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Namsam, Myeongdong // Seoul

Next up:
– Namsam
– Myeondong

On our second day at Seoul, we’ve pretty much accepted the fact that we will never be beautiful enough to stay here. It’s not hard to see that the Koreans have very strong desire to look beautiful. They have got flawless skin, perfect features; & their make up is simply amazing (now, you see why Korean’s make up is universal beloved.) Needless to say, their have extremely good fashion sense. No, I did not exaggerate.

Hence,  we got to make sure we didn’t look too bad before we head out! Haha.

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Namdaemun Market -> Namsam Park -> Namsam Tower (N Seoul Tower)

Namdaemun Market// HOW TO GET THERE:
Hoehyeon Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 5.

Namdaemun market is known as the largest traditional market in Korea. This is one of the place where you all can shop all day err day. They operate from 12am – 5pm daily (closed on sunday). Apparently, this is one of the best places in Seoul to shop for Korean souvenirs.

Sadly, we didn’t have time to walk around. T.T
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Instead, we went straight for food! We randomly walked into a food alley, which all the stalls are selling kalguksu noodles and bibimbap.
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Panic-strucked the moment we walking.

Because, all the ajuhmas were fighting very fiercely for business.
They literally pull us, and stop us from going to the other stalls.

We were shocked, and didn’t know how a react for a moment.
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We end up choosing one of the stall, not knowing what are they selling. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to delay any longer, as the ajuhmas will not give up inviting you if you do not made up our mind quick.
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Freeflow kimchi.
I fell in love with Kimchi, in Seoul.
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Here’s my bowl of steaming hot kalguksu noodles.

It is a korean’s handmade, knife-cut wheat flour noodles (just like our 刀削面, tastes a lot like pan mee).

It is said to be one of the must try at Korea. But, I personally didn’t really like it. Not too sure if I didn’t like it because it’s suppose to be really light & I couldn’t accept it; or simply because this stall didn’t cook it right. Hmmm.
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Namsan Park

7mins walk from Namdaemun Market.
(There will be road sign along the way.)

Most of the visitors will usually most visitors take a stroll around Namsan Park before they head up to the Seoul Tower. However, the weather was quite hot in the morning (especially after some walk). We then decided to give up exploring Namsan Park, and go straight to the Namsan Tower.
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Namsan Tower (N Seoul Tower)

1) Get to the Namsan Cable Car station:
– walk UPHILL for 15-20 mins from Namsan Park; OR
– pay the orange taxi KRW 3000-4000 to send you uphill in less than 5 mins.

2) Take a 3mins cable car up the to the mountain1 (5)

Cable car Fare:
Round-trip: 6,300 won // One-way: 4,800 won

Hours of Operation:
09:00-23:00 (Closed on Mondays from 9am to 2pm)
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Flurry White Sweater – H&M
Skort – BKK

I love how convenient yet dainty skort is. #musthave
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You will find a revolving restaurant, cafes, an observatory deck, & some souvenirs shop here. However, being touristy, we spent all our time with the Love Locks. Haha.


N Seoul Tower is especially famous for its “Locks of Love“, with ten to hundred of thousands padlocks in different shapes & sized attached to the fence as a testaments to couples’ undying love. (These hanging named padlocks can be bought from the souvenir shop located at the Ground Floor of the N Seoul Tower.)
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A friendship, that taught me TOUGH LOVE.

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We were warned before we travel, about how wrong travel buddies can be complete disaster, not only to the trip but potentially ruin the existing relationship/friendship. I am glad that I have two awesome travel buddies.

These two made a good travel companion, because:

– They take perfect photos, let it be #ootd shot, scenic shot, food shot, etc.
– They are extremely flexible when it comes to changes in plan.
– We have similar schedules, or else we naturally fit into each others’.
– We share our outer wear! Travel lighter but never out of choices.
– Most importantly, we aimed for the same trip; A chillax yet fruitful trip.

Love ’em.?
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Mandatory #annoyingbff shot. ❤
A little disappointed that I didn’t notice it’s blurred.

Adelechow, can we go back & take another one. Hehe.
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The heart chair.
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1 (21)

Was searching online for more information about this Postbox of Love.

To my surprise, this was made for for couples to leave their keys in it after locking-up. & the revenue goes to the underprivileged children. Not only it solve the environmental issue by the thrown keys of these locks, but ensured that the love of these locks spread everlastingly. Isn’t it amazing. :’)

#spreadthelove ❤
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Moving on, MYEONGDONG.

If I have to mention one thing that I didn’t like about Seoul, it has to be the STAIRS at the exit of almost all subway station. It’s not luggage friendly, nor elderly friendly, at all. There’s hell lots of walking up and down the long flights of stairs. ?

I’ve seen so many times where elderly struggled to climb up the stairs. ):
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Back to a happier note!

Here comes Myeongdong, the most popular & trendiest shopping district!
It’s fun, bright, colorful & fast!

Myeong-dong Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 6. OR;
Euljiro 1-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5.
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Besides shopping, Myeongdong is also a heaven of street food!


#1 Steamed Egg Muffin (Gaeran Bbang)

This muffin + sunny side up, is definitely my favorite!
Soft, Fluffy, Sweet & Salty all together.

Not only it looks is extremely appetizing, it smells really good too!
Nomsss~ ?
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I would love to have this for breakfast every morning!
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#2 Strawberry Mochi (Ddalgi-Mochi)

Chewy mochi with red bean past and a real huge ass strawberry in it!
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#3 Meatballs (Ddeokgalbi)

You need to try to mouthwatering juicy meatballs! It’s Karen’s favorite.

No doubt it’s really good (even without the sauce)! You can also opt to try the white sauce too, a really light yoghurty type of sauce that compliment the spicy meatballs really well.
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#4 Spicy Rice Cake (Tteokbokki)

One of the most popular korean’s street food.
It is cooked in spicy sweet sauce and serve in small bowl or cup.
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#5 100% Pure fresh pomegranate juice

All the juice sold here is placed in a neat little bag for you.
Hassle free!
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#6 Sausage with Rice Cake

I didn’t know stuffed sausages & rice cake made such a great combination.
I love it! ?
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#7 Colorful Cotton Candy (Somsatang)

Seen this on FB before, and now it’s right in front of me.
So chio, I cannot. A must buy for the sweet tooth!
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Such pretty flower cotton candy! ❤
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#8 Water drop jelly


The only street food that I regret buying, I bought because it looks really cute.
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#9 Massive Soft Serve Cone.

It’s good but nothing much to shout about.
Photo worthy though. (it is 30cm long)
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#10 Milky Bee Premium Rose Gelato

Myeondong Station Exit 8 walk straight and turn left.
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We randomly walked into this ice cream shop & was amazed by its’ hand sculpted picture perfect ice-cream roses! Here’s mine, strawberry and yogurt ice cream.

Can I have a dozen of this? ❥
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I topped up a leather jacket on my day outfit as it get a little cold at night.
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3 (3)


S H O P P I N G. ✌

Myeongdong = shopping; YES, it is. This place is a total heaven of skin care & make up (Skinfood, Missha, Banila Co., Innisfree, Laneige, Nature Republic etc.)

You want to look beautiful like the Koreans? BUY. haha.
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Besides, you can also visit the Lotte Duty Free Shop, located at the 1 Lotte Department Store (9th, 10th, 11th floors). Myeongdong’s lotte store is the best and biggest by far, with a full range of range of luxury retailers, cosmetics and accessories.

If you plan to buy facial & make up product, this is the place to go. I got all my 3cE products here. The price here is definitely lower than in the shops along the myeongdong streets; however, there will be no free gift. Your choice. (:

p.s. // Remember to bring your passport to get the duty free price, & be prepared to fight the long queue when you pay!

3 (8)

Literally, shopped till I dropped.

I went to check out the best products in Korea.
& currently selling some of my personal favorites on my Shopee account.

3 (5)

Even better, there’s a 15% off storewide promo going on now!
Check it out, HERE.

Walking around, with a few bags in BOOTS WITH HEELS is no fun.
I almost broke my leg. I’m not even joking.

I did not pose for this photo. Serious.
I was literally sitting “like this” while waiting for the train. LOL.

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We all love this place, it is our favorite spot throughout our trip.
Myeongdong is everything we thought Seoul will be, it has everything we need.

Heaps of love for it’s orgasmic street food, and I totally went crazy shopping (plenty of sales, & a lot of freebies, totally irresistable)! A true heaven for both shopaholics & foodie!

That’s all for now.

Cheers. ?


  • looks like a lot of fun. have not been to korea but neighbouring country. hope to drop by soon.

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