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La Senza Bra Fit Workshop

Was scrolling through my Facebook earlier & found this post on how us girls experienced frustration in trying to find a perfect bra. & I was like, “oh my! this is exactly how difficult it is for us to find a perfect bra! I am so gonna share this!”

So, here are some of the common problems with wrong bra size:

– Bra cups too small (when the band actually fits well)
– B A C K F A T S most of the time it’s fats that you didn’t know you have
– Ugly straps (say byebye to low/bare back dresses)
– A R M P I T F A T S (a.k.a. side boobs, ugh, so ugly)
– Always out of bigger sizes (especially for those chio bras that you like)

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&, You will be surprised that..

“8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size”

Good news is, LaSenza is able to help out on most of the above frustrations. We need to know that selecting a bra is about more than finding the “chio-est” bra, you got to take comfort & health into account too.

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to attend the La Senza’s Exclusive Bra Fit Workshop! It is a closed-door event that was only made available to the La Senza Presige VIP member, 12 of my readers!

Look at the beyond sexy bras behind me, beautiful!
They are famously sexy, infamously naughty.

Together with La Senza’s South-East Asia Market Manager, Mr. Matthew Gregg.

Mr Matthew is a bra expert, his knowledge about bra is unquestionable. (He knows better than us girls, I am amazed!) It was indeed an exciting session with him, we have learned so much.

La Senza Purpose.

When your bra fits perfectly, everything changes.
You will instantly feel more confident, & sexy!

Have you ever experience this?
If you do, your bra obviously doesn’t fits well.

Does your bra band ride up in the back?
– Your band is probably too large. It should fits firmly across your back.

Does your bust fall sides instead of being in its central position?
– Go for something seamed. The ‘side sling’, is great for helping guide your breasts in position.

Do your bra straps causing red marks on your shoulder?
You need to go down a band size. It’s a sign that the straps are doing too much of the work for you.

Do your strapless bra slide down unless you’re constantly adjusting them?
– You need to go down a band size.
– If you have big bust, use the transparent straps.

Do your breasts bulge over the top/side of the cup in a double bump (that deadly quadra-boobs or side boobs, erh)?
– You should probably go up a cup size

Does the underwire sits away from your chest wall (showing the underboobs)?
– This means your cups are too small

Paying 100% concentration to what Mr. Matthew teach.
The right bra can make any woman look thinner, sexier, and free from aches.

Shopping starts after the workshop!
All of us just couldn’t wait to get our self a perfectly-fitted bra.

Different bra has their own different styles;
& each one of them fit and flatter different figures in a unique way.

My best friends (MelissaT’ng, Rachel, & #annoyingbff Adele). They loves LaSenza. They immediately joined the contest to participate in this workshop after I posted it up on my instagram. Efficient! Hahaha.

My lil sister, & her BFF.

The heaven of undergarments, you will be spoilt for choice!

I have heaps of bras, but it’s never enough. Just like dresses, there is no one all-purpose dress; Hence, do not expect there is a all-purpose bra.


I was introduced to this lady, they told me she knew best because she had the many years of experience feeling up boobs. Haha, well.

I told her I prefer, something simple, plain with less padding and comfortable.
Looking at your bust & waist size, I already have few bras in mind that will flatter your figures perfectly,” she responded with “that” grins. haha.

Before I go into fitting, she even taught me what’s the right way to put on a bra, to get it fits your breasts properly!

Putting on a Bra “The Right Way”:
– Wear on the bra straps
– Lean forward, & let your breasts fall into the cups
– Hook the bra (while leaning forward)

I was a little shy, so I kept laughing (while blushing). But her profesionalism makes me feel very comfortable; at least, I am in safe hands.

It is true that, bras can make or break an outfit. The right undergarment has the power to give us spell-binding confidence, while the bad bra can spoil the most beautiful dress.

I am trying out this one from the Beyong-sexy series. & fell in love instantly.
It has a gel push-up for the most natural-looking lift & intense cleavage.

The sexy back is made to be seen.

Thank you LaSenza, we are all happy girls now!
(I bought like, 11 bras.. haha, honestly, it’s enough for a year!)

I am really happy & grateful that all the winners made it to the workshop!
Thank you for coming! Good to see all you there. (:

I had a good time, special thanks to Rachel, & the organizing team!
I hope this post helps to let you have a better understanding about the “Right Bra”!

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