ANNIVERSARY – movie review //

Valentine just passed & it reminded me of a good movie that I would like to share – ANNIVERSARY, starring Stephy Tang and Alex Fong. It inspired me a lot & taught me how I can possibly be a better other half in my future relationship. (:

Contrary to the movie’s name “ANNIVERSARY”, this movie is not a lovey-dovey-happily-ever-after kind of movie; it showed how reality took the shine off of this couple’s relationship.

Here’s some of the things I’ve learned: –

#1 Do not disrespect anyone’s family, even when you are angry.

Stephy striked an angry chord in the ever-so-calm Alex when she related his father in one of their arguments. No matter how much patience one may have, no one can tolerate criticism made to their parents.

Even when things get rough, we need to know the boundaries. I have learned that we are entitled to feel whatever we need to feel. Be caution with your words, don’t speak when you are angry. Most of the time you’d say things you’re going to regret later and it will surely put your relationship on risk.


#2 Include each other in your plans, prioritize it!

The couple happily planned a trip together to Hokkaido, they have always wanted to travel together; but it was called off last min because Stephy was attached with her work. Alex was upset, he couldn’t understand why he was never the priority.
It got me thinking, I could have done better.

Looking back at my previous relationship, we spent so little time together. I was so caught up with my work, jumping from one urgent task to another, and I just realize I couldn’t remember when was the last time we had a proper date. I am not talking about dinner while work on our PCs, or with a group of friends.

It was to no surprise that it eventually makes us feel like we are miles apart.

It’s not wrong to be BUSY, but if you value your relationship, you NEED this time together. Schedule it, and your date should be a high-priority appointment that doesn’t get trumped for anything short of an emergency.

Plan for dates or trips together, prioritize it & fulfil it!


#3 Being in love isn’t enough; ENDURANCE is needed to keep it together.

“All you need is love”, we all thought so too.
But truth it, love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship.”

There was a scene where Alex told Stephy…
“We might not be able to wipe out all the bad memories, but I will accept it. I will endure; I LOVE YOU, can be easily said. However, we can only prove ENDURANCE through actions. & when you really love someone, you will learn to ENDURE.”

It immediately make me tear. It all sounds so familiar.

Relationship was and never will be just about LOVE; it includes patience, and tolerance.
Appreciate the one who know all your shortcomings but still decided to endure and to love you.

This movie reminded me a lot on things that I probably know but may have forgotten or taken for granted. I am amazed by how movies are able to bring memories alive, while teaching us legit life lessons.

How about you?
Do you have any movies that you enjoy watching because it reminds you of your loved one?
Or it inspired you to be better?

Otherwise, catch a movie today and get inspired! (:

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  • Hi… In the movie “Anniversary”, in the end, the couple were back together…
    Thus, I hope you still can save your relationship.

    I have read on your previous birthday posts… so lovely and romantic.. reminisce the past, bring back the best memories, and hope both of you can be back together. =)

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