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Birthday Getaway – Villa Samadhi

“Lose yourself in a day dream…”

As you can see from my previous birthday blog post, I began my 24th birthday feeling very loved. A true validation of God’s love for me, blessing me with all the amazing people. & speaking about surprise, I am a total sucker for surprise. I love planning for surprise, but definitely love to be surprised even more (duhhh, haha).

Surprise always works for me. The effort though. (:

On my birthday, boyfriend told me that we’ll be going for a short getaway. We arrived with a very warm welcome & were ushered to our room without much delay. Went up, opened up our room’s door.

I was surprised, yet again.

The whole room is filled with balloons, with photos notes tied on each of it.
Oh my, I, didn’t know how to react. My eyes & mouth were wide opened.
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L O V E is, balloons.

I would agree that nothing says birthday like B A L L O O N S.
You’re never too old for birthday balloons! Haha.
1 (3)

Thank you, love.

You always surprised me by how much you know about me.
I love balloons, you know they never failed to make me smile.

& you, make my heart smile.

A friend asked me, “Do you know what he loves about you?”
I answered, “Because, I am a princess.”

I can say that, because you allowed me to. Thank you for making me your princess.
Thank you for giving me way more than what i deserve.

It’s true that love, is never smooth sailing. But I’ve learned to embrace storm, it teaches me to LOVE better. I am just really glad that we’ve grown so much, together. I believe, there’s more to come, for us both.
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Thank you. (:
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So, where were we?
Posted this on my Instagram, & so many were asking about this hidden paradise.

This place is a perfect definition of serene oasis of calm, located in the heart of KL. It’s stunning, & you would be surprise how peaceful it is. Perfect spot to unwind & recharge.

Here’s where I spent my 24th birthday — Villa Samadhi.
An urban getaway, with no beach & flight ticket involved. Hehe.
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Boyfriend booked the luxe crib. It surely felt like a home more than a hotel.
The rooms is extremely luxurious, spacious, & very well equipped.

Besides the nice comfy bed (& squishy pillows), my favorite would be the double rain shower. I love this large drops rain shower!
1 (10)

1 (11)

Best of all, there’s a private heated Jacuzzi tubs in each room.
I don’t mind staying in here for hours, like seriously.

I want a jacuzzi like this in my bathroom in the future!!!!
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A therapeutic hot tub, and a man who loves you.
That’s more than enough. Heh.
1 (13)

Two is better than one.
1 (14)

Okay, dragged myself out of the jacuzzi;
Dressed up & we’re ready for an evening drink!
2 (1)

Balcony overlooking the lagoon styled pool.
2 (2)

Stunning lamp at BUMBUNG.
2 (5)

A spot to enjoy the sunset over the city while sipping on your favorite cocktails.
This roof top bar is open for complimentary free-flow drinks before dinner for all in house guests.
2 (4)

My boy looking good, with his glass of Gin & Tonic.

I never like Gin & Tonic, but this Villa Samadhi Special (with lime & cucumber) is different. Probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Absolutely love this refreshing summer cocktail.
2 (6)

2 (7)

I was feeling a little adventurous, so I ordered Cosmopolitan instead, turns out to be pretty tasteless. Well, I ended up drinking his glass of Gin & Tonic, haha.
2 (8)

Night view.
2 (10)

Our specially arranged dinner table in the middle of the pool, guess now it explained why Villa Samadhi is said to be a hotel geared for romance. I was initially a little shy to walk over to the dining table, haha. But it’s alright once we were sited down.
2 (11)

My date for the night.
“I will keep improving myself, I want to impress you. Because, you matters.” He said.

We have been dating for long enough that today I would call him, my FAMILY. In the end of the day, everyone has flaws. It’s a matter of finding the one you can live with.
2 (12)

Too often, we find flaws in others while hiding ours.
Accept it, we are never born to be perfect.

Thank you for showing me how with my flaws, I am loved & able to love.
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Dinner taime, Thai cuisine.
Food weren’t exactly amazing, but they are good.

I will let these photos speak for themselves.
3 (1)

Soft shell crab, smoked duck & scallop.
One of my favorite dish that night. (:
3 (2)

3 (3)

Salmon, mine.
3 (4)

He’s obviously very happy with his steak.
3 (5)

3 (6)

After dinner, I jumped into the Jacuzzi again, followed with a hot shower.
Then, we spent the rest of the night lazing in room, listening to music, and watching drama.

As I aged, I felt it’s no longer about the agendas;
The companionship, matters most.
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Next morning.

Chilling by the lagoon pool, enjoying the peace and tranquility setting of this place.
& of course, took a few mandatory shots with the canopy daybed.
4 (1)

Jordan has became my best personal photographer over the time.
He knows my best angle, & always surprise me with beautiful candid shot like this.

Much love.
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Mandi-mandi Restaurant.
4 (3)

Both buffet & ala carte breakfast available.

Scrambled egg, served with homemade marinated smoked salmon and cheese, together with potatoes & tomatoes. Simple yet satisfying breakfast. (more smoked salmon available at the buffet counter).
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Went for a quick dip before we leave the place.
I had the whole place to myself, & spent a good 30mins in the pool undisturbed.
4 (7)

I am so grateful for this much needed excellence inner city escape.
A truly hassle free (close to home), short & sweet breakaway from the reality.

There couldn’t be a better choice for a birthday getaway of 2 days!
I will definitely come back to this beautiful resort again!
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Sweet pills from Jordan. I don’t know, but things like these always melt my heart.
Thank you, dear; I am really happy & grateful to have you. Thank you!

Love you, still. (despite your triple chin, hahaha.)
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That’s all for now.
Stay tune for my Perhentian post next! Heh!

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