just dessert, but a tempting range of authentic Hong Kong delicacies.

The familar faces; Povy, Estelle, Mel & Mark.
a (1)

Welcome drink – Green Lime with Plum Juice.

It’s sour, salty & sweet all together. The taste is well balanced.
It’s very refreshing, making it an awesome thirst-quenchers.

Oh, it’s rich in vitamin C too. #healthdrink
a (2)

Starter – Crispy Salmon Skin with Pork Floss

The name itself already sounds tasty, no? First bite, & oh my, it’s addictive!
I almost finished up the whole plate by myself (it’s meant for sharing, lol).
a (3)

Duo of HK Siew Mai & HK Carrot Cake.

The juicy pork & prawn plumping siewmai, & the perfect crispy outer layer & soft centered carrot cake, made an irresistable perfect combination. These two are always the #mustorder for me.

Very decent.
a (4)

a (5)

We all love food.
You can see that, don’t you? haha.
a (6)

The beautiful ladies.
Elecher, Povy & of course, my #annoyingbff Adele.
a (7)

Main – SK Signature Combination Noodles

The noodles is springy and bouncy, I promised, this is like one of the best wanton noodles I had!
Paired it up with huge prawns wanton & decent honey glazed caramelized char siew, perfect!
a (8)

Estelle asked me if everything is ok.
Well, I guess it’s more than just ok, it’s simply awesome!

Good food never fail to put smile on my face. haha.
a (9)

Next up, Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy Rice.

I think this is pretty average, but it somewhat brought you the homey feeling.
Mom always cook this, & I have always love it!
a (10)

a (11)

The supermodels; Melissa & Charissa.
a (12)

a (13)

Then, we were separated into different groups for some mini games.
I participated in the Snowy Char Siew Pau making challenge.
a (14)

Chef explaining the “How-to”.
a (15)

Adele translating it from Cantonese to English, fuhh!
a (16)


Oh my, it’s way harder than I thought it is.
Or maybe, I am just not a chef-material.

Trying very hard to make a decent looking pau! Haha.
a (18)

Then we have to make a wild guess and set the time for the pau-baking.
We set it at 12 minutes.

While waiting, we proceeded to the noodle tasting.
Participants are blind-folded by these super chio eyemask.
b (1)

They were later on fed with two different types of noodles, & identify which is the SK noodles.
Apparently they say it wasnt hard, because the SK noodles taste very much better than the ordinary one.
b (2)

12mins later, the Pau(s) were brought to the table.
& we now need to apply a layer of custard on top of our pau.

Sifu demo on how to do it correctly.
b (3)

Me, trying to do it right. with full attention.
After that, the pau will get into the kitchen’s owen again.
b (4)

Last but not least, the SK Mango Pamelo Sago making challenge.

3 bowls of different mangos & all the ingredients needed to make a bowl of SK Mango Pamelo Sago were prepared. The contestants will need to put the ingredients together in the amount that they think will make a bowl of good mango pamelo sago together.
b (5)

Mel, was my group representative.
I believe that a sweet tooth like her will definitely do good!
b (6)

After all the contestants done, it’s dessert tasting session by the chef & the VIPs. 

Here’s Mark trying to persuade the chef that his bowl of mango pamelo sago is the best, haha. 

 But, Melissa won, as hers is the closest to the original SK Mango Pamelo Sago.
b (7)

The chef made Snowy Char Siew Pau.
Looks so good, so tempting.
b (8)

The golden bun stuffed with juicy BBQ char siew.
It’s sweet at the first bite on the crust, and then salty when you bite on the savory char siew.

Ahhh, heavenly. I love it.
b (9)

& here’s the Snowy Char Siew Pau we baked.

Mine is the middle one, slightly overcooked, the bake time is supposed to be 10mins instead of 12mins.
Not so pretty, but okay larhhhh. *close face*
b (11)

Dessert time, we were served the original SK Mango Pamelo Sago.
It made of the fresh thai honey mango, so juicy so sweet!

It’s very rich in flavor, yet at the same time light enough to be very refreshing! *thumbs up*

Well, sweet treat is for sharing!

1- Visit Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert @ 1 UTAMA
2- Order any mains
3- Show that you have liked the Sheng Kee KL Facebook Page
4- Tell the staff “Sweetness with Sheng Kee KL”

You will get a FREE SK Mango Pamelo Sago. *offers expires 31st May 2015*
b (12)

& the traditional HK dessert, the yuan yang paste. (:
b (13)

Thank you for having us, & pampered us with all the delicious Hong Kong delights!
b (14)

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert
Lot LG311b, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre PJ
Opening hour – 10am to 10pm daily

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