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Greetings from Coca-Cola

Remember my previous blog post on Coca-Cola who has recently released a series of cans that are rich with auspicious symbolism and wishes?

As CNY approaches, I am reminded to get into the spirit of giving; not forgetting, to be thoughtful and sincere with my wishes & gift. Instead of mandarin oranges & “gongxifachai” notes, these personalized Coca-Cola cans instantly became the most convenient yet thoughtful gift for my friends & family.

I have decided to give this can with “prosperity in business” on it to my #annoyingbff, adelechow. This girl has recently gone out and taken the plunge to start her own business. I surely hope that she will be blessed, and her business will prosper abundantly!

“Peace in Family” for my pastor & his family!
Pastor Kevin’s family has always been our #familygoal.

Now therefore, let it please You to bless the house of Your servant, that it may continue before You forever; for You, O Lord God, have spoken it, and with Your blessing let the house of Your servant be blessed forever.” – 2 Samuel 7:29

This CNY, I asked for divine peace to pour into my pastor’s family.

Abundance of Wealth for my big sister, Angeline.
Angeline is the owner of the ever so famous steak café, Maria’s.

Their to-die-for steak, fantastic service and cozy setting made them one of the best steak café in klang valley. Thus, I wish that her business will continue to flourish, and she will be blessed with abundance of wealth. Huat ahhhh! Hehe. :D

Flourish in Love, for the young girl with big heart, Denise.

This can of Coca-Cola, symbolised joy, happiness, love and celebration. I would like to use this can to encourage her, and let her know that there’s no need to worry about Love as God has it all planned out. Be patient.

Love other, love yourself.

Samsamsupin, the beautiful future legal drug dealer.

I wish her all the best in her studies with this tin of “Academic Success” Coca-cola.
Stay focus, perseverance pays!

Smooth Sailing Career for my good friend, Bryan, who has got big dreams for his career.
Wishing him to have an amazing monkey year, & for his career to progress without much difficulty.

Leonard, has never failed to shine in whatever he is doing. But, I believe he will be able to accomplish more, grow further & shine brighter with the help of benefactors.

Hence, wishing him to have a fantabulous monkey year with benefactors aplenty.

Last but not least, lasting youthfulness for Veron & myself.

Big thanks for MyClinic for pampering me with all sorts of treatments that promised a lasting youthfulness and look good at any age you wish! Hehe.


It’s when you give, you start receiving!
Looking at the joy on the face of them, I am feeling Chinese New Year already. Haha.

If you are still thinking what to get for your colleagues, friends or family, these limited edition sets of the CNY cans, which come with a set of greeting card is definitely a great idea to convey your thoughts this CNY.

Spread love!

Cheers! <3


  • Maybe I can be the answer to Denise’s love..,, hehe =p

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