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My Eye Secret ❤

I have been hearing heaps of good review about HORIEN EYE SECRET contact lenses. Apparently,
Horien Eye Secret is one of the top contact lens’ brand in Taiwan. Finally, get to try out
this legendary lens!

Here I am back with genuine review about these new found love.

38% 3 Months disposable Color Lens is a new series of lenses by HORIEN EYE SECRET.
– Water Content: 38% ( keep the lens moisture & slowing down the water loss, perfect for long hour

I am a real suckers for color contact lenses. In fact, I rarely go out without my contact lenses; & I only
wear color lens. I usually wear it for the whole day from 8 in the morning until late night; hence,
comfort is always one of my main priority when choosing a pair of lens.

I am very much attracted to Horien’s Bio-molecule 3D wrap (BMW) color technology which assured
me that the color additives will not leach out (yeap. Super kiasi, you wouldn’t want your iris dyed) &
the smooth surface gave me the absolute comfort while wearing.

Comfort & safety wise, no complains!

This series came with 6 unique colors. I got all the 6 colors, because they are having these Buy 1 lens
get 1 360ml Fresh solution for free promo

– 3 Tone (Fantasy Series) : Rome Grey, New York Green
– 2 Tone (Sweetheart Series) : Vancouver Pink, Berlin Gold, Kiev Blue, Madrid Grey

The pink & gold seems to be extremely exaggerating, but believe me, it’s naturally beautiful. Read on
& you will understand why.

Aesthetic wise, I wasn’t too amazed at first knowing that the diameter is only 14.2mm as I have been
wearing a 16mm lens (haha, yea, super huge) for quite some time. I am afraid that these 14.2mm
lens will make my eyes looks small & tired.

But, ‘em proved me wrong!
Look at the before & after!

I am very I M P R E S S E D, instantly my eyes got bigger & it’s twinkling!

All the lenses have thick outer rim that make me eyes looks bigger & bolder.
The 8.7mm BC also did an amazing job is giving me a clear & sharp vision. #thumbsup

Let me introduce you to these lenses color by color!

#1 Rome Grey (3 tones)
Grey has always been my fav. lens color. But sometimes, I do get comments on how these grey lens
look a little fake. Therefore, I am always careful when choosing my grey lens.

This “Rome Grey” didn’t let me down though, the brown inner ring of this lens blend perfectly well
with my natural eye color, giving it a gorgeous & natural swift in color. Honestly, this is one of the
most natural looking grey color lens I had!

It literally makes your eyes sparkle in three different colors.
You can wear this color with any kind of make up & outfit, it fits everything

#2 Madrid Grey (2 tones)
If you want to create a pleasant dolly look with glimmering eyes. This is a perfect choice, madrid grey
is another grey color lens in this series. Different from Rome Grey, it gives you a more vibrant grey &
defined iris
that immediately gives you eye color a boost!

Hehe, I honestly think the color is super beautiful.
& bigger iris definitely makes you look younger!

#3 New York Green (3 tone)

My first green color lens, I was secretly wishing that I would not turn out looking like a green eyed
monster. *closed eyes* But fuhhh, this 3 tones green lens did an amazing job using the three unique
colors to subtly blend with my natural eyes color.

The green gave my eyes a natural popped, at the same time looking superbly realistic.
It looks as if it’s my own eyes, I am very pleased!


#4 Kiev Blue (two tone)

Never a fan of blue lens because I always look very fake in it. But this is probably an exception, as it’s
in a stunning dark blue which is not too extreme for my liking. It gives you a dark electric look.

From far, it looks like real dark blue, close to black.
It enlarged your eyes effortlessly.


#5 Vancouver Pink (2 tones)

This pink color lens can looks brownish + pinkish purple at times (on my brown eyes), which I really
like it! Though it’s pink, it’s very versatile. You do not need to couple it up with heavy make up to
look good, all you need is just a light make up to achieve a beautiful set of eyes.

Vancouver pink lens gives that eye catching cotton candy sweet feeling to my brown eyes, without
being overwhelming, as the pink color is only visibly obvious in certain lighting. Love it!

#6 Berlin Gold

This is definitely my favorite! It’s not the extreme gold, but rather the brownish gold that
complimented the eyes so well! The gold dust makes my eyes glow in the golden spark, & it’s
surprisingly flattering.

I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first because I thought, “er, who would wear a gold color
I am so glad I gave it a try!

The shining gold pattern of the lens is mesmerizing.
I got myself constantly staring at my own eyes in the mirror, haha.

This is why they say color lens are the most powerful make up tools, it beautify your eyes in a way
that no make-up can. It makes your eyes seems like there’s star twinkling in it. (how to live w/o it?)

I completed my look of the day with a touch of gold with this berlin gold lens that complimented my
outfit & make up so well.

Good things are meant for sharing.

Besides these beautiful 3 months disposal color lenses, Eye-secret also provides full range of contact
lens related products ranges from soft contact lens, color lens, to lens care product such as solutions
and lubricating & refreshing eye drop.

Do check out their sites for the latest promo:

Store locator: http://www.eyesecret.com.my/store-locator/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HorienOpticMalaysia

(p.s. – I got a bottle of fresh solution for FREE from each pair of lenses purchased.)

Lastly, as much as we wants to look good! Always remember that safety & comfort comes first, and
it’s important to use lenses like HORIEN EYE SECRET with certified recognition only.

That’s all for now, cheers! ❤

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