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5mins Korean Make Up ft. Tony Moly ❤

Hi Lovelies.

Apology for going MIA for almost 2 weeks. Have been extremely busy.

I am back with a 5 mins dewy #Korean Make Up tutorial, believe me, it will be extremely useful for you girls who’s constantly rushing from one spot to another. Looking good isn’t too hard after all. :D

This will be the STAR product for this make up tutorial:-

TonyMoly Snow Fantasy Golden Love Face Book
A (1)

It comes with:-

-Quick Base 7g (Primer)
-BCDATION ALL Master 20g (Tinted foundation)
-Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini 1.6g (2x Gel Liner)
-All Flash Lip Pigment 8g (Lip Pigment)
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A (3)

Let’s get started.


– Straight Eyebrow. (I got it done at IMIXX)
– Skin (Skin got better as I am currently receiving laser treatments at MyClinic)
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1) Quick Base

Multi-base that holds moisture and increase makeup fitting. This is a little different from the normal make up base that I usually use, it gives you that bouncy moisture. Not only it moisture your skin, it serves as a primer that gives your skin a natural glow.
A (5)

A dewy & glowy complexion is crucial for korean make up, hence a good make up base is rather important.
A (6)


All in one base. BB (Natural makeup) + CC (Moisturizing) + Foundation (Hiding Blemish). Fuhhhh, it sounds extremely powerful, no? It has whitening, anti-wrinkle & anti-ultraviolet effect. Heard heaps of good review about this product, and finally get to try it! They say this is the secret behind the dewy Korean complexion. Let’s see.
A (7)

Right Face (After), Left Face (Before); Enough said, haha.
A (8)

#MADLOVE, because:-

– It covers well (I have recently stopped using concealer)
– Dewy & natural finish, though it’s a full coverage product
– Blends perfectly
– Your skin will not feel burdened

I really like this product. However, I think this will fit well for those with dry-normal skin (like me), & it might be a lil greasy for those with oily skin.
A (9)

3) TonyMoly Black Gel Super Fit

My Korean colleague told me TonyMoly eyeliner is #MustTry!
B (1)

I use it as an inner-liner to fill up the empty spaces between the lash. It’s easy to apply and it lasted me for the whole day! Thumbs up for the staying power!
B (2)

4) Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini – 03 Deep Cookie
B (3)

Create an #Ulzzang eye makeup, also known as the puppy eye!

Extend the deep cookie liner downwards following the slope of the eyes, draw back towards the lower lashes to create a rounder & cuter looking eyes. :)
B (4)

5) Perfect Eyes Gel Fit Mini – 04 Ginger Gold
B (5)

A quick line at the bottom eye corner, the glittery gold liner aims to create an illusion of a teary, cute look. This can be done in like 30s, it’s waterproof & it fits to skin very quickly to create shiny eyes.
B (6)

6) All Flash Lip Pigment – 02 Good Kiss
Shiny clear color fits to lips without stickiness to creates vivid lip makeup.
B (8)

All you need to do is apply sufficient amount to your lips, smack it to blend into a lighter tone! That’s it.
B (7)

To complete the look, I added:-

– Mascara (the more natural the better)
– Light flush of peachy pink blusher on the apple of my cheek
– Highlighter on my nose bridge & chin
– Matt Finishing Powder

& Tadah, simple, clean & fresh #Korean make up done in 5mins!
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Semi Sheered Black Top – Online Boutique
Studded High Waisted Shorts – Miss Selfridge
YES/NO Clutched – tziaaa.ootd


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/TonyMolyMY
Instagram – https://instagram.com/tonymolymalaysia

Hope this helps!

Cheers! ❤

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