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Relive your best childhood memories

You know, I have always wanted to write & relive all the great memories I had with my parents. It’s amazing to take the mental trips down memory lane, it makes me realize what has changed, & what remained in my life. Honestly, it got me yearning to return to those happy times when I realize how when we grow older, we tend to grow apart & spend less time with our parents. It’s sad that it comes to a point where a few minutes of our time could mean the world to them.

I remember, when I was a kid… I, tried copying Sailormoon the most, I believed I can be one too. My mom would do everything to support my silly thoughts, she would buy me sailormoon clothes, tie my hair like how sailormoon does, etc. On my birthday, she made me her Sailormoon. Awww. (:

When I was a kid… I, would wait all day for 5pm, because it means playground time! My parents will bring us to the playground & we will make sand castle & fly kite together. My dad always has the kite high up in the sky. We also tried planting a tree in sandy soil, we wanted it to grow like the other trees in the park. (obviously, it didn’t. haha.)

Oh, we cycled together too! I was extremely clumsy (still am, haha), I fell down a million times when I learn how to cycle. Dad has so much patience & always so encouraging; he would pick me up every time I fall, and tell me to keep trying. Thinking back, I have been complaining so much on how hot tempered he is as I grow up. I certainly forgotten how much patience he has with me when I was younger.


When I was a kid… Christmas is about watching “home alone” with my parents.

After movie, I would go to bed straight, & definitely sleep with a smile on my face. Because mom said, Santa Claus loves obedient happy kid! Yes, for at least 10 years of my life, I really believed in the existence of Santa Claus! I had my socks hang on top of my bed, and woke up with my favourite chocolate & presents every Christmas.

Ern… I couldn’t remember when & how I found out that Santa Claus is actually mom! Haha.


As I grow older, I started to take things for granted.

I have the mindset that PARENTS will always be there. Hence, I filled my life with studies, work, events & friends instead; Most of the time, I reached home after midnight when my parents are already asleep, & only awake late in the morning after they went off to work. I hardly see them, or pay any attention to them.

I remember, when I was studying in Kampar. I spent my weekdays there, & will only come home over the weekend. Yet, my weekends are often filled with my work, my mind is all about how to earn more money. My mindset is pretty much glued to material things; I thought, LOVE, is best shown through money.

My mom though, would cook me the best meal whenever I am back.
Little sister will always say “wahhh, such superb meal whenever jiejie is back home.

As much as I appreciate mom’s effort, I would eat as fast as I can, then rush out for meeting the very next minute. My mom has never complained about me not spending time with them, guess all she wanted is that, I eat well. I feel so bad to even think about it now. ):

When I graduated, started working full time & forced to eat out most of the time. I am then reminded of how loved I am all these while, pampered with probably the best home cook food since young. To my surprise, despite all the fancy meals I had, I now look forward to go home for dinner more than anything else, because nothing taste better than these.

I’ve strived so hard to please people out there, & work my ass off just to earn more money.

All these while, I have been expressing my love by bringing my parents to fancy dinners & buy them things they wouldn’t want to spend money on. I know my parents well, they would spend all the money on us, but nothing for themselves; Therefore, I thought I have been doing the right thing all the time.

But little did I know, all they ever wanted is our TIME. I am amazed how these old time memories eventually showed me what matters in life, what is valuable, & what is meaningful.

Travelled to Taipei with Family. We spent some good times together. (:


They are always our most faithful supporter in whatever we do, even when we’ve neglected them. They are the one and only one who would always put us before them.



How about us?
Did we make them our top priority?

If I relive these times, there are a lot of things I will do differently. But I don’t want to look back & think what I have not done. I would like to believe we all have great memories with our parents. The thing is, when was the last time we made new ones? Well, it’s time to do so now!

I encourage you to join me to pledge to spend more time with your parents!

Best part, now you can pledge, fulfil it & win great prizes for you and your family.
I really appreciate AIG’s effort in encouraging everyone to make a pledge to spend more time with their parents.

How to?
1 – Make a pledge to spend time with your parents, HERE.
2 – Fulfil it. (Contest period: 7th Oct – 30th November)
3 – Post it on your Instagram account with the hashtag #pledgefortomorrow.

For me, I promise to wake up early & make a good breakfast for my parents.

I obviously did not inherit the impressive cooking skill from my mom, but I believe I can make a decent breakfast for them (got to start googling how to, haha). Also, I will make that day an agenda-free day to do whatever they wanted to do together with them. Speaking about that I miss doing grocery shopping with my mom! :D

And with that, you stand a chance to win:

A lovely day out with 9 other family members at one of these 3 family outings:

– High tea session at a 5-star hotel

I still remember one of my happiest childhood memories is when my parents brought us out for high tea buffet. I still remember how much I love the fruit cheese tarts! Sadly, we didn’t have any photo back then, it will be good if I have a chance to go for another high tea with my family & had the moment professionally captured!

1 (2)

– A family trip to Bukit Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

I remember washing my parents car, I love being outdoor, running around & certainly love the soapy water play, haha! And now, bathing the elephants sounds really good!

– A family cooking session with Le Cordon Bleu trained chef

Now, this would be perfect for me to learn up a few recipes together with my mom! I have never cook together with mom because she always think I am more of a trouble maker. Oh well. Secretly, I always wish I can cook together with mom; & cook as well as my mom, or else better!

I am impressed by how AIG is so thoughtful to arrange transportation for the winners, and have the entire event photographed by a professional photographer. I really appreciate that, because then you can have quality time spent with your family, while having all these precious memories captured!

Hey, watch this short 45s clip. It’s short & sweet, & simply caught my heart.

Parents spent their whole life trying their best to reach our expectation & fulfil our wants. But, when was the last time you actually spent time doing something your parents like together with them?

Pledge now. (:


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